Thursday, July 30, 2020

Version 1.15

Minion Masters!

Charging Into Darkness - Season Pass #3

  • A new Season Pass has arrived to Minion Masters!
  • Tons of new rewards, including 3 cards, a Legendary Skin, bonus cards, and more!
  • Three new cards have been added to the game. They are as follows:

  • Galaxy Apep has also been added to the game!

  • The Season Pass will end on August 20th, bringing an end to the Charging Into Darkness expansion.


  • Buff % 50 -> 33

  • Debuff % 25 -> 20

Developer Comments
Refer to our Blog Post for our reasoning regarding the Haste change. Thanks to everyone for their great feedback, and we’ll continue to monitor this change going forward.

Armored Scrats
  • Barrel Shield Health 60 -> 50
  • Developer Comments
  • Armored Scrats were a little too durable with their current HP values, making them quite annoying to pick off for many units. This new HP threshold also falls in with our rework to Combustion, listed further below.

Battle Shi-Hou
  • Health 450 -> 420
  • Special Note: In this patch, we’ve fixed Battle Shi-Hou’s description stating an incorrect value for its Bonus Attack Speed. The actual gameplay value for this has not been changed, as it is merely a description fix.

Jadespark Watchers
  • Generic Shi-Hou Health 450 -> 420
  • (Health change also affects Windwalker Shi-Hou)
  • Mana Cost 10 -> 9

Developer Comments
We felt that Battle Shi-Hou was a little too strong, and Jadespark Watchers was underpowered since its nerfs during Saving Jadespark Jungle, so we wanted to take this opportunity to unify their health values with Tranquil Shi-Hou and Shen Stormstrike as it represented a good opportunity to hit all of these needs at once.

Black Hole
  • Cast Delay 0.5 -> 0.2
  • Duration 1.5 -> 1.8
  • Developer Comments
  • Black Hole has been difficult to utilize since the nerf, so we're aiming to make it easier to use on reaction against spells to better protect units.

  • Soul Detonate damage 20 -> 25

Blood Imps
  • Damage 15 -> 17

  • Reworked: Now deals 50 damage to the target and nearby enemy minions up to 5 times. (0.2 second delay between each explosion)
  • Units under the Combustion debuff are no longer stunned
  • Developer Comments
  • Combustion was still proving to be a problematic card in terms of just how efficient it was combined with swarm at removing... Pretty much anything. This was especially the case with Armored Scrats who would either survive the explosion and thus remain as bodies on the field, or more significantly, be almost impossible to remove on reaction. This change means that swarm units will still be quite efficient when utilized with the card, but toned down to more reasonable levels. It also gave us an opportunity to increase the spell's effectiveness when utilized on larger minions such as Colossus or Living Statue.

Defenso Chopper
  • Health 450 -> 500

Grasping Thorns
  • Damage 170 -> 200

Haunting Hugger
  • Progress 1 towards Accursed Ascension for each killed target
  • Attack Cooldown 2 -> 2.5 sec
  • Developer Comments
  • We wanted to re-introduce the effect of using some Accursed cards to speed up Accursed Ascension, and Haunting Hugger seemed a natural fit for the task as it had lost some of its purpose since the re-work. We also opted to give it a rebalance in its attack cooldown as well to compensate for this buff, making it a bit easier to get rid of.

Jungle Jumble
  • Mana Cost 7 -> 6

  • Arcane Golem has been rescaled:
    • Mana Cost 3 -> 2
    • Health 300 -> 250
    • Damage 40 -> 30
    • Health Gain per Level 40 -> 30
    • Damage Gain per Level 6 -> 5
  • Developer Comments
  • As with Haste, refer to our Blog Post here.

  • Mythic Units affected by Destroy instead take 50% of their Maximum Health as damage, instead of 1000 damage.
  • Developer Comments
  • We wanted Destroy effects to still feel powerful on Mythic units, but allow us to open up some design space for minions to have Mythic but not colossal amounts of Health. Effectively, this does not change Destroy’s interaction against Nyrvir, while it does less damage to Jahun.

  • More Dakka! Mana Cost 0 -> 1
  • Developer Comments
  • Ratbo has been exceptionally powerful since the rebalances to 1 drops, so we feel he needed a change on top of the adjustment to Armored Scrats for him to fall more in line with the other Masters in terms of power level.

  • Feeding Frenzy Threshhold 50% -> 66%
  • Brutus and TERROR BRUTUS now have Mythic
  • Developer Comments
  • Ravager is the Master hit hardest by the change to Haste, so we wanted to increase his perk 2’s threshold to retain its usefulness, while also giving his special summons resilience to Destroy effects and being pushed around by other minions.

Red Golem
  • Damage 300 -> 350
  • Health 1200 -> 1400

Shen Stormstrike
  • Damage 200 -> 175

Slitherbound Lancer
  • Attack Delay 1.0 -> 0.5 seconds
  • Developer Comments
  • Slitherbound Lancer was the clear worse result of the two Slitherbound units due to how long its attack would take to go off despite being in melee range, meaning it often just got picked off before it could apply any poision. By shifting his Attack Delay, his attacks will come out much faster without increasing his overall Attack Speed.

Spirit Infusion
  • Time per Spirit 3 -> 2
  • Developer Comments
  • This also affects Morellia’s perk 1 and 2 as they function similarly, but the impact of this buff should be significantly lesser for her due to the lower number of spirits.

  • Zen-Chi Flow Health Increase changed from Doubling Stormy’s health -> +100 Health
  • Developer Comments
  • The goal with this change is to make Stormy easier to whittle down with chip damage by narrowing the threshholds required to make him "lose" an attack, as well as less durable in general when combined with effects such as healing by making him easier to burst down. Notably, it's now much easier to time a Fireball to kill Stormy while he's being healed, and a non-healed Stormy can be killed by a 130 damage spell after his first attack.


  • Magma Cannon has received a visual update, and its faction has been changed to Voidborne.
  • Swarmers, Elite Swarmers, Morgrul’s Ragers and Morgrul the Swarmer King have all received a visual update.
  • Dragon Whelp and Rammer have received updated Card Art.


  • Fixed Mordar’s Tombstone description not noting that it can summon allied Mordar units. It implied only your Minions could be resurrected, when in actuality another allied Mordar’s summons counted too. We apologize for this error.
  • Fixed Nyrvir Slumbers not stating that units killed by it would grant 1 progress towards Accursed Ascension.
  • Fixed Jungle Jumble’s tooltip still stating that it grants Mana Reduction.
  • Fixed the Campfire text in Adventures being too small.
  • Fixed Battle Shi-Hou’s description using the incorrect number for its bonus attack speed.
  • Fixed Tombstone not working in Adventures.
  • Fixed the Undying Skeleton boss in the Charging Into Darkness adventure spawning his Undying Skeletons off the map.
  • Fixed the Haunting Hugger boss in Adventures producing a massive amount of smoke when first attacked.
  • Fixed Emerald and Crystal Stormbringer’s eyes popping out of his skull.
  • Fixed Skeleton Horde’s placement being too close together - Thanks Steven!
  • Fixed free Accursed cards from Apep’s perks counting towards Accursed Ascension as if they cost the full amount - Thanks Steven!
  • Fixed Ardent Aegis units being resurrected by Mordar when he wasn’t the one that cast the spell - Thanks LeilaFox!
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where Dormant Defenders would never wake up - Thanks Jimi D Night!
  • Fixed an occurrence where Harbinger retargeted off of the Master Tower despite not being stunned - Thanks Cole420!
Cheers from BetaDwarf!