Thursday, May 28, 2020

Charging Into Darkness

Minion Masters!

Our latest expansion, Charging into Darkness, starts now! With Ardera's true agenda revealed, High-Mage Leiliel races to the Whispering Woods to find an old friend. Without his help they stand no chance against the evil that is coming in Jadespark Jungle - But the Elven armies are locked in battle with the accursed legions of Mordar the Mad. Can Leiliel secure Fanriel the Stormchargers aid?

Revised Battle Pass System

With this Expansion, we’re doing big changes to how we release new content, and how the Battle Pass system functions. We have a big write-up of the changes and our reasoning on our blog here. Here’s what’s being changed:

  • Battle Passes are now known as Season Passes
  • Season Passes last 1 month
  • Season Passes are 50 Tiers
  • 3 new cards are added to the game with each Season Pass
  • Also includes 1 Legendary Skin, 3 Avatars, and 1 Emote
  • Still includes heaps of XP, Shards, Rubies and Gold
  • Includes lots of copies of other cards and 35 Power Tokens

  • Season Tokens have been removed - You now unlock new cards directly through specific Season Pass Tiers. There’s no longer any randomness in accessing new content.
  • All new cards can be earned in the free pass. They will also appear earlier in the premium pass.
  • Cards introduced in the season cannot be crafted until the next season starts.

  • If you complete the Season Pass, you will receive glory for the new Cards, both for the Free and Premium paths.
  • XP Requirements for Season Pass tiers now scale - It’s easier to get started with a new Season Pass. It now starts at 25k Glory for the first tier, compared to 42k as before.
  • Overall XP requirement to complete a Season Pass is the same as finishing 50 tiers of the old Battle Pass system.
  • Season Pass price will be 1500 Rubies
  • Expansions will last 3 Season Passes - Each Pass brings new content related to the Expansion.

New Cards

New Adventure

Aid High-Mage Leiliel as she races through the raging battlefield in the Whispering Woods to find her old friend, Lord Fanriel. She needs his help to overcome the evil emerging from Jadespark Jungle - Can she secure his aid?

  • Brand New Story - Venture through the woods and fight off maddened denizens and cursed Undead.
  • Play as the new High-Mage Leiliel Master, exclusive to Adventures - Or play as returning favourites Jolo and Fergus as bonus content!
  • This 1 Chapter Adventure is free!
  • Completing the Chapter will get you some cool rewards, and will take you to a story introducing an upcoming Master!


Accursed Ascension
Reworked: To obtain Accursed Ascension, spend 60 Mana on Accursed cards.
Spectral Essence removed from the game

Arcane Bolt NEW: If the unit drops below 500 HP during the stun duration, destroy it.
Stun Duration 9 > 5 Mana Cost 3 > 4 Mana Freeze 2 > 1 Developer Comments Arcane Bolt has been difficult to find a good spot for due to the hard threshold in the card’s mechanic. By changing the requirement to allow for greater leniency we aim to make the card much more practical to use in regular gameplay. Arcane Ring Radius 5 > 4 Developer Comments It was unfortunately common for units to be missed by the Arcane Ring’s projectiles due to the circle radius, where they could simply walk through it and ultimately mean the majority of the spell’s damage was wasted. ATG Drone x8 Projectiles 6 > 7 Blastmancer/Spiritmancer Effect Radius 10 > 14 Blood Imps Attack Cooldown 1.1 > 0.9 Bridge Shrine Total XP 15 > 18 Crystal Construct Now gives Mana on Death, instead of on Play Developer Comments This change also applies to the new card Dormant Defenders. Cursebearer Mana Cost 3 > 4 Curse Aura Duration 4 > 8 Developer Comments Cursebearer’s effect ultimately made it too efficient for its mana slot. Demon Warrior Attack Cooldown 2.2 > 2.0 Dragon Whelp Attack Cooldown 1.0 > 1.1 Also affects Flightless Dragons and Shadow Whelp Ghost Turret Health 350 > 250 Now grants an allied minion Spirit on death Grasping Thorns Total Damage 160 > 170 Enemy Speed 3 > 2 Jungle Jumble No longer grants a mana Discount Cards obtained now have Growthburst Shroom Leiliel’s Vortex Pull Strength 7 > 10 Ratbo Attack Damage 6 > 5 Snake Druid Attack Cooldown 1.0 > 2.0 Damage 25 > 50 Attack Delay 0.4 > 1.4 Developer Comments Snake Druid’s ability to deal with swarm fairly efficiently was an area we felt he needed a weakness in order to enable more counterplay. Squire Puff Now a Minion New Effect: While on the bridge, give 3 random friendly ground Minions Shield every 10 seconds. Empyrean Army: Give 5 shields instead. Mana Cost 2 > 1 Ting, Teng & Tung Bug Fix: Rage and Growthburst Shroom now grant damage bonuses properly Health 360 > 300 Wall Duration 20 > 30 Zeppelin Bomber Mana Cost 2 > 3


  • Dragon Nest and Priestess have received visual overhauls, including new models and card art.
  • Black Hole and Combustion have received updated card art.


  • Fixed Blue Golems summoned by the Red Golem card doing 300 damage instead of 200 - Thanks KcToby101!
  • Fixed minions in Chapter 2 of the Saving Jadespark Jungle adventure being permanently invisible.
  • Fixed inconsistencies regarding Mana Surge and Stealth.
  • Fixed Puffs being able to wander off the bridge and get hit by effects such as Mordar’s attack.
  • Fixed a slight error with the Buffed HP indication - Thanks SoSiskodemon!
  • Fixed Black Hole occasionally causing games to hang, making them unplayable.
  • Fixed Haunting Hugger becoming Untargetable.
  • Fixed Hypnotize still being able to permanently steal minions.
  • Fixed Sun Burn’s size indication being too small.
  • Fixed units granted Stealth by Mal’Shar not visually regaining Stealth.
  • Fixed Twitch Drops not working.
  • Potential Fix for Twitch VIPs and Moderators not receiving Twitch Drops.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!