Thursday, February 6, 2020

Minion Masters Thursday

Expansion Release Date Changed

We've chosen to push back the release date of Version 1.10 and Saving Jadespark Jungle by one week, to the 5th of March. The in-game timers for this should be updated soon to reflect the new date. Much like before, this comes as a result of us trying to ensure we can have the optimal promotional window to attract new players to Minion Masters. For example, making the schedule work with a certain big streamer ;).

Moving forward, it's likely that future expansion dates will be changed closer to the time as well as the most valuable dates to release big updates on become more defined. In the future, we want to stay flexible with our release dates - But we will work towards confirming dates as early as we can, or at the very least sharing the newest info. We know it's a bother (Our producer has a hard time planning it too!), but we think it's worth it to give Minion Masters the best chance of growing its player base.

Behind the Scenes: Enter the Guild

Not long ago, we released our first short film, Enter the Guild! It offered a little look behind the scenes of the chaotic Minion Masters battlegrounds. Today, let's go down another layer and watch some of the footage from production!

We're super happy with how the final video came out, and we're glad you enjoyed it too! What would you want us to do next? Be sure to let us know!

BadAsAFish80's MM 1v1 #9

BadAsAFish80's Minion Masters Tournament 1v1 #9 - $100 Prize Pool - Supported by BetaDwarf

I'm really excited for this 1v1 tournament and I hope that you all can join me in this and future events to have a lot of fun, to support the community and of course win some prizes! Please reach out to me on Discord if you have any questions (BadAsAFish80 🐟#0275).

Many thanks and best of luck


Cheers from BetaDwarf!