Friday, February 14, 2020

Hotfixes & Updates

Minion Masters!

Our approach to Hotfixing

The latest hotfix we released just today regarding gameplay bug fixes and an adjustment to the balance of Legionnaires is part of a re-evaluation of how we doing patching. We're always looking for ways to improve, especially when you provide us with all the excellent feedback about the state of the game. In particular, we're examining how we maintain a smooth production with the regular updates, and whether they could be more frequent, or if smaller in-between actions like this are more appropriate. 

We can't make any promises about this at the moment - But we still feel it's important to communicate with you about the internal thoughts at BetaDwarf. Thanks for all of your patience.

Changes to Ardent Aegis

In the interests of being as transparent as possible with new card reveals, we'd like to talk about some changes we've made to Ardent Aegis behind the scenes since the reveal of the card. Typically cards continue to be balance tested behind the scenes after their reveal, and we're now trying to make a conscious effort to incorporate the feedback we receive from the community when particular cards are shown off as well. As such, we've made the following adjustments to the card, which will be reflected on our Update Site with today's reveals:

  • Mana Cost 3 > 4
  • Summons 2 Crossbow Dudes instead of 1
  • Defensive Spell; Can only be cast in your arena
  • Units summoned have no Summoning Sickness
  • Delay 4 > 5

Have you been keeping up with our latest Expansion reveals? We've shown off six brand new cards, two awesome skins, and a new Legendary arena so far - And we're not even close to done yet. Today, we'll be revealing Smite and Shen's Shock Stick, as well as announcing the imminent return of an old friend. Make sure to check it out and get hyped for Saving Jadespark Jungle!

TCL C-Sar's Challenge 5

The fine people at The Challenger League are hosting another 2v2 Tournament this weekend! The tournament is a Double-elimination format that will be livestreamed at their twitch channel, with competitors fighting for real money. There'll be plenty of giveaways throughout the competition from the staff, so stop by for your chance to win a wide variety of prizes.

Make sure to check the tournament out for their high quality coverage. Or if you'd like something a little more relaxed, why not check out their new Podcast? The first episode of the TCL Podcast aired this Tuesday with Westlin & MrSquid, so check it out and give them some feedback!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!