Thursday, December 5, 2019

Version 1.7 - The Quest for Mountainshaper

Minion Masters!

Compelled by cryptic visions of impending evil, Milloween has ventured deep into the frozen Highlands in search of the reclusive Stoutheart tribes to help her in the search for the ancient Mountainshaper artifact. She can only hope that they find it before it falls into the clutches of evil...

New Game Mode - Adventures

In Adventures you go on bold single-player journeys with unique mechanics, content and story!

The Quest for Mountainshaper

Journey with Milloween on a daring adventure to find the powerful artifact Mountainshaper,  an ancient and powerful magical weapon sought by a shadowy threat.

With dangers every step of the way, she will need to enlist the aid of likely and unlikely Masters.

  • 3 chapters - Chapters 1 & 2 are available at release. Chapter 3 releases on the 13th of December.
  • Build your deck as you go. Start with a Master-specific deck and with each victory, you get a choice of cards to add to your deck.
  • 5 unique masters with completely new perks and with unlockable “Affinity cards”.
  • Unique Boss fights - Encounter 23 Boss fights in the Frozen Highlands, each with new perks and personalities.
  • Powerful relics and treasures to empower your deck as you play.
  • Rewards - Across all the chapters you’ll earn tokens, xp, exclusive avatars and even a Legendary card!
  • Completing hard mode awards an exclusive rare and supreme avatar.
  • Price - Chapter 1 is free, with Chapters 2 & 3 costing 1400 rubies as a package, or 1000 individually. You can play owned chapters as much as you want.

Also featuring 10 new cards:

New Faction: Stouthearts

The burly tribe from the Highlands arrive in Minion Masters! Known for their strength and uproarious nature, they bring the all-new Revelry faction mechanic to the game. Notable Stouthearts include Fergus Flagon Fighter, Scott the Sensitive Savage, and the Troubadour!

New Mechanic: Revelry
If summoned close to another Stoutheart unit - or if another Stoutheart unit is summoned nearby, the card will receive a powerful benefit.

New Mechanic: Slow

Units affected by Slow have their Attack and Movement Speed slowed by 25%. Removes Haste (previously known as Frenzy) when applied. Conversely, applying Haste removes Slow.

New Mechanic: Mana Freeze
Lock X Mana Crystals. The next time you would gain mana, instead unlock a mana crystal. The Crystal Elves use their mastery of magic to push themselves far beyond their normal limits, though this power comes at a cost.

  • This Expansion will last until February
  • 10 new cards have been released!
  • Three new skins have been released - Stoutheart Milloween, King Cool and Mountainshaper Volco!
  • An entirely new Singleplayer gamemode has been added - Adventures!


  • A new Conquest has started! Special items you can claim for your guild include a Vengeful Dead avatar and Spectral Morellia!
  • A new Tri-Team Tourney has begun - Earn your choice of Netherstep, Wizard Puff or a random Legendary Card!
  • Frenzy has been renamed to Haste to better contrast it with the new Slow mechanic.
  • Scott the Sensistive Savage and Troubadour have had their Faction changed to Stoutheart.


  • Fixed Resort Ravager not showing up in the skin selection until you own it.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox clients reconnecting to the server without closing the client causing timeouts.
  • Fixed Arcane Bolt’s description omitting that it only targets Ground units.
  • Fixed some weird formatting on Crakgul Doomcleaver’s description.
  • Fixed Spectral Essence incorrectly stating it requires 20 Essence in the tooltip.
  • Fixed various card localization issues.
Cheers from BetaDwarf!