Friday, October 25, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

Ready for Minion Masters to get spooky?

Halloween is right around the corner, and we've got the perfect way to celebrate:
  • ALL your favourite arenas have been given a special seasonal look! 
  • The elusive Pumpking Puff will be available in the store.
  • Free special Halloween avatar in the shop!
  • Free cards via the shop offers!
  • A Special Halloween Quest!
The arenas will be coming with special lighting, lanterns, cobwebs and pumpkins, and our Accursed and Voidborne DLC bundles will be discounted throughout the event. Check out the Altar of the Almighty Apep arena complete with its makeover!

What arena are you most excited to see decorate? Let us know! Our special Halloween Event will be starting on next Monday the 28th of October until the 4th of November. Make sure to log in, join in with the fun, and collect your free goodies!

COMING SOON: The Quest for Mountainshaper

Last week we launched the webpage for our upcoming expansion, The Quest for Mountainshaper! We've got lots of reveals planned in the run-up to Version 1.7, and we've created a special Steam Event that you can sign up for to be reminded of when the update goes live!

In her search for the ancient artifact Mountainshaper, Milloween treks through the frozen Highlands. Here she comes upon a village of big burly humans known as Stouthearts.

After proving herself to their clan, Milloween and her elven companion Leiliel Brightfeather are welcomed with open arms, and invited to join in their revelry. The eager young would-be hero, Fergus Flagon Fighter, promises to guide Milloween as they embark on a dangerous journey through the Mountains.

Awesome Harbinger Fanart

It's no secret that we love to see some of the inspiring creativity our Community. We've frequently held fanart competitions on our own Discord server after all, where some of our most artistic players come together to show off their Minion Masters creations. So we were very happy to see u/HeavyLantern 's take on our favourite flying Slither menace, Harbinger!

We caught up with HeavyLantern and asked him about this cool reimagining.

BD: How long have you been playing Minion Masters for?
HeavyLantern: I've been playing Minion Masters for about 2 months now. One of my best friends introduced me to the game and I instantly became addicted.

BD: What inspired you to draw Harbinger like this?
HeavyLantern: I've always thought Harbinger had a really neat design and motif. Because of his occupation, I thought it would be cool if I could take a darker approach on his concept.

BD: Do you have any social media or art portfolios for people to follow you on?
HeavyLantern: I've made a Tumblr (, but I haven't really posted anything there yet. Otherwise, I mostly post art on Reddit (

BD: Do you have any other comments?
HeavyLantern: Thank you for putting so much love into this game! I'm really looking forward to the Mountainshaper expansion.

If you liked his art as much as we did, make sure to check him out!

TCL C-Sar's Challenge 2

TCL has been working really hard to get the highest quality tournaments, not only for the participants, but also the viewers. Our Artists, Salbei and Morbid Wisp, have done such amazing progress on the visuals, as well as some cool features that Twitch spectators will be able to see, such as live results of other matches from the same stage, Player Stats (Win Rates) updated live, and rotating visual assets to always have something vibrant and different. 
We're hoping all viewers can enjoy these additions, to make their experience watching our events even better. 

Check out the Rules for their upcoming C-Sar's Challenge Tournament here, and be sure to tune in for the main event happening on their Twitch stream here on Saturday the 26th at 1400 UTC!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!