Friday, October 11, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

1.6 is rapidly approaching, so we've got lots of news to be sharing regarding it.

Balance Changes

We've got a number of changes coming to cards both recent and old in this update. Here's a quick look at a few of them ahead of time:

Ritual of Servitude
  • Maximum mana cost of the Minion summoned is now 6
  • -------------------
  • Developer Comments: While Ritual of Servitude was great at enabling high cost decks that didn't need to rely on a high cycle to be effective, its ability to consistently put out massive minions at a fraction of their cost could feel very oppressive to play against, giving some decks an impossible matchup, especially in 2v2 matches where the second player on a team could cover the deck's weaknesses with additional bridge capture or defense when necessary.
Disruptor Puffs
  • Count 2 > 1
  • Mana 2 > 1
  • New Effect: When Disruptor Puff reaches the middle of a bridge, it teleports to the other bridge, then jumps back every 6 seconds.
  • -------------------
  • Developer Comments: By reworking Disruptor Puffs we wanted to solve a number of goals at once. Firstly, we wanted to get rid of the previous design of the card as it felt difficult to balance with how explosive and uninteractive its primary effect was. Secondly, we wanted to create some form of efficient 1 mana bridge capture that had counterplay possibilities and wasn't strong offensively in order to make its inclusion in a deck a considered choice the player has to make. We hope that the new role this Puff has can fulfill those purposes.
Spawn of Fury
  • Now selects a random minion within a targeted AoE
  • -------------------
  • Developer Comments: Spawn of Fury's greatest weakness was that it required the board to be empty of allied minions in order to be used effectively against a specific minion. This often made the card unplayable in 2v2, and in 1v1 it could create predictable lightning bolt setups or be an easily telegraphed tactic to let your opponent know you're about to try a big push.
We've got more change coming soon, and there's one perfect place to find out about all of them in one go. That of course would be...

The Dwarf Stream

We've got a Developer Stream for Version 1.6 occurring on next Monday, the 14th of October! Hosted by Community Manager That Sprite, we'll be showing off all the upcoming balance changes and the new Apep Rework in action live! Make sure to be there at 17:00 UTC on the BetaDwarf Twitch Stream!

Sinobii's October Battleground Qualifier Tournament

TEAM MANA FRENZY is excited to continue it's “PLAY-OVER-TIME” series! Participants can play each match at ANY time over a set period of days against the assigned opponent, so you have flexibility to control the scheduling of your match, and play at a time that works for YOU! 

EVERYONE who participates, win or lose,  gains TEAM MANA FRENZY Experience Points; as you gain XP, you can LEVEL UP to unlock more free in-game content! For those who place highly, up for grabs in each of the weekly TEAM MANA FRENZY events will be various prizes, as well as invites to the SBI - a monthly INVITATION-ONLY event where you can compete against the best of the best for CASH and Glory!

Keep an eye out for these off-stream tournaments being held WEEKLY by members of TEAM MANA FRENZY including BadAsAfish80 and Sinobii, with a new event scheduled to start every week! Registration is currently open for the next event starting Monday: Sinobii's October Battleground Qualifier Tournament. Find out more and register now at:

Cheers from BetaDwarf!