Friday, August 2, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

Introducing the Contender League

Coming in Version 1.4 is a brand new Ranked League for those that want a challenge beyond Grand Master. There'll be changes to the existing Grand Master league, where your ranking points within Grand Master are now visible on a scale of 0 to 2000. It's now possible to drop out of Grand Master, much like other ranks, and once you achieve 2000 points within Grand Master you will be promoted to the brand new Contender rank. Keep in mind that there are no Win Streaks in Grand Master and full rank loss for defeats, meaning reaching this new League will be a testament to your prowess as a true Minion Master.

While you're in Contender league, you'll receive a new icon next to your name in the in-game chat to represent your accomplishment. However, it's still possible to drop out of Contender if you lose too many matches, so stay on your toes!

The Contender League is just our first step in our ranked changes, and we have many plans for the new rank such as E-sports related interactions. This also of course comes hand in hand with our new changes to the rank roll-over being at the start of every new patch to ensure the entire season is played on the same set of balance changes.

Sharing is Caring

Starting with Version 1.4, you will also be able to buy gifts for your friends and Guildmates! Any Shop Offer item can be instead sent to a friend of your respective platform or any member of your guild, paying the usual costs. A user cannot be gifted the same Offer more than once however, and if you are gifted a Shop Offer you cannot purchase it for yourself from the store. Get out there and spread the love!

Balance Changes coming in v1.4

On top of the upcoming Sand Wars battle pass, Version 1.4 will be holding host to a number of Balance Changes we've been working on. It won't be the truly crazy roster of 20+ changes we had in Version 1.3, but some adjustments to existing cards that need an extra nudge to be effective, or perhaps a tuning down in regards to their power level. We also have a change coming to the Mythic mechanic that only allows a singular copy of a Mythic Card to be in play on your team at a time. You'll be able to read all about these Balance Changes as we get closer to the release date of Version 1.4 on the 16th of August.

That's all for today, Masters. We're super excited to bring these features and more in Version 1.4, and we're looking forward to your feedback as always!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!