Friday, July 26, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

Slithery (Colour) Schemes

Coming in Version 1.4 is a set of visual redesigns for the Slither faction. We wanted to craft a unique identity for the units to help set them apart from other factions such as the Empyreans by ensuring a similar color scheme and unique identifiers so that they are easier to recognise in a match. To that end, we've gone for a more Teal-based color scheme with feathers to help with the visual flair the units provide. We also wanted to help cement the Slither faction's roots in Aztec and Egyptian culture/mythology - Upcoming cards in the brand new Sand Wars Battle Pass will further indicate and explain the culture of the Slither.

Minion Masters in the Top 5 releases for May

We're a bit late to the draw, but Minion Masters was in the Top 5 games with highest playercounts during our launch in May! Steam's post here details that the support of our awesome community pushed our Peak player count above and beyond the norm. And with the content-packed update that is Version 1.4 swiftly approaching, we can't wait to see if we can smash that record again!

Deckbuilding from anywhere

The community Deckbuilding website, MM Deckbuilder recently updated to have all cards and masters up to Version 1.3! You can create decks of any kind as if you owned a full collection, with useful stat calculations such as the amount of Shards required to craft the deck, or how many of your units can hit Flying units. Once you're done crafting your perfect deck, you can share it with everyone else as well as your insights on how to play it, and have users vote on the quality of your decklist. High rated decks get pushed to the front page!

It's a fantastic site made by u/TheConcepteur on Reddit, and we highly encourage you to check it out here!

King Puff Cup 35

If you're a fan of high level competitive Minion Masters (and who isn't?) you'll love the 35th King Puff Cup happening this weekend! Happening on July 27th at 1400 UTC, you can tune in and watch top players fight through the Last Master Standing format for their piece of the $600 prize pool. Make sure to stop on by their Twitch channel here!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!