Wednesday, August 21, 2019

KPC Update - KPC 36 rescheduled, PPC canceled

Hello Masters! We have some updates regarding King Puff Cup.

KPC 36 rescheduled

As you may already know, KPC 36 was supposed to happen on 17th of August, however, due to some technical issues on our side, the tournament was canceled in the last moment. 
We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we fixed the problems we encountered.
We now confirm that the tournament will be rescheduled for the 31st of August. Everyone who previously signed up for KPC 36 will have to sign up again if they still want to compete. An announcement with full details and instructions for signing up will follow up soon.

PPC canceled

Prince Puff Cup was a special kind of tournament with fun rules and in-game rewards. It was a passion project organized by some of the KPC staff who simply volunteered to do it.
Due to this, we have to announce a cancellation, as there is no longer enough staff volunteering in order to organize it.
We can't say for certain whether or not we will bring back this kind of tournament, but we certainly can't do it at the current moment.

Note: anyone interested in spearheading a resurrection of PPC, give a private message to FFA#4526 (our head admin) on discord.