Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Version 1.3

Minion Masters!

This patch we’re bringing some frequently requested features to the game by means of a streamlined Bug Reporter and 2v2 Report option as well as a tonne of balance changes to shake things up in the meta.

Please note that for the time being Xbox will not have the Bug Report feature. The Unity feature we use for reporting does not currently support Xbox, but we’ll be investigating how to make it work for Xbox in the future.

Also note that the In-Game timer for the next Battle Pass has increased. We’re doing this to align the Battle Pass release with something as yet unannounced.
We’ve added another weekly quest for you during this time, so you can get even further in the Battle Pass and claim those rewards!

With all that away - Let’s dive right in!

Tri-Team Tourney

The Tri-Team Tourney has returned! Collect 15 keys for the house of your choice and vote for which card you’d like to see in the game next! You can only vote for one house, so choose wisely, and earn yourself a Random Legendary Card!

  • House Valor - Stormbringer, Volco, Ratbo - Ghost Storm
  • House Triumph - Apep, Morellia, Mordar - Mal’Shar
  • House Glory - Milloween, Ravager, King Puff - Taurus

The event will last until the release of Version 1.4 - Good luck!

Bug Reporter

Help us help Minion Masters without even closing the game! With the new Bug Reporter tool found in the Settings Menu, you’ll be able to attach a screenshot of the game, add Replays and Crash reports, and give detailed descriptions on the issues encountered. Thanks in advance for our awesome community’s commitment to helping us catch bugs!

2v2 Report

Also coming in this update is the ability to report your teammates at the Results screen for Leaving matches or Griefing. Simply click the Report button and choose between the options provided (You won’t be able to report someone for leaving unless they disconnected from the game) and your replay will be submitted to us for future review. Note that no action will be taken against players before the replays are viewed by a dwarf, and simply being bad at the game doesn’t count as Griefing ;)


We’re including a huge number of changes in this patch - quite possibly too many to write full Developer Comments for. Check out our Developer Stream VOD for the initial reveals of these changes and insights on them!

  • Apep
    • First and Third Perk now only selects Minions
  • Armored Scrats
    • Health 90 > 60
    • Unit Count 3 > 4
  • AtG Drone x8
    • Health 250 > 275
  • Bridge Buddies
    • Now always spawns Armored Scrats
    • Armored Scrats gain Frenzy if you already control the bridge
  • Crakgul Doomcleaver
    • Mana Cost 9 > 8
  • Divine Warrior
    • Health 350 > 400
    • Mana Cost 4 > 5
  • Dragon Nest
    • Now spawns a Flying Dragon instead if the spell cost 5+ Mana (After any mana cost discounts)
  • Empowered Soul Stealer
    • No longer has Marksmanship
    • Starts with 2 Souls
    • Gains an additional 2 when summoned if you control a minion with Rage
  • Grasping Thorns
    • Mana Cost 2 > 3
    • Health 50 > 75
  • Harbinger
    • Speed 3 > 4
  • Jungle Jumble
    • Mana Cost 8 > 7
  • Laser Turret
    • Health 350 > 300
    • Attack Speed 1.4 > 1.2
    • Cooldown decrease per attack 0.3 > 0.2
    • Minimum Attack Cooldown 0.1 > 0.2
  • Lone Wolf
    • Health 350 > 400
    • Mana Cost 4 > 5
  • Morellia
    • Range 12 > 10
    • Perk 2 Spirits 3 > 2
    • Queen’s Dragon Mana Cost 6 > 8
  • Rock Rivals
    • Living Statue no longer has Rage
  • Screaming Scrat
    • Health 90 > 60
    • Damage 100 > 60
  • Scrat Pack
    • Mana Cost 1 > 2
    • Unit Count 2 > 5
  • Spawn of Fury
    • No longer has Voidborne Wound
    • Mana Cost 4 > 3
  • Spirit (Mechanic)
    • Flying Minions now only receive 100 extra health
  • Troubadour
    • Attack Speed 5 > 4.5
  • Warrior
    • Health 350 > 400
  • Wizard Puff
    • Attack Speed 1.8 > 1.6


  • A new Conquest Season has started! Earn your guild a Tombstone Avatar, Admiral Mordar the Mad skin and a new Guild Banner this season!
  • You can now restart your Conquest after its completion for a Ruby fee. The highest score of your Conquest attempts will be your contribution at the end of the Cycle.
  • Adjusted the priority of Shields again. The new order is Constant Abilities (i.e. Scrat Tank/Divine Shield) > Cooldown Abilities (Musketeer Parry) > Consumable Damage Prevention (Shields) > HP Guards ( Guardian) > HP
  • Re-enabled the /syncachievements code for chat.
  • A message is now displayed when the game is waiting for a response from the Server.
  • Recently changed cards will now be marked stating as such. The notification can be removed by hovering over the card in Deckbuilding. A link to the patch notes is also available in the card details for changed cards.
  • Tri-Team Tourney now removes the Claim buttons for each house once the reward has been claimed to clear up confusion about only being able to claim the reward once.


  • Fixed issues with Diona spawning traps when Buildings were in play - Thanks MiKe!
  • Fixed two Walking Blind Dates colliding not killing both units - Thanks the_red_soul!
  • Fixed a visual bug when Haunting Hugger possessed a Magma Turret - Thanks the_red_soul!
  • Fixed a scenario where a Crossbow Dude could be stuck outside of the map - Thanks Kriszace!
  • Fixed matches found during Queue Master requiring you to “Click to Continue” - Thanks GReY WolF!
  • Fixed Blank card slots displaying 200 Glory when posted in chat - Thanks DX2!
  • Fixed a bug where Defenso Chopper killed Haunting Huggers - Thanks Siskodemon!
  • Fixed Magma Storm actually firing 11 balls - Thanks Siskodemon!
  • Fixed all Guild Applicants saying they haven’t been online for a month - Thanks BadAsAFish80!
  • Fixed an issue where Re-Boomer could get stuck in one place and never move for the rest of the match - Thanks Maldiga!
  • Fixed an inconsistency with Morellia’s Auto Attack causing it to sometimes not slow Minions - Thanks Jules!
  • Fixed an issue where Bridge Swap could swap a unit without it capturing the bridge - Thanks Naethure!
  • Fixed an issue where Guardian transforming while stunned could cause immortal units.
  • Fixed Morellia’s Auto Attack preventing units from Charging/Jumping.
  • Fixed an issue where Armored Escort would not work after Morellia uses Book of the Dead.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Recruit Friends saying “Invite this player to a battle”.
  • Fixed Conquest Cards not counting as an extra copy of the card for Wild Carding.
  • Fixed an issue with Crakgul’s description formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where Ragdolls kept being enabled after changing Screenshake or Camera Movement options.
  • Fixed Cursebearer’s Aura VFX jittering when it took damage.
  • Fixed a rare bug where Cleaver would not be stunned by Chain Lightning.
  • Fixed an issue where Conquest Cards would not apply a Season Gold Star correctly for the purposes of calculating glory for Conquest if they were the lowest Glory card in your deck.
  • Fixed Lone Wolf not having Rage in the unit preview.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!