Friday, June 14, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

The release of Morellia the Lich Queen is upon us, and there's much to talk about in regards to gameplay content coming in 1.2. Morellia will be shown off in full in our Developer Stream that will be announced later in this post, but in the meantime we've also started finalizing the balance changes that will be showing up, so we're happy to be able to show some of them off today.

Balance Changes

One of our most anticipated changes coming to Minion Masters is the rework of Guardian. Guardian is a card that has proven particularly problematic as the card collection developed due to its high potential to protect otherwise vulnerable, but powerful Minion combos from removal effects or general smaller sources of damage. With spells such as Black Hole in consideration, dealing with such combos became a difficult endeavour.

  • Guardian
  • Mana Cost 6 > 5
  • Damage 60 > 80
  • Now only protects Crystal Elves
  • Crystal Construct
  • Damage 60 > 80
We opted to have Guardian fit more of a faction-based niche to fit thematically with the theme of the Crystal Elf Constructs while at the same time greatly reducing the potential for abusive combinations that can be made with the card, while still retaining its core identity. There's still the potential to set up powerful pushes with the existing Crystal Elf cards, and there are certain to be more cards from the faction printed in the future to compliment the existing set. Additionally, we opted to decrease the mana cost so that it might be more usable as a trade-off to its new restriction, and we've also added a small damage buff aimed at giving Crystal Construct a bit of a nudge towards relevancy again.

  • Snake Druid
  • Root Duration 2 > 6 seconds
  • HP 60 > 80
Snake Druid, while a much beloved card of a small audience, suffered from how easily it could be picked off from small units, meaning that it often failed to get much value after its initial play. By increasing the HP he remains a bit more survivable, though easy to deal with on his own. More significant, however, is the increase of the Root Duration that will primarily apply once Snake Druid has been removed or forced to stop attacking, ensuring that the card will gain value.

This is only the beginning of the balance changes we have to show off, however - To learn more, you'll need to stop by...

The BetaDwarf Developer Stream!

Join us on Monday, the 17th where Community Manager That Sprite will be covering all of the changes coming in v1.2, as well as some live gameplay of Morellia! Stop by at 19:00 UTC+2 on our Twitch Account to learn all of the juicy details.

Mystery Skin Revealed!

As many have also speculated the Mystery Skin from the Battle Pass will also be arriving in v1.2, and is a Legendary Skin for our new master Morellia! You can read all about her on our Update Site if you need to get up to speed. We'll be checking out the model in-game on our Developer Stream, but here's a special preview of her Legendary skin (left) and her default model (right):

Prince Puff Cup 2

The second Prince Puff Cup is happening tomorrow, brought to you by the King Puff Cup! Promising more Sideboard gameplay, and with the winner walking away with a Super Mega Dwarf Pack and the prestigious Dynasty Milloween skin, we can expect more intense competitive action! Find out all the details of the tournament right here.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!