Friday, May 10, 2019

Minion Masters Friday - Spiritual Flight

Minion Masters!

The countdown to release ticks to 14 days, and there's still so much more v1.0 content to reveal, as well as the start of our Xbox One Open Beta. We'll also be doing another run of a certain community contest from earlier this year - Stay tuned for more information on that. Let's not waste any more time and get into those juicy details:

Spirit Rework

Coming in v1.0 will be a rework to the Spirit mechanic. We decided to rework Spirits as we aimed to create an environment that normalized the effectiveness of the buff, and to make it fit into more traditional buff rules, with an increased investment if you wanted to get the maximum value possible from the mechanic.

Here's what will be changed with the update:
  • Spirit now gives 200 Health
  • Spirit can no longer apply more than once to the same Minion
  • Spirit grants Spectral Essence once the buffed unit dies
Additionally, the card Spirit Vessel will be reworked to fit the new mechanic:
  • Mana 3 > 2
  • Health 250 > 50
  • Damage 40 > 35
  • Attack Speed 1.1 > 2.0
These stats match the new Skeleton base unit found in Skeleton Horde and Nyrvir's Breath, and hopefully provides a nice, easy way to quickly develop a Spirit buff for your other units on the field. No other cards with the Spirit mechanic will be receiving any changes with this rework. Let us know what you think regarding these changes, and how do you think you can best use Spirits in v1.0?

Final Beta for Xbox Insiders

The Minion Masters Xbox One Final Beta stage starts today! Previously the number of users that could access the beta was limited, and progress was reset. But now the game will be available for everyone on Xbox One with no more account resets, and cross-play compatibility with Steam and Discord users. If you're playing on Xbox, make sure to look out for our Official Club that will be posting all the upcoming content and announcements you need, as well as soon providing a hub to connect with other Xbox players. Welcome to Minion Masters!

Dwarf Stream Incoming!

Next Friday will mark our last Early Access Developer Stream before our full release. Join That Sprite as we walk through everything that v1.0 has to offer, as well as some announcements for some exciting community events in the run up to our Launch! You can find it on our Twitch Account, next Friday the 17th, at 1900 CEST! Make sure you're there!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!