Friday, March 22, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

While the dust settles in regards to the balance changes and new card in Update 90, it's time for us at the BetaDwarf offices to get cracking in regards to the Zen-Chi Zap Mini-Pass. Expect to hear more on that soon. There is, however, an update due to occur before then, as Zen-Chi Zap is currently aligned for Update 92.

So, what next?

That means we have Update 91 to fill, and we'll hopefully be continuing last update's trend of fixing up bugs and applying general polish to Minion Masters. We'll also be holding a rerun of the Memote Melee, giving you another chance to get your choice from WutPuff, PuffChamp and Puffa once you open one of those chests for their respective team! Other then that, there'll be lots of exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks on the Zen-Chi Zap update webpage in the leadup to its release. Later today we'll be revealing the first card of the new set, so stay tuned for that! You can check out the page right here.

Discord Emote Contest carries on!

Don't forget to enter while you can, Masters! The Minion Masters Emote Contest will be running until the 3rd of April, at which point three winners will be selected to have their emotes added to the Minion Masters server! We've seen a lot of good entries so far, and a lot of dedication with the amount of effort users have put in. So don't forget to enter for your chance to have your work immortalised - Check out the contest details here!

King Puff Cup 33

The last King Puff Cup before the King Puff Invitational happens next weekend, on March 30th!

"Are you looking to show everyone who is the best Minion Master?
Are you interested in winning some amazing prizes?
Are you ready to become the new King Puff Cup Champion?
Don't wait any longer, King Puff Cup 33 is taking place on March 30th at 14:00 UTC, 6:00 PST, 9:00 EST, 15:00 CET, with a prize pool of $800 for the Top 8 players, and giving the champion the $500 SteelSeries code!"

If any of that sounds interesting to you, then sign up today on their tournament page and join their Discord server to show the world you're the best Minion Masters player there is!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!