Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Update 85

Minion Masters!
Our first patch of 2019, we’re starting it off a little slow with some balance and bug fixes.
If you didn’t get to join the Dev stream, check it out here for discussion on this patch and a preview of our upcoming Master, Diona that With Hunter!


  • Werewolf (Unit from Lycanthropy buff)
    • Damage decreased from 60 to 45
    • No longer invulnerable during transformation (Technically a bugfix)
    • Transformation time increased from 0.2 to 0.4 seconds.
  • --- Developer comments ---
  • It was fairly clear that the Werewolf unit was too volatile when Buffs such as Frenzy or Rage were applied to it, giving it DPS values far higher than what we wanted from them. The 25% decrease in attack damage should help ensure that while the deckbuilding elements of those buffs remain viable, the overall damage is significantly reduced. The vulnerability, while technically being a bug fix, opens a new avenue for balancing the card if these changes prove to not be enough.

  • Wolf Among Sheep
    • Mana Cost increased from 4 to 6
    • Unit Count increased from 2 to 4
    • Amount of units affected by Lycanthropy remains unchanged
  • --- Developer comments ---
  • The 4 mana variant of this card generally proved to be both too reliable and a provider of too much bridge control for other cards to reasonably compete with it at an equal mana cost. By making it a 6 mana design it still provides excellent value if it is unanswered, but the card is overall less spammable and more open to cards that can kill the Legionnaires before the Werewolf transforms.

  • Once Bitten
    • Mana Cost decreased from 3 to 2
  • --- Developer comments ---
  • This change is mainly a combination of Once Bitten both not seeing much play, and the change to the Werewolf potentially making it even weaker than it was. At 2 mana it should be far more usable but still feel expensive to play due to effectively losing half of a minion to get the Werewolf unit.

  • Lone Wolf
    • Mana Cost decreased from 5 to 4
  • --- Developer comments ---
  • Similarly, Lone Wolf’s requirements of needing to be the only friendly minion on the field when played to get the maximum value out of it made it difficult to use in the 5 mana slot, and the nerf to the Werewolf unit would similarly deal another blow to the viability of the card. A reduction to 4 mana should make it a strong value card but still require careful management of the board state.


  • Fixed users being able to select avatars they don’t own - Thanks ELRiley!
  • Fixed the Twitch Boost button being unusable during a battle.
  • Fixed Defenso Chopper dealing its damage before the stun, allowing a Lycanthropy unit to transform despite hitting it - Thanks Greywolf!
  • Fixed certain units being affected by the Lycanthropy buff that would, upon transformation, heal much faster than usual.
  • Fixed some desync errors regarding post-game Battle Pass XP gain.
  • Fixed a Lycanthropy unit being hit by Chain Lightning twice before and after transformation.
  • Fixed various bugs with clicking the Battle Pass button while on the Power Tower - Thanks Omicron666!
  • Fixed Guardian being able to tank hits despite being dead - Thanks Crabhead!
  • Fixed Masters being in their idle animations when rewarded.
  • Fixed Lycanthropy units being affected by Marksmanship after transformation.