Monday, January 7, 2019

Minion Masters Monday - We're back!

Minion Masters!

The Dwarves are back in the office from their Christmas holidays (well, we've been back since Wednesday actually) and it's time to get cracking on our future updates and content, such as the new master Diona.

Back in the Office

Now that our two week slumber is over, BetaDwarf is back to working on giving our players the best Minion Masters experiences they could hope for in 2019. We told you that 2018 would be a huge year for BetaDwarf, and with our First on Discord promotion combined with going Free to Play on Steam, we're certain all the new voices among our community can agree with that. 

So what lies ahead for 2019? Well, we're working hard on getting our new master Diona the Witch Hunter ready with a current expected timeframe of Update 86, as described by our in-game timer - Though this date is not final if issues occur. Other than that, we'll be continuing to provide new Battle Pass Seasons featuring exciting new content to you - Maybe with more additional Masters down the line? Either way, it'll be a great year to be a player of Minion Masters, and we'll be with you for the ride all the way.

Wolves of the Night

Coming in Update 85 will be some balance changes to cards from the newest Rise of the Howling Moon set. We issued changes to the Bats Bats Bats! card shortly before our winter holiday so that we were able to react to imbalance as soon as we could, and now that we're back from vacation we can re-evaluate the power level of the other cards and adjust them as needed. We'd like to thank you for all the great feedback we've been receiving on the Werewolf cards regarding both the Strengths, and in some cases weaknesses. Our main focus on these changes will be to curb the explosive capabilities of the Werewolf card when they receive substantial buff effects such as Rage by tweaking the base unit's numbers, while reworking the Wolf Among Sheep card to... Well, you'll have to find out tomorrow, won't you?

That's because there will be a Developer Stream live at 1800 UTC on Tuesday the 8th of January, hosted by That Sprite, where we'll be delving into what you can expect from Update 85. Make sure to tune in at our official Twitch channel to get all of the details!


We had quite the active week for Competitive Minion Masters, didn't we? Thehagengnome kicked off the year with his first Gnome Tournament, while the 29th King Puff Cup kept its stride going strong.

The Gnome Tournament series kicked off with spectacular prizes for its entrants, offering $150, a Super Mega Dwarf Pack, and a temporarily exclusive in-game avatar in the fashion of Major Heal from Forced SHOWDOWN! 25 Entrants battled their way to prove their might, with the finals coming down to a matchup between long-time tournament veteran katt and ladder superstar JF, with katt taking the set 4-1 and taking home their prize. It was a great tournament to watch, and we're looking forward to see what Thehagengnome can come up with in his future arrangements.

As for King Puff Cup 29, players fought through the Swiss with the hopes of getting into Top 8 and securing their shot at the $300 SteelSeries gift code, with the majority of its final contestants being relatively new faces to the competitive scene - Divine, Rold, Fanderman, TGXAndy, Lazur and zoom all made it to top 8, but veterans GReY WolF and katt weren't intending on giving them an easy ride to the Grand Finals, with the two facing off. Once again katt upheld his winning streak by taking the set 3-0 and maintaining his consistent results throughout the King Puff Cup season.

It's been great to see all of the Competitive Minion Masters activity sprouting up lately, and we fully encourage our playerbase in their endeavours. Remember, if you have a tournament you want to get off the ground, contact That Sprite on Discord to learn about getting your rewards sponsored.

That's all for today, Masters. Here's to a dwarven 2019!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!