Monday, August 20, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Mayhem & the in-game shop

Minion Masters!

Some of you might have read it in our latest newsletter, already: Mayhem is coming to Minion Masters very soon! The in-game shop will also get improved a lot & we have the Qualifiers upcoming for the King Puff Invitational. Let's look into these topics.

Mayhem changes the game rules frequently

We're excited to announce Mayhem, a new game mode we are currently working on. A game mode not available to play permanently. A game mode that has the sole purpose of being fun and experiencing something different apart from the ranked ladders, Drafts & different metas. Let's have a look at what Mayhem is all about:

  • Limited time events: Mayhem will not be available permanently. The game mode will rotate and new rules will be available approximately twice a week for ~3 days each.
  • Tournament-style: Mayhem will come with the usual Draft settings. Players will battle opponents until they reach 12 wins or 3 losses.
  • Sealed decks: Mayhem wants you to build a deck from your collection. You have the free choice of building this deck, but once submitted you have to stick with it for the duration of your run.
  • Rewards: special one-time rewards are coming back, similar to our Draft events earlier this year. These rewards could wait for you at certain win thresholds, such as 3 wins, 5 wins, 7 wins, 9 wins & 12 wins. Rewards will usually be cards. On top of that, you'll be rewarded at the end of your run similarly to Draft. The more wins you get, the bigger the reward. Overall, the rewards will contain Cards, Gold, Power Tokens, and Battle Pass XP.
  • Entry fees: Mayhem will cost you an entry fee. That typically differs somewhere around 15 to 150 Rubies. Additionally, there will be two free entries available if you manage to make a deck with a certain amount of Glory. For instance, that could mean you have to hit 1.000 Glory for the first free entry and 1.500 for the second.
Mayhem will change the game rules in some crazy ways. While we won't provide you with a full list of rulesets, some of the rules could be "All Minions gain Frenzy", "Bottom bridge is permanently under the effect of 'Burn the Bridges' but gives double XP", or even "Whenever you play a minion, summon a Blood Imp". Other rules might affect randomness or mana costs. Prepare yourself, Masters!

Please note that all information and provided values are subject to change at any point during the development. All provided information is thus not necessarily set in stone just yet.

All you can see in this little picture (graphics and prices) are placeholders!

What's up with the in-game shop?

Besides Mayhem, we are also working on the restructuring our offers in the in-game shop. Currently, the shop is very basic and offers do not look too exciting. It's just functional, no more, no less. To make things like 'Featured Offers' really count, we will go for the following changes:
  • We are removing the permanent availability of skins. In the future, skins will be available as special deals. These 'Featured Offers' will rotate every 3 days.
  • Skins that are part of the Battle Pass Seasons have a chance to rotate in. This only applies to skins of already finished Battle Pass Seasons.
  • There will be new skins when the new shop goes live.
  • We are adding 'Daily Offers', which will rotate every 24 hours.
Now, there are several reasons why we are changing the in-game shop and the availability of skins. One reason was already mentioned above: the new shop will simply be more exciting to visit and offers will be presented on a single store page. Additionally, there will be free stuff in the shop from time to time.
At the same time, skins will feel worth more to the owner due to them being not always available. This exclusivity will come with no changes to the cost of skins! Well, that's not entirely true since the one-time offers will make them even cheaper.

Adding the daily offers means more to look at and consider getting for yourself. And as we mentioned, there will be free stuff every once in a while. Overall, the rotations will mean that you might want to visit the shop more often to check what's new!

Please note that all currently available skins will be included in the upcoming rotation of 'Featured Offers'. If you think about getting one or more skins at the moment, it might be a good idea to get them while they are still available permanently. 

King Puff Season 3 finals around the corner!

But before we get to see the final action on the flying arenas at the 3rd King Puff Invitational, we have to determine the last 4 participants via the Qualifiers happening on Saturday, August 25th at 13:00 UTC. The qualifiers battling for the last 4 slots at the King Puff Invitational are:
  • TheHagenGnome
  • KishinAshura
  • PakoMANIAC
  • The_Dovahnation
  • XiaoJyun
The brackets for the Qualifiers can be found here and the full rulebook for participants of the Qualifiers and the King Puff Invitational over here. Please note that neither the Qualifiers nor the King Puff Invitational are open tournaments to sign-up for.

For more information about both events watch out for our Friday blog post, where we dive into all the information, rules, participants, and more!


That's all for today, Masters! If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to do so on STOMT, Discord, Reddit, Steam, Facebook or Twitter. Have a nice start to the week everyone!

Cheers from BetaDwarf