Friday, July 6, 2018

Community Happenings - New contestants & the Glass Cannon

Minion Masters!

We had quite some reveals about Update 71 in our latest Dwarf stream, hadn't we? Best-of tournament event with 3 new cards for you to vote for, Demon Warrior rework, upcoming tournaments... a lot of stuff going on in and around Minion Masters these days. To get you ready for our next event and changes here's a more detailed version of our stream reveals!

Best of House Valor!

House Valor won the Tri-Team tourney back in May 2018 and now our three Masters are ready to bring their contestants to the Best-of tournament. Mordar, Stormbringer Volco are ready to fight it out and they need your support! With Update 71 the key collection comes back to Minion Masters and the purpose is nothing else than determining which contestant of the three Masters will make its way to the game at a later point.

You'll have the chance to collect - once again - 15 keys for each of the three Masters. You have the chance to receive a key by just playing with one of the three Masters or by watching streamers. When you collected all 15 keys for one Master, you'll be able to open the Reward Chest and pledge your vote to the respective Master. Please note that you can only vote for one Master per account! However, even if you opened the Reward Chest for one Master, you get to open the other two, as well, if you manage to get all the necessary keys in time.

While we do not want to reveal the card stats at this point, we have some art for you to enjoy:

Mordar loves to cause mayhem. It took some time for him to decide on how to increase his possibilities of destruction, but he finally found a very special tool: the Wheel of Doom!

Stormbringer had an easier time to choose his contestant. Our bow-wielding Master opts for more shock and awe in the flying arenas and brings Stormy to the Best-of tournament!

Now, Volco got a great new axe with Update 68. And while he likes this particular weapon, he still feels there isn't enough raw power on the flying arenas. The obvious choice for him, therefore, was to bring the Taurus aka The Charger for you to vote for!

The Best-of tournament is scheduled to last from July 11th until July 25th. Similar to the Tri-Team tournament, we will release the standings one week after the start of the event. So the first week will once again be a blind pick since you don't know if your favorite Master leads the voting or not.

Demon Warrior rework!

Yes, we know! You had to wait and we honestly don't like letting you wait. But in the case of the Demon Warrior, we wanted to take our time to find a long-term solution, rather than just nerfing the unit into unplayability. After a lot of internal talks and brainstorming, as well as testing, we decided to go for kinda a Glass Cannon design.

Currently, the Demon Warrior gains additional stats each time you play the card during a match. The general consensus is that the unit gets problematic to handle around its 4th play. Upon reaching level 4, the unit comes into play with 1000 HP & 200 Damage. This amount only rises with each further play by 200 HP and 40 Damage. We will stop that kind of scaling per play.

The reworked Demon Warrior will start with 400 HP & 100 Damage baseline. We also increase its movement speed to 4. These stats will not change until the 5th play. Upon using the card for the 5th time, the Demon Warrior will receive a one-time stat increase of 300 HP and 300 Damage, essentially turning the unit into a 700 HP tank with 400 Damage. That's 160 DPS on the field & 700 HP is something that needs to be dealt with in order to prevent that DPS from causing huge trouble. On the other hand, the Demon Warrior will still cost 6 mana and needs to be played 5 times to gain that massive stat boost.

That rework should actually turn the card more into a risk/reward investment, rather than the sole win condition you build your deck around. We're excited about your early opinion and of course about your feedback once Update 71 hit! Plenty of communication platforms are waiting for you: the official and verified Minion Masters Discord Server, the official Subreddit & the official Steam forums.

Sign-up for the Classic!

Masters, this is your last call to sign up for SwongoTV's Classic Tournament scheduled for Saturday, July 7th at 15:00 UTC! The tournament will be run with the Last Master Standing format and features a group stage, as well as a final stage.

All you have to do is to submit screenshots of 4 Masters & related decks here. Don't forget to post your Steam ID, also. The last step is to sign-up via this link. Due to organizational reasons, SwongoTV needs your Masters, decklists, Steam IDs and sign-ups until 15:00 UTC today! So don't waste any time and craft your decks to participate for an exclusive Milloween skin, huge in-game prizes, and a lot of fun.

Did we mention that you don't need any legendary cards, new Season cards, Demon Warriors or Wild cards? The reason is simple: SwongoTV banned them to keep the tournament as classic and new player friendly as possible.


With that, we're coming to an end for today's blog post! We hope you'll have something to talk about over the course of the weekend & we wish everyone good luck at SwongoTV's tournament.

Have a nice weekend & cheers from BetaDwarf