Friday, June 15, 2018

Community Happenings - A busy weekend around the corner

Minion Masters! 

First things first: we investigated your reports about Glory calculations and indeed found a bug. This is, of course, a critical bug and we're currently working on a hotfix, which we are going to deploy today. Furthermore, we found issues with the changed "Damage projections", which we will hotfix as well. Login problems for some players and the localization issues (missing descriptions for the new cards in languages other than English) are currently investigated and/or worked on.

Thanks to all of you for reporting!

What to do on the weekend?

Besides enjoying all the new features that came with Update 68, such as the long-awaited, glorious Battle Pass, you're invited to watch competitive Minion Masters on Saturday and Sunday live on Twitch!

On Saturday, June 16th at 13:00 UTC, the King Puff Cup staff will start its stream and present you King Puff Cup 21, coming with a prize pool of $350 split amongst the Top 8 tournament participants. The KPC staff also announced that the match format will switch from Conquest to Last Master Standing, this time. For players who aren't familiar with Last Master Standing yet:
Other than with the Conquest match format, the winning player has to play the winning deck again. The loosing players has to choose a new deck from his remaining, pre-submitted decks. If you want it like that, Last Master Standing is kind of a reversed Conquest format and the second most known match format in other digital CCGs.
Make sure to read the rules in the official announcement for additional information and if YOU want to participate tomorrow, better be quick! There's still some time left until the sign-up phase closes, but you also need to build and submit your decks.

Good luck, Masters!

Our second tournament this weekend will be presented by Cockeyed Gaming on Sunday, June 17th at 17:00 UTC. This tournament will be the first competitive event hosted by Cockeyed Gaming and it aims more towards players that want to experience the tournament scene with a more casual approach at first.

The 2vs2 tournament comes with a huge prize pool featuring an exclusive Milloween skin (see below), Power Tokens, Rubies, Gold and for streamers who decide to stream the tournament, the Sunken Temple Arena comes as a special thanks (contacting Cockeyed Gaming prior is needed). For viewers, giveaways are waiting throughout the tournament stream.

If you and your friend want to participate in a more laid-back environment, check out this official announcement!

Let the Scrats burn!

Another tournament is around the corner and the sign-up phase is getting into its final week. Zgriptor decided to host his first 1vs1 tournament on Saturday, June 23rd at 13:00 UTC.
The tournament comes with the special twist that the rules for decks are not released until 2 hours prior to the tournament. Zgriptor assured us that he has a detailed plan to make deck submissions as easy as possible and thus "no participant should need more than 15 minutes to submit their decks". He also goes with the approach of: "Participants shouldn't have time to prepare properly, by purpose." There seems to be some kind of system behind it and we're very excited how this turns out.

The Burning Scrat Tournament will be a 1vs1 fun tournament with loads of in-game prizes and everybody is invited! So read the official announcement and better make sure to sign-up today.


That's all for today, Masters! Please don't forget to report any issues you might experience and we're excited about your feedback regarding Update 68. See you on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf