Monday, January 22, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Reworks and Winners

Minion Masters!

Last Monday, we had to tell you about the delay of Update 57. Today, we announce it! How much better could a week possibly start? Correct. With some prize money from the previous King Puff Cup 16.

Expeditions 2.0

After a lot of work and a delay of 7 days, we can finally look forward to release the Expedition rework on Wednesday. Approximately one month ago, we started to reveal the changes we will introduce step by step and now that the release day comes closer, we get more and more excited. Not only to see the rework in action, but also about your feedback and to move on to new features, reworks and improvements.

One more time, we want to give you an overview about the upcoming changes to the Expeditions:
  • Supplies will be removed
  • Relics will be removed
  • Premium Upgrade changes to Gold again
  • Gold is back as a reward
  • Daily Quest will reward Gold again
  • Movement in the Expeditions will be free
  • Expeditions map size will be reduced by roughly 2/3
  • Might can only be acquired by overcoming online challenges. These challenges will contain optional objectives like "Kill 10 minions before they reach your side of the arena".
  • Completing a challenge removes the encounter and rewards you with Might. Important note: You don't have to win the battle, but reach the objective. Progression is possible without winning.
  • PvE encounters are not gone. But they are fewer than before and will test your might
  • Rewards are gone from the map. Beat the last boss to claim your rewards
  • You can only get rewarded once per Expedition
  • Daily income for players stays the same
  • Free Expeditions will be released periodically
Along with these changes, Premium Upgrade will be changed as well. We want to advise you to visit this blog post for all the information you need.

Furthermore, when we shut down the servers on Wednesday, ongoing Expeditions will be stopped and Local Supplies as well as Expedition progress' will be lost. So please make sure to finish ongoing Expeditions prior to the server shut down somewhere between 9 and 11 am UTC.

Your saved Supplies and Relics will be reimbursed. Supplies will be converted to Gold at a 1:0.3 ratio. Every Supply is worth 0.3 Gold. Relics will be converted to Gold at a 1:50 ratio. Every Relic is worth 50 Gold.

That covers the most important things for Wednesday. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask us on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook or the Steam forums.

King Puff Cup 16

Last Saturday, the King Puff Cup staff presented us another amazing tournament. It was some of the longest tournaments we ever saw and the length of the VOD shows you what we're talking about. By the way: if you missed the live action on Twitch, here's the uncut VOD for you to enjoy!

King Puff Cup 16 introduced a brand new format called Masters and Mercenaries. This format assigned 5 cards to each Master, which were exclusively available for the repective Masters. Mercenary cards were available for all Masters. Besides that brand new format, the list of winners seemed somewhat usual. Nonetheless, we saw very intense battles and high skilled matches. Congratulations to the winners of King Puff Cup 16:
  1. RushSecond - $100
  2. Memfisto - $60
  3. Dirion - $40
  4. Zgriptor - $25
We want to thank every single participant and viewer for supporting us and the King Puff Cup staff. Our thanks go also to said staff for bringing us amazing tournaments over and over again!

Oh and at the end of the VOD, there's a new drawn picture of Daddy Dip ;)


Masters, that's all for today. The blog post is somewhat shorter since most of you already knew the details aboutz the upcoming changes to the Expeditions and Premium Upgrade. To make up for that, we will have a long patch note news on Wednesday ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf