Monday, January 15, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Delays and Premium Upgrades

It's Minion Master's Monday and we sure hope you had an amazing weekend! The start of the week brings a news, some of you will not be happy about. Today, we have two things to talk about. The first thing is the delay of Update 57 for one week. The second thing is the upcoming changes to the Premium Upgrade. Shall we?

Update 57 delayed?

Most of you might have spotted this already in-game. We changed the timer for Update 57 last Friday. Instead of next Wednesday, we rescheduled Update 57 to Wednesday, January 24th. The reason for that is, that we want to present you the best possible experience and we had doubts, that this goal would have been achievable by next Wednesday. That's why we decided to delay Update 57.

We hope you understand the reason behind our decision. Let's look forward to an amazing release of the Expedition rework in one week!

Changes to the Premium Upgrade

Now, let's move on to said rework. Expeditions will change a lot. With the removal of Supplies, Gold will come back as a reward kind of like before we introduced the first Expeditions. That means that the Premium Upgrade has to change, as well. Here's how the new Premium Upgrade will look like on our Steam Store Page:
  • 2500 Rubies
  • 500 Shards
  • 5 Power Tokens
  • 50% Gold win bonus forever
  • 20% XP win bonus forever
  • 6 additional deck slots
Everything you read above is what a user will get when buying Premium after the Expedition rework.

Now, many users already purchased Premium. To be exact, some users had the very first Premium Upgrade, which we changed with the economy changes back when we introduced the first Expeditions. And here is where it gets a bit complex. We need to cover Legacy Premium users (Premium 1.0) and Supplies Premium users (Premium 2.0).

Let's take a look what an owner of the current Premium Upgrade (Premium 2.0) will get with Update 57:
  • 300 Rubies
  • 5 Power Tokens
  • 50% Gold win bonus forever (replaces 20% Gold win bonus)
  • 6 additional deck slots
This bonuses will be added to all existing bonuses! That means, if you already own Premium 2.0, you will not miss out on anything. Instead, you will get the new bonuses on top.

Legacy Premium users will get even more since we changed a product twice, which they bought:
  • 300 Rubies
  • 5 Power Tokens
  • 100% Gold bonus to matches & quests for 1 year
  • 50% Gold win bonus forever (when 100% buff runs out)
  • 6 additional deck slots
To summarize that: all your bonuses will transfer, and any new stuff we add to the new Premium will also be added to yours. For example, people who have bought Premium before the last change kept their double income buff (it was just changed from Gold to Supplies) despite it not being in the new Premium. At the same time, the new Premium got a permanent 20% Supply income bonus, which was also added to the old Premium.

Additionally, we also give people a small bonus because we changed stuff on something they bought.

In short, if you bought the legacy Premium version, you could get the value of up to 3 Premium versions for that early purchase. Even if not, you will still get all bonuses added to your existing bonuses. And with a 50% Gold win bonus forever, even users that will buy Premium after Update 57 will have a significantly higher income - forever!

Masters, that's all for today. We will spend the majority of our time this week to finish and polish the Expedition rework and add additional features to Update 57, along with bug fixes. We're sorry for the delay, but we don't feel like it's worth it to rush such a big rework. In the end, we all want to have fun with Minion Masters and must ensure we provide the best possible experience to do so.

Thanks for your understanding and ongoing support!

Cheers from BetaDwarf