Friday, January 12, 2018

Community Happenings - A brand new format & a preview

It's Friday. This week is about to end, but the outlook for next week is very exciting. On Monday, we will have an in-depth look at the changes for the Premium Upgrade, Wednesday is patch day and next Saturday is all about Masters & Mercenaries.

Masters, get ready for a brand new format

Last Tuesday, the King Puff Cup staff surprised us with an early announcement of King Puff Cup 16 on Saturday, January 20th at 14:00 UTC. While an early announcement would be just that, the content revealed a brand new format called "Masters & Mercenaries".

The tournament itself will be somewhat similar to the last Conquest tournament. First of all, there are bans. Means, when you play in the group stage, you and your opponent will ban 2 Masters from each other. These Masters are not allowed to be used for the duration of the matchup. You and your opponent will only see the chosen Masters, not the decks! Chosen Masters? Yea, right. When you sign up, you have to submit 4 Masters along with a link to your Steam profile page. Only these Masters can be used during the tournament. Please note, that in Best of 5 matches, only one Master gets banned by you and your opponent.

Next, Masters which won a game will be banned for the rest of the matchup. If you won a game with Settsu for instance, you cannot use her again during the same matchup. This, however, does not affect the decks.

Now, let's come to the Masters & Mercenaries part. Each Master got assigned 5 cards. These 5 cards can only be used with the specific Master. However, you don't have to use these cards! Mercenary cards are available to all Masters. And like mentioned before, you could build a deck from Mercenary cards only! Here's an overview of all the Master cards and the Mercenaries!

To make it easier for you to check if a specific decklist complies with the rules, Omicron made a little tool:

Please note, that you are allowed to edit your decklists during the whole tournament and matchups. Wild cards are banned as usual and you're limited by the 4 Masters you chose while you signed up!

Speaking of signing up... besides competing for honor & glory, there's a $225 prize pool split amongst the Top4 of the tournament! Choose your Masters, copy your Steam profile link and sign up today!

Questions, questions and more questions

We do receive a lot of questions from you. Late 2017, we decided to introduce a format called Ask the Dwarves. That format simply makes it so, that you can send questions to Erythais (on Discord) or if you prefer emails. Questions asked that way will be gathered and 3-4 randomly chosen questions will be answered in our Friday blog posts. All other questions will be answered as well, of course, but not here on the blog ;)

This week, questions were again about the upcoming changes to the Expeditions. These questions were more or less the same questions we saw a week ago, so instead of answering them one by one, we will give you another overview of the upcoming changes:
  • Supplies will be removed
  • Relics will be removed
  • Premium Upgrade changes to Gold again
  • Gold is back as a reward
  • Daily Quest will reward Gold again
  • Movement in the Expeditions will be free
  • Expeditions map size will be reduced by roughly 2/3
  • Might can only be acquired by overcoming online challenges. These challenges will contain optional objectives like "Kill 10 minions before they reach your side of the arena".
  • Completing a challenge removes the encounter and rewards you with Might. Important note: You don't have to win the battle, but reach the objective. Progression is possible without winning.
  • PvE encounters are not gone. But they are fewer than before and will test your might
  • Rewards are gone from the map. Beat the last boss to claim your rewards
  • You can only get rewarded once per Expedition
  • Daily income for players stays the same
  • Free Expeditions will be released periodically
Additionally, your saved Supplies and Relics will be reimbursed. They will be converted to Gold as follows:
  • Supplies will be converted by 1:0.3. Every Supply is worth 0.3 Gold.
  • Relics will be converted by 1:50. Every Relic is worth 50 Gold.
By the way, here's a little picture from the new expeditions:

Please note, that this screenshot does not show the final version! But you can see the new quest givers for the challenges as well as Might pillars being blocked behind challenges. Supplies, Local Supplies, and Relics are already removed, which makes it so that Stormbringer can move around totally free and unlimited by any resource. For a bigger version of that screenshot, here you go!


That's all, Masters! Please make sure to look out for our Monday blog post, when we discuss the upcoming changes to the Premium Upgrade and don't forget to train your skills on the flying arenas and participate in the next King Puff Cup 16!

Cheers from BetaDwarf