Monday, December 4, 2017

Minion Master's Monday

Monday. The weekend is gone, work's waiting and generally, it feels Winter. At least here! The perfect time of the year to stay at home after work and spend some time with the family, friends and enjoy the Frostival in the Eternal Woods or the Cursed Valley! On Friday, December 8th at 10am CET, there's the next gift waiting for you. It all comes down to Winter and Bones...

King Puff wanted team battles

And whenever King Puff wants something, he gets it. We don't know about you, but King Puff Cup 13 was a huge tournament this weekend. 23 teams were battling on the flying arenas for honor, glory and a $225 prize pool sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment.

The stream on Sunday was hosted and casted by everyone's favorite - and this time sick - Dipshit, joined by The Corpse, The Robot, the many names Sinilil. We saw the final stage casted live on Twitch and it was amazing. Close to the grand finals, we even watched a revenge!

VideoMANIAC (Videogamer77 & PakoMANIAC) beat Rushgriptor (RushSecond & Zgriptor) in the second round of the winners bracket. Not without consequences! In the final round of the losers bracket both teams met each other again, this time with Rushgriptor as the winners. The grand finals were as close as they could be with !sr mimimi (Vango & Some Boxes) against Rushgriptor. After 5 games, !sr mimimi led 3:2 and got the first place in King Puff Cup 13. RushSecond rushed second together with Zgriptor and Videogamer77 & PakoMANIAC are still waiting for a Prowler buff, this time on the 3rd place.

Congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to everyone organizing, participating and watching! We can't wait for King Puff Cup 14! Did you miss the stream yesterday? Here you go for the VOD!

Dwarves in the Winter

Well, at least in the office is heated. First of all, we want to clear something up: last Friday we announced to present the winner of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest together with our Wednesday patch. This is no longer true, since there will be no Wednesday patch this week. We're currently working on bigger reworks, the third Expedition, the necessary Spectator mode, an overhauled UI 2.0, other cool content and Quality of Life improvements as well as bug fixes. Especially features like Spectator mode and a new UI are longer tasks we cannot distribute on a week to week basis and since you're covered with gifts, we decided to not patch Minion Masters this Wednesday.

Minion Masters Card Design Contest

Nonetheless, we announced to present the winner on Wednesday. And we will do so! Yes, you heard that right: the winner of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor will be presented on Steam! And you still have some time to choose your favorite card out of the 9 finalists.

The voting will be closed on Tuesday, December 5th at 10am CET! So better make sure to vote as soon as possible. Here you go for the poll!

Before we come to an end for this Monday blog post, we want to remind you to contact Erythais on Discord of via Email ( for the Deck of the Week presented on Friday! Send him your deck list, at least 3 replays against different opponents in 1vs1 and a brief explanation, why you think this deck deserves the presentation!

With that being said, have an amazing week on the flying arenas everybody and cheers from BetaDwarf!