Monday, October 16, 2017

Minion Master's Monday

Another Monday, another exciting week awaits us. Well, to be honest, it’s another exciting two weeks. Eventober started out with huge announcements, the kick off of the 2nd King Puff Cup Season, Kripparrian streaming Minion Masters and BetaDwarf presenting The Master’s Challenge. Our team presented a first version of Expeditions, introduced Scott to you and is currently working on new biomes and new factions for Expeditions.

Latest events and implementations doubled up the player numbers! Masters from all over the universe joined the battles on the flying arenas. Let’s see how new Armies of Minions arise and old ones fall.

Balance is always a huge topic and we’re aware of your concerns. Changes are already in the pipeline, as well as ‘Quality of Life’ improvements and additional features. By the way: Did you know that we’re working on a Spectator mode? Yes! Watching other matches live and watching live broadcastings on stream will become a thing in Minion Masters!

We're also looking into several reworks. Right now, we don't want to share details on that, but we want to let you know that things will change.

Halloween is also around the corner and we want to make sure that you’ll be ready for some visual changes! No, it’s not only about pumpkins and spooky decorations ;)

Eventober - Competitive Minion Masters x3

Competitively, things are stepping up. On the following two weekends we have the 2nd tournament of the King Puff Cup Season 2 and The Master’s Challenge. And don't forget about the ESL! Concerning this matter, we want to let you know that we’re watching the numbers of participants closely. While the voting is one of the core measurements for us (because it reflects the community sentiment towards the ESL Go4 Series before or after release), we have to make sure that there’ll be enough participants on a weekly basis. Researches showed, that other games have somewhere between 32 and 64+ regular participants. We’re aiming for similar numbers, so make sure to get your Minion Army ready and participate! Lately, we heard that The Master’s Challenge has 1000 reasons to participate. Might be exaggerated, but Puffs always speak the truth, right? That being said, let’s have a look at the upcoming King Puff Cup.

The 2nd tournament of the King Puff Cup Season 2 will be played 1vs1. FFA and Dipshit plan to run two stages: Group and Final stage. 8 players will advance from the group stage into the final stage to battle for the 1st place. Furthermore, participants need to plan ahead, because the following cards will be banned:

  • Illusory Cleaver
  • Scrat Pack
  • Scrat Horde
  • Spearthrowers

Changing decks and Masters between games is allowed, as long as these 4 cards are not used. This tournament will be played on Saturday, October 21st at 15:00 CEST. The official announcement and sign up information can be found here. We’re looking forward to an exciting first 1vs1 King Puff Cup!

We announced The Master’s Challenge several times now. It’s a 1vs1 Grandmaster only tournament, that comes with the incentive of a $1000 prize pool split amongst the Top8 players. We currently plan to run a similar tournament format like the King Puff Invitational (group stage -> main stage). However, this is not set in stone, yet. We will announce the tournament format as well as any changes regarding the rule set next week. As of right now, participants will be allowed to use all cards and Masters. The official announcement and sign up can be found here.

Last but not least we want to announce the Monday Night Masters today at 18:00 CEST live on Twitch! PalaceOfDreams and Sinilil will be your broadcasters, Salbei22 your host. Make sure to watch matches like Videogamer77 vs. Memfisto, RushSecond vs. SomeBoxes and many more.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, October 13, 2017

Community Happenings - Bright look-out

This picture was taken on Wednesday at our office. Happy developers after receiving headsets from SteelSeries. Hopefully, these guys will be more efficient, now that they don't need to move from desk to desk in order to talk to their colleagues. But that's not what we want to talk about. If one doesn't know who these people are, one might think: "They are happy and enjoy their time." But more important: This is a picture of a happy community.

Community Happenings

Another exciting week ends. October - I mean - Eventober has just begun, but is already everyone's favorite. If we had to choose the biggest happening this week, our votes would clearly go to Kripparian. We want to thank Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan again for his effort and time invested to promote Minion Masters on three streams and in a YouTube video! We're also proud to tell you, that we managed to get roughly 100% more players, to date. Definitely worth a mention!

If you missed Kripparrians video, here you go:

Besides that big name within the Twitch and YouTube community, we want to shout-out 'Thank you' to all our regular streamer! You guys are amazing and we appreciate your support in spreading the word by streaming the game.

There's two more things we want to point out from this week. The first thing is The Master's Challenge. A 1vs1 Grandmaster only tournament that comes with an incentive of $1000 split amongst the Top8 participants. This tournament is not about providing prize money, only. It's not about a huge prize pool during Early Access. The Master's Challenge is also a trial run for more regular events presented by BetaDwarf. Furthermore, this tournament is important for us to evaluate possible numbers of participants for the ESL Go4 Series. We're also closely watching the numbers of participants for the King Puff Cup and the development of the Monday Night Masters.

The second thing is something most of you might already know. fdmfdm is one of our developers and a well known person in our community. He's also owner of a unique hashtag called #blamefdm. While we don't want to encourage you to blame him, we want to show you guys, that we listen to our community:

Taken from our office door

Forced To Talk

We mentioned in our post last Friday, that we'll present an interview with Dipshit. So here it goes!

Erythais: Hi Dipshit, nice to have you! Even though the vast majority of our community already knows you, can  you please introduce yourself? Mainly for the new players.

Dipshit: Greetings readers, I am everyone’s favorite Dipshit. I run the community discord and am half the leadership of the King Puff Cup tournament scene. I have been playing the game since December 3rd and am a Grandmaster level player. I’m considered to be one of the community filters for Betadwarf as well.

Erythais: You’re very active in the community indeed and part of the King Puff Cup staff. Where does this level of engagement come from?

Dipshit: Let’s call it passion. I believe this game has the ability to make it big and I try to help out where I can. I try not to let other people down, so I end up getting really involved in everything I touch. In the case of when the community discord was first founded, I was just a mod, but I was so active that I ended up as the head admin. And for the King Puff Cup, I wasn’t truly involved until the 3rd one when I was a commentator. And it was in July that I was moved up to the ranks where I am now.

Erythais: Let's talk about Minion Masters. The game is updated regularly. New features, new content, balance changes and so on. How do you feel about the current state of Minion Masters?

Dipshit: I believe it’s in the best state it has been in thus far. Many decks are technically viable all the way up until Grandmaster and it’s only when you’re facing down the best of the best that you honestly need the best decks in order to compete. I feel it’s a bit too easy to rank up these days, but I know that’s also been an issue of our less than stellar player count. But the solution to that, is that everyone just needs to help give their friends and communities a push towards our game. Once people see that the game is more than just simply a “Clash Royale” clone, they tend to become hooked if the genre is their type of game.

Erythais: We announced our aim to become an eSports title. Currently, we have the King Puff Cup, Monday Night Masters and The Master’s Challenge as main events. How do you feel about Minion Masters’  competitive development and the community?

Dipshit: I find it to be quite ambitious considering the size of both the community and the development team. However, it’s working. We have ESL looking at us and just waiting for us to give them the thumbs up to get started. All this game needs is a little bit more popularity and then it should cause a chain reaction. Having said that, there are still a few features that the game needs to truly ascend to the esports, things like a spectator mode and in-game tournament tracking. Of these, I know spectator mode is on the horizon.

As for the community, just about everyone that is active has participated in the tournament scene at one point or another. Especially at the higher tiers. So I believe it’s safe to say that the community really wants the game to be as competitive as much as we’re pushing for it. I mean, back during the first season of the King Puff Cup, the concurrent player count for the game was hovering around 160-230 and during that, we had over 80 unique participants show up to our tournaments to battle it out. And I find that rather fascinating. Normally the tournament scene for a game is some small niche of 1% or less, but we see upwards of half our community participating.

Erythais: We're absolutely surprised by the engagement of our community, as well. Let's come to the last question: Where do you see Minion Masters in 2 years?

Dipshit: Well next year the game will officially release and we’ll have the ESL scene running by then as well. So in 2 years time, I imagine this game has the potential to be the most popular card game based e-sport. It’s just a matter of getting the word out. 2 years might be too short to overcome a giant like Hearthstone, but the potential is definitely there.

Erythais: Thank you for your kind words and for the interview. Leave some shout-outs if you want to.

Dipshit: Sure I can do that. My first big shout-out is going to go to Betadwarf’s team. They’re one of, if not thee best development teams that I’ve interacted with in all my years. Not only do they actually listen to our feedback and actively engage the community on a daily basis in our discord, but they also sponsor all our King Puff Cups.

My other big shout out goes to 3FFA. Without him, the KPC wouldn’t be nearly as big as it is now and without his push, I wouldn’t be involved with it either I believe. It may very well have died off like the first tournament scene did way back in January. He also helps to keep me on track with day-to-day tasks with the KPC.


We don't know about you, but we feel like that's the perfect ending for this Fridays post. Dipshit is one of our most active members, indeed. But we want to thank our community as a whole for supporting Minion Masters in many different ways and giving us the opportunity to look like in the picture at the start of this post. Let's share that happiness with more people!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, October 9, 2017

Minion Masters' Monday

Monday morning. What an exciting weekend! Yes, it feels bad to see the weekend is over, but we had a blast watching the King Puff Cup 2vs2 tournament yesterday. Here’s the VOD, if you missed it. Congratulations to the 3rd place Vango & snowpwn, the 2nd place Cole420 & Terroriza and the winning team EdelweiƟ & RushSecond! Amazing tournament, amazing matches and a big thanks to the KPC staff.

Well, Monday mornings aren’t always bad, especially when the following week comes with a lot of excitement. We have the Monday Night Masters live on Twitch, today. We were watching Kripparrian earlier this morning. Wednesday is patch day! And on Friday, we have an interview with Dipshit about the state of Minion Masters and its competitive scene.

A Challenge For True Masters

But for now, let’s talk about last Fridays huge announcement: The Master’s Challenge. BetaDwarf presents their first tournament in cooperation with the King Puff Cup staff. The Master’s Challenge is a 1vs1 Grandmaster only tournament. Participants compete against each other for the prize pool of $1000. In order to participate, players need to reach Grandmaster in Minion Masters' 1vs1 October Season (2vs2 Solo Queue and Premade Queue do NOT count). The sign-up process is as follows:

    • Open an account on Challonge and set your in-game avatar as the profile picture
    • Contact Thomas alias Erythais (our Community Manager) via Discord or Email ( with your Steam ID and your Challonge username
    • After we checked your rank, you’ll get an invitation to The Master’s Challenge

The tournament is expected to start on October 28th at 3pm CET. The prize pool of $1000 will be distributed across the Top8 players! Details like Tournament format, special rules and so on are to be announced and largely based on the number of participants. So play Minion Masters, reach Grandmaster and sign up! C-SAR expects 40 participants easily, but we can top that, right?

The Master’s Challenge is also a trial run for a possible ESL Go4 Series and more regular events presented by BetaDwarf Entertainment.

Behind The Dwarves… ehh, Scenes

So, what are we working on right now? Listing everything would spoil too much, that’s why we want to talk about the most important things:

We’re still working on the Expeditions. With the event for Kripparrian implemented with Update 46, we can’t wait to finish the new biomes and the Drone faction. After all, it’s time to make your hard earned Relics worth it, right? We also have some cool improvements for Expeditions in the pipeline. Furthermore, we want to talk about Expeditions a bit, because we recognized some issues with their perception. Expeditions are not meant as a game mode on their own. Expeditions are meant as something you can come back to over and over again, whenever you want to. The Supplies system is meant to be interactive with 1vs1, 2vs2 and Draft. That’s why you see yourself running out of Supplies from time to time. In the end, Minion Masters is PvP-focused.

Our crew is looking into Spectator mode, also. We cannot promise anything right now, but we hope to present such a feature soon and enable live broadcastings of tournaments.

Halloween is around the corner. While new biomes with shadows and demons are creepy enough, we feel like we need something special for you. So stay tuned ;)

Balance is an ongoing process. We feel you and watch your discussions closely. That’s why we’re working on several issues. Polishing the placement mechanics around the nook near the master is one of them, as well as several mana costs. Some things require bigger reworks and therefore take more time, but we’ll try to address several issues as soon as possible. We also want to shout-out a big ‘Thank you’ to all our dedicated theory crafters over at the Steam boards. We appreciate your effort very much!

Like we said earlier, there’s much more in the pipeline. Big changes, reworks, new features, additional content and so on. Be patient, we will let you know.

Now, at the end of this Monday post, we want to remind you to watch the Monday Night Masters’ games at 6pm CEST live on Twitch. PalaceOfDreams and Sinilil will be your casters, Salbei22 your host. Enjoy your stay and the high level gameplay!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Community Happenings – A Challenge For The True Masters

Minion Masters!

Welcome to the ‘Community Happenings’. This is our first Friday post with this new topic and we feel like there’s more to discuss than one can fit in one post. Well, October turned out to be a real busy month. We have so many things going on at the same time:
  • King Puff 2vs2 Cup
  • Monday Night Masters
  • Kripparrian streaming Minion Masters live on Twitch
  • Expeditions with a new card obtainable
  • Revive of our Subreddit
  • The Master’s Challenge
October really turned into Eventober! So, let’s talk about these topics from top to bottom.

King Puff Cup & Monday Night Masters

We don’t need to explain the King Puff Cup, do we? Tomorrow, FFA, Dipshit and their crew kick off the 2nd Season of our well known Community Cup Series. They’ll start with a 2vs2 team battle tournament with a prize pool of 4,000 Rubies & 60,000 Gold. The broadcast for this event will happen Sunday at 19:00 CEST live on Twitch.

Monday Night Masters is a project of Salbei22 & Sinilil. They have planned a Swiss Style 1vs1 League with 18 participants playing against each other over the duration of 5 weeks. At the end of that 5 week period, the best 4 players will compete in a Double Elimination Playoff. The first broadcast of the weekly games can be watched live on Twitch on Monday 9th at 18:00 CEST.

Kripparrian – The Sensitive Savage

Yesterday, we had a real big name streaming Minion Masters: Kripparrian. The former well known top player of World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Path of Exile and current Hearthstone player was streaming his first steps as a new Minion Master. To date, he didn’t convince his Sensitive Savage to join the Kripp Army. Maybe he will manage to do so on his next stream live on Twitch on Saturday.

Don’t know what the Sensitive Savage is? Well, here’s a short introduction of Scott:

Rumours are that a unique minion roams through the Eternal Woods. A furious fighter of fierce ferocity, hailing from the Highlands in the north. It was told, that Masters frantically search the lands for this minion. But nobody was able to acquire his strength, yet. The savage carries a secret and the trailblazers who have seen him speak in riddles: "Only those with a good shoulder will convince the savage to join them".

Kripparrian streaming Minion Masters is a huge thing by itself. But we also thought about our Community. Therefore, we changed the way ‘Watch & Win’ works: instead of a free key for Minion Masters, streamers can now win Supplies Codes for their audience. Just watch Minion Masters streams and win free supplies for your expeditions!

Want to surprise others with a free copy of Minion Masters? Well, here you go!

Official Minion Masters Subreddit

There’s a lot of discussion happening about Reddit, lately. We want to bring our Official Subreddit back to life and need your help, Masters! Some of you don’t like Reddit, some just want a simple forum, others enjoy the platforms for discussion as they are (Steam Community Hub & Community Discord). Well, we’re happy that these platforms are used so much, but Reddit is another platform we want to focus on. That doesn’t mean, that we’re aiming to switch everything over to the Subreddit! We encourage you to discuss with each other whatever platform you like the most. Reddit is just so well known amongst gamers, that we feel it’s worth it to bring the Subreddit back to life.

If you don’t like Reddit, we will not force you to use it. But we would like your help nonetheless even if it is just a comment every now and then. The vast majority of gamers seem to follow the known names of a given scene, the so called Community Influencers & Leaders. But not only the big names could make some impact, every single user posting and commenting on our Subreddit makes it more findable via the Reddit Mainpage and Google. Just head over there once in a while, leave your vote on some posts and comment or share a cool video clip! That’s all it takes, really.

The Master’s Challenge

We announced a new challenge for you on Wednesday together with Update 46. It’s not a new boss in the expeditions and not just another competition. Not a new game mode, not a new Master (sorry for that). It’s just the biggest competitive tournament ever happening to Minion Masters since its Early Access! We’re proud to present you


From today onwards, you can sign up! But there’s one restriction: Only Grandmasters of the current season are allowed to compete against the very best players for a whopping $1,000 prize pool. Not enough incentive to participate? Okay… how about that:
  • The Master’s Challenge at the end of the month is a trial run for more regular tournaments from BetaDwarf
  • The Master’s Challenge is also a trial run for something bigger
  • Furthermore, The Master’s Challenge is a trial run for a possible ESL Go4 Series. We need to make sure that the number of participants is as high as possible, to make an ESL Go4 Series worth it! Therefore, we test the activity and interest of our players and watch the numbers of participants for the King Puff Cups, Monday Night Masters and The Master’s Challenge, closely. We will get 40+ participants easily, won’t we? No problem with an amazing community!
Now, that you know you are competing for more than $1,000, here’s everything you need to know:
  • The Master’s Challenge is a 1vs1 Tournament
  • Only Grandmasters of the October Season (1vs1) are allowed (2vs2 Solo Q or Premade does NOT count)
  • The tournament is expected to start on October 28th
  • Details like Tournament Mode, special rules and exact times are to be announced and largely based on the number of participants. So play Minion Masters, reach Grandmaster and sign up!
The sign up process is a little more complicated than you might know from the King Puff Cups, though. Since we don’t have a Tournament feature in-game yet, we have to make sure, that only Grandmasters are able to participate. Therefore, you have to do the following steps if you want to compete:
  1. Open an account on Challonge and set your in-game avatar as the profile picture
  2. Send Thomas alias Erythais (our Community Manager) an Email ( with your Steam ID and your Challonge username. You can also message him on the Community Discord
  3. We will check every Steam ID for the current rank
  4. If you have reached Grandmaster in 1vs1 Ranked October Season, we will send you an invitation to the tournament
As easy (and complicated) as that. The reason for the Challonge account is simple, by the way: We want to have the matchups looking good with avatars instead of names only ;)

Community Happenings

We’re sorry that this post isn’t only about you. But as it stands, we have to announce so many new things on a high frequency, that we needed that space. To make up for that, we will present an interview with Dipshit in our next weeks Community Happenings on the state of Minion Masters and its competitive scene. Don’t miss that!

For now, we advise you to play Minion Masters and reach Grandmaster fast! We want to see you compete in The Master’s Challenge.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, October 2, 2017

Kripparrians Minions – Forced to Stream

Some days are special. Do you know that feeling? When you wake up in the morning, grab some coffee and all of a sudden, you feel pretty darn good. Not because of the coffee, but because of the day itself. Well, we had that feeling today. And there’s a good reason for that. Before we go into more detail, let us tell you a little story.

A Streamer Was Born

Octavian Morosan was a known World of Warcraft player. He was not even a streamer, but he got popular within the World of Warcraft scene. He completed the WoW Ironman Challenge as the first person, had a position in a leading raiding guild called Exodus and was recognized as a competitor for the top Hunter DPS. Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan started his career on screen with Youtube videos. He made World of Warcraft Tutorials.

When Diablo III finally got released, Kripparrian produced in-depth videos about the Diablo III mechanics. He became more famous. Together with his “Team NoLife” teammate Krippi, he also gained fame for getting the world first Hardcore Diablo kill on Inferno difficulty. This time, live on Twitch.

After Diablo III, Kripparrian started playing Path of Exile. Another success story. Kripparrian became the Season 1 Champion after winning the most race points in Path of Exile's Hardcore Race Series. His presence in the Path of Exile community was so beneficial to the game's growth, that he gained special thanks from the developers (Grinding Gear Games) in the end credits!

Finally, Kripparrian obtained a Hearthstone beta key. That caused a huge spike in popularity and competitive growth, coming close to winning his first ever live tournament in the 2013 BlizzCon Innkeeper's Invitational and participating in the prestigious tournament ESGN Fight Night both as a player and a caster.

True Masters are Forced to Stream

Today, we want to announce Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan. Yes! Kripparrian, the former top player of World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Path of Exile will stream Minion Masters. So far, Kripparrian plans to stream on October 5th, 7th and 9th.

We don’t know about you, but for us, this October truly turned into “Eventober”. We have the King Puff 2vs2 Cup coming Saturday, October 7th. The Monday Night Masters League starts today and the first games will be broadcasted on Monday, October 9th. Here's the VOD of the live introduction! At the end of the month, we have a big Grandmaster Tournament with a serious incentive to participate. Also the voting for the ESL Go4 Series is still ongoing. Right here, we want to shout-out thanks to all of you! Our community, your effort, loyalty and feedback is the true success story of Minion Masters. And now, we take it to the next level.

Experience Kripparrians Minions

Now that you know who Kripparrian is and that he’ll stream Minion Masters, we want to make sure that you don’t miss a single minute. Therefore, we highly recommend you to follow Kripparrian on Twitter, Twitch and subscribe to his YouTube Channel. He’s usually streaming at 11pm EDT / 5am CEST, so it can be a little late (or early, if you want so) for Europeans. But we’re pretty sure you can catch him streaming and by following him via social media, you’ll get noticed when he goes live. He also uploads to YouTube on a daily basis.

Let's talk about some other things!

Furthermore, we’re still working on the Expeditions. Actually, we're preparing an event for the start of Kripparrians stream. That entails a new card you can obtain through the expeditions. Maybe, you will meet Scott very soon. Our art team is working hard on new biomes. They are working with shadows and demons… creepy. Oh, and did we mention the new faction? Well, now we did. It’s all about the drones…

Our latest balance changes involved Bridge Shrines. We’re aware, that the possibilities to place them can prevent interaction. Therefore, we’re working on polishing the placement mechanics around the nook near the master.

We have some more in the pipeline for you, but we don’t want to spoiler everything right now. Just keep the term “Eventober” in mind. For now, it might be worth to play some Minion Masters, especially 2vs2 with a friend. Because the King Puff Cup is just around the corner.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Two Times More BetaDwarf Per Week

Minion Masters!
What an exciting week. We announced eSports and a related voting for the ESL Go4 Series. We have the 2nd Season of the King Puff Cup starting on October 7th. Make sure you sign up in time!
Furthermore, we have the Monday Night Masters League starting on October 2nd. All 18 slots are filled already, but you should definitely read the official announcement.

Yesterday, Update 45 hit and brought us Expeditions and balance changes. Here's an interesting round table that happened yesterday. Videogamer77, Eazotop, Sinilil and Salbei22 were discussing all the changes and announcements for you.

Let's talk about more BetaDwarf

We want to introduce you to a new schedule on our blog. From now on, we will post two times a week on Monday and Friday. Every Monday, we want to give you and the whole community a brief overview of what is happening and what is about to come. On Friday, we will cover the “Community Happenings”. We will go into more detail a little bit later.

We want you to know!

First, let’s talk about the Monday posts. What can you expect? Well, we aim to be more transparent, more authentic, more accessible. As a brand, as a company, as developers. In order to do so, we want to share brief insights with you as well as outlooks for our games (mainly Minion Masters, though). Monday posts will contain many information about what we're planning, a bit of talk about what’s next and many things for you to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. We will share our success and struggle with you! We want you to know what's going on.

But that’s not all. Furthermore, we will talk about the competitive aspects of Minion Masters. More so than before. We announced our goal to become an eSports title. A huge part of that is balancing, matchmaking, the ranking system and new features needed, in order to improve gameplay and viewability. Another part is promoting the game, enhancing the numbers of players and scaling up tournaments through active and passive support. In order to reach our goal, we feel that there’s a lot to talk about with you.

Forced to be public!

Friday is reserved for a whole other topic. One could say that Friday posts are all about you: our community! We will cover "Community Happenings" we spotted during the week. This will entail community produced content, talks about the current rankings, statistics, funny moments within the community and a special called “Special Guests”. Yes! Some Fridays, we’ll introduce a special guest to you. Some might be promoters or casters, some are streamers, others regular players just like you. In the end, they are all part of our community. Stay tuned and watch out for our Friday posts!

You’re also able to suggest content for the weekly Community Happenings via the Community Discord or email. Thomas alias Erythais, our Community Manager, will be more than happy to try to integrate them. Besides the two weekly posts, we will announce updates and keep communicating important news to you, of course.

That’s all, Minion Masters. Back to the flying arenas now, C-SAR wants some entertainment! Oh and by the way, we want some entertainment, too. We highly encourage you to sign up for the upcoming 2vs2 King Puff Cup! So grab a friend, sign up and train your Minion Armies.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Minions of Masters, Masters of... Esports?

Minion Masters!

You fought devastating battles against countless opponents. You mastered your minion armies on the flying arenas, handled assassins, snipers and living statues. Prowlers were unleashed, fireballs thrown, rampage done. Even undead skeletons and creatures like golems couldn’t stop you. But we think it’s time for a new challenge. Bigger, harder and way more competitive: eSports.

Minion Masters Goes Competitive

We want to introduce you to some plans we had recently. Plans, that turned out to be very interesting for all of us. We had some talks to several community members and one thing came up every now and then again: Minion Masters has the potential to become an eSports title. We checked, we discussed, we educated ourselves and finally gave keys to some people who work in the eSports scene professionally: members of the Project & Community Management at the Electronic Sports League, ESL.

When we finally got feedback, we were overwhelmed. The ESL professionals gave Minion Masters green light to be played besides known and popular titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and many more. We have the opportunity to present Minion Masters in the ESL Go4 Series. That series contains 4 weekly cups with a final cup at the end of each month. Professionally hosted and executed by the ESL.

„When does it start? Can’t wait to unleash my competitive minion army!“

In order to start the ESL Go4 Series, we want to have your opinion first! In the end, it’s you – our community – who decides how successful Minion Masters can become as an eSport. Therefore, we have set up a simple poll. The question is:

“Do you want an ESL Go4 Series before or after release?”

We have to ask you, because competitive Minion Masters at the Electronic Sports League will only be effective and meaningful, if there are enough players, who compete against each other. Events at the ESL are public and it should be our common goal to present Minion Masters and its amazing community in the best manner we can, with the highest competing player count we can. So, we should easily reach 500 votes to do it before release, right?

Here’s the link to the poll!

Voting will last for 4 weeks and we will publish the results afterwards. In case we cannot make it, yet, we will start another vote later this year.

King Puff and his fabulous competition

There’s more in the pipeline regarding Minion Masters as a competitive game. Most of you know Dipshit & FFA. And, while this is not about them only, we want to shout-out special thanks to them and the whole King Puff Cup crew for supporting Minion Masters and it’s early tournament scene. You guys are amazing! What’s even more amazing: The King Puff Cup returns! Here’s everything you need to know right now:
Tournament date: Saturday, October 7th, 15:00 CEST. The tournament will go on until every match is played.
Format: Single Elimination (Double Elimination will be played if there’s 16 teams or less)
Prize pool: There's a prize pool of 4,000 Rubies & 60,000 Gold in total split amongst the best 3 teams.

Please watch the Steam Community Hub for additional information, which will be announced in the next few days. And also bookmark our official Subreddit for regular information about Minion Masters, the competitive scene and to discuss with other players:

Now, we advise you to play some Minion Masters – because we need you to get ready for the next mission!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!