Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Discord Store officially launched!

Minion Masters!

A while ago we announced our close relationship with Discord. Part of the said announcement was that Discord is going to release an own game store, kinda similar to Steam. What shall we say? Other than...

Minion Masters is now officially available on the Discord Store!

And the price is: for free! Discord launched their store officially today and we are part of the hype. Wanna check out our official Discord store page? Here you go, Masters!

Join our official Discord server, invite your friends to play the game with you (we have a sweet referring system, by the way) & share the hype!

On a side note: while we can only vaguely mention it, we have something special going on that involves this key: wUmpUs42isN0tGr33n

Celebrate Volco's Birthday!

It's not enough to have all the hype going on regarding the Discord store launch. We have a special code to share with you, Masters! Volco, one of our playable Masters in Minion Masters, celebrates his birthday, and you can claim him + 3 Power Tokens for free via this code:


How to use it? Simply enter the code in the in-game shop under "Redeem Code" in the top right.

The Dwarves live on Twitch!

We also have to share the announcement, that we will once again stream on Thursday, this week. We'd like to invite all of you to join the stream on Thursday, October 18th at 18:00 UTC. If you haven't already, follow the official Minion Masters Twitch channel today to not miss out even a single minute!

Neverending hype: King Puff Cup 26 announced!

FFA announced the start of King Puff Cup Season 4 for Saturday, October 27th at 16:00 UTC! The new King Puff Cup Season will be sponsored by AMD, SteelSeries & BetaDwarf Entertainment. Here's the schedule of tournaments for the upcoming circuit:

  • October 27th
  • November 17th
  • December 8th
  • January 5th
  • January 26th
  • February 16th
  • March 9th
  • March 30th
  • April 20th - King Puff Qualifiers
  • April 27th - King Puff Invitational

The King Puff Cup will use a brand new tournament system called "Toornament" & you can find a short version of the rules plus a rulebook right over here. Hint: click the image above with the button reading "Learn More" to visit the brand new website featuring the biggest tournament circuit in Minion Masters.

Please note that the prizes are still to be announced. More information on that subject will follow soon!


That's all for today, Masters! Enjoy your time on the flying arenas & have good luck on your way to glory on the battlefields.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, October 5, 2018

Community Happenings - Battle Pass Season 3 coming soon!

Minion Masters!

We had an amazing stream yesterday thanks to you. So much hype, so much pleasant anticipation, even That Sprite & Erythais got hyped in the process! Some called the upcoming Battle Pass and related changes mental, others madness, most preferred to stick to PogChamp. For all of you unable to catch the stream live, here's the VOD, the Guardians of the Crystal Spire reveal trailer & in the following a write-up of the most important points.

Battle Pass Season 3 - Guardians of the Crystal Spire starts soon!

Yes, Guardians of the Crystal Spire is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th! If everything goes to plan we will shut down the live servers at 08:00 UTC on Tuesday morning to start deploying Update 78 [insert favorite hype emote]

You may ask yourself what exactly changes with the new Battle Pass Season and before we jump right into the amazing new changes, here are two very important points to remember:
  • Existing Season Cards will be available via normal Power Tokens and their crafting costs will get normalized
  • Season Tokens you still haven't opened will get transformed into Power Tokens
Now, Guardians of the Crystal Spire comes with several changes to the Battle Pass itself. In general, we wanted to make sure people could continue to earn more rewards for a longer time. More rewards is always amazing, thus adding more tiers made sense. There will be more rewards in the Battle Pass, split out across 30 extra tiers from 70 to 100! And the best thing is: you get all this extra value for the same price, as the price for the Battle Pass remains at 1.500 Rubies or $10. The price for single tiers remains just as unchanged.

Now, yes. That means you'll have to play a little more, but progressing through the Battle Pass will be easier than ever before:
  • We will add an additional 200 Season bonus Glory for all players
  • We will introduce a Season start quest - 15 wins for 4 Battle Pass tiers
  • We will introduce a repeating weekly quest - 10 wins for 2 Battle Pass tiers
These changes will make it essentially so that you only have to complete 76 out of 100 tiers. With 76 tiers to complete, you’ll need a total of 53,200 XP per day, while the Battle Chest will already cover 44,550 XP. This is calculated with a total Glory of 1,485. Please note that Season bonuses are not considered here, so the total Battle Pass XP of the Battle Chest is even higher.

We will also add the following goodies to the Battle Pass:
  • 6 new player avatars
  • 5 times 120 Shards
  • New Emotes
  • New Skins (we'll replace a rare skin with a supreme skin)
  • More Season Tokens and other rewards in general
In order to not have empty spots, 150 Gold will be added on extended tiers for the Battle Pass. Profile XP in the free Pass has been doubled. Please keep in mind that extended tiers are meant to be less rewarding than the first 100 tiers.

We know, you wanna see the new cards, already! Now, here's a quick look at what will come with Guardians of the Crystal Spire:

We'd planned to show all the emotes & skins, in today's blog post, but then, we have a Battle Pass Hype website for a reason., right? Anyway, this beauty right here had to make its way in. Say "Hi" to Archmage Milloween:


Wow, that's some amazing changes coming with Guardians of the Crystal Spire. But Update 78 comes with more changes! We will not only start the new Battle Pass Season, but we'll also introduce a special event [insert your favorite surprise emote here] & balance changes:
  • Screaming Scrat
    • Mana cost down from 2 to 1
Screaming Scrat was ultimately too hard to “get value” from at 2 mana, even with its unique taunt effect. By reducing it to 1 mana we hope that it relieves the necessity of having to kill enemy units for it to be valuable to you - Making the damage a bonus, rather than a goal
  • Sunburn
    • Mana cost down from 4 to 3
We feel that, for a versatile spell such as Sun Burn, its mana cost ended up being too restrictive to let you effectively choose between its effects without looking towards better options for either of its effects.
  • Propeller Horde
    • Amount of Scrats up from 5 to 6 if no friendly unit with Rage is on the field 
    • 10 to 12 if there is any friendly unit with Rage on the field
Propeller Horde ended up seeing less play than we would have expected, but we don’t necessarily think the card needs a major buff. 1-2 more scrats should hopefully put it in the right place but still be answered by the counters that were holding it back before.
  • Clear Skies
    • Mana cost down from 4 to 3
We initially held this card back as it was rather dangerous to print. It's the first direct master healing, but at its mana cost, it was simply too difficult to fit this into most decks where it could potentially be viable. By reducing the mana the opportunity cost of playing this after gaining an advantage should be lessened.
  • Empowered Soul Stealer
    • Souls gained from friendly minion with Rage up from 3 to 4
    • Thanks to everyone who got involved in the discussion, previously announced at 5 stacks but we decided to scale it back
Empowered Soul Stealer was a very high mana cost conditional card that had some very strong effects, but the amount of mana that needed to be invested in order to get the ball rolling with him was too high for what he offered. This change should make him just a little bit better at the start and justify that investment.
  • Rapid Prowler
    • Now gains Rage & Frenzy if there is a friendly unit with Rage on the field
Frenzy was simply not good enough on a burst damage unit like Prowler to justify trying to play around its condition. This change should hopefully make the card far more appealing.
  • Ravenous Swarmers
    • Now trigger from any spell
It turned out simply too specific to activate for such a low-cost minion. The versatility of Swarmers should stop this change from power creeping the card, but provide a nice option for decks that regularly include spells.
  • Grenadier
    • Mana cost down from 3 to 2
    • Health down from 85 to 60
    • Damage down from 50 to 40
One of the oldest cards in Minion Masters, we’ve tried to buff it over time after it got phased out by better AoE cards like the Flame Imp, but ultimately this was unsuccessful. As such we have decided to redesign it and give it a new purpose as the cheap AoE with a major weakness.
  • Bannerman
    • Mana cost up from 2 to 3
    • Health up from 100 to 150
    • Damage up from 10 to 15
Banner Man at 2 mana was a frustrating card to play against, especially if you relied upon spell removal. In the hands of a good player, you would simply never play removal against him as the mana advantage gained from countering it was too high. With this change, we want to buff the base unit up a little bit as well to provide some defensive value on top of the shielding in general, but make it less of a nuisance.
  • Demon Warrior
    • Base health up from 400 to 450
    • Rest remains unchanged
Our main focus of balance, for now, is the unactivated Demon Warrior. At the moment it feels too weak and hard to get value from when you do play it, even if it’s intended to be hard to pull off. Hopefully, this change can make her less punishing to use and grant her better trades.
  • Stormbringer
    • Basic attack damage down from 40 to 35
It turns out +10 damage can matter a lot when your master has global range. The change ultimately proved to be a little bit too much, so we’re hoping that 35 is the sweet spot since it will still be enough to kill Swarmers


Now, that's all for today, Masters! Don't forget to leave us your feedback on your favorite platform and have a nice weekend.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Minion Master's Tuesday - Dwarf stream, Update 78, and a screaming Scrat

Minion Masters!

We had quite the activity on the official Discord server last Sunday, hadn't we? According to observations we had ~1.500 users last Thursday and peaked at over 8.000 users on Sunday. And to date? At the very moment of this blog post Discord shows whopping 8.922 users! We want to officially thank every single one of you for the massive support & all the kind words about Minion Masters! We are more than glad you like the game & enjoy your time battling on the flying arenas.

One live stream, two Dwarves

One's a professional bug buster, the other guy the community dude. Of course, we are talking about That Sprite & Erythais! This week, our bi-weekly Dwarf stream will happen on Thursday, October 4th at 18:00 UTC which has mainly to do with the new Battle Pass Season 3 - Guardians of the Crystal Spire being scheduled for Monday, October 8th instead of the usual Wednesday. 

The live stream will cover lots of details and information about Update 78, the new Battle Pass, new skins, new emotes & new Season cards! If there's time left after the reveal, we will also go through the other changes coming with Update 78, as well as internal news. Maybe, you even catch some leaks...

In any case, we recommend you to follow our official Twitch channel right away because missing any stream feels bad enough, but there's no excuse to miss a Dwarf stream!

Balance changes someone?

In Update 78, we will introduce balance changes. We're mainly looking at the current Season cards, as they will become available via Power Tokens as soon as the new Battle Pass Season starts on October 8th. The following is just a quick look at some of the changes and - as always - subject to change.

The Screaming Scrat is a little Armored Scrat that taunts all enemy units around (8 Range), has no summoning sickness, enduring enough to start to run immediately towards the enemy tower, and after 5 seconds of doing so it explodes for 100 damage to all nearby ground units. It also screams, maybe that's the reason behind it saw little to no play. Anyway, we will reduce the mana cost of Screaming Scrat from 2 to 1.

The Empowered Soul Stealer is a normal Soul Stealer with Marksmanship (+2 Range), which gives the unit a total range of 10, but makes it so that Stormbringer's Perk 2 doesn't affect the unit. Buffs don't stack. Soul Stealers also build up stacks (we call them souls), reducing the attack cooldown & delay by 20% per kill (10 souls are the maximum).

The Empowered Soul Stealer started his journey with 3 of these stacks if another friendly unit with Rage was already present on the field. We feel like that's not enough incentive to spend 2 more mana compared to the normal Soul Stealer, while also having to fulfill a condition. That's why we will change the souls on summoning if a friendly unit with Rage is present from 3 to 5.

Propeller Horde. A flying Scrat Horde (it's literally Scrats) if a friendly unit with Rage is already on the field. If there is no friendly unit with Rage, only 5 Propeller Scrats are summoned. Now, this card performed well. Well enough that we are confident the original design will perform just as well. We will, therefore, change the count of Propeller Scrats from 5 to 6 (no friendly unit with Rage) & 10 to 12 (friendly unit with Rage), respectively.

Before we come to an end with today's blog post, here's another goodie for you, Masters: we will bring back the little emote box which was accessible on the bottom left of the battlefield, containing all the emotes. That simply means that you will be able to use your 8 favorite emotes via the Emote Wheel accessible by pressing the "Y" key, but also all the emotes via the usual way ;)


That's all for today, Masters! Wait... what? No details about Battle Pass Season 3? Seems like you have to wait for the Dwarf stream on Thursday :P

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, September 28, 2018

Community Happenings - First on Discord?

Minion Masters!

The new Battle Pass Season 3 is around the corner, as we will end the current season one week early. Reason for that decision is the fast approaching Discord launch, where Minion Masters will be "First on Discord" for the fair price of free.

Guardians of the Crystal Spire

While we are still in the process of revealing the upcoming Battle Pass Season 3 - Guardians of the Crystal Spire, the Battle Pass Hype website is already showing first card art & new emotes! We can't go into any more details at this very moment, but we can tell you that we have exciting changes in the pipeline for the upcoming Battle Pass Season 3. 

Stay tuned and watch out for announcements on Discord, Reddit, Steam & the Battle Pass Hype website.

First on Discord for the fair price of FREE

The next indicator of the Discord launch approaching fast is a blog post by Discord, published yesterday. The blog post features games that are part of the "First on Discord" program and Minion Masters is part of it! If we spotted that right, there's even a new trailer ;)

Please note that the Discord launch is not a release for Minion Masters! The game will stay in Early Access until its official release early 2019 on PC & Xbox One.

Exciting weeks ahead!

2018 will be truly legendary and - as it seems - we can safely rename October to Legendober. With the Discord launch approaching, the new Battle Pass Season 3 around the corner (we scheduled the new season to start on October 8th), and lots of exciting new features in the pipeline, we are just as hyped as you are!

Today's blog post was not intended to be very long, but it was intended to contain how grateful we are to get to work with such an amazingly dedicated & engaged community. All that's coming wouldn't be possible without you. Thanks from all the Dwarves for all your support, engagement, dedication and - especially - your patience!

Cheers from BetaDwarf