Thursday, July 19, 2018

Community Happenings - Community-created content

Minion Masters! 

How’s it going with your favorite Master and the respective contestant so far? Even if the standings are not in your favor by now, there’s still plenty of time to turn the tides around. Our Best of House Valor event will end no sooner than Wednesday, July 25th. There’s also a lot of time for you to get ready for another, very well known, upcoming event. Of course, we’re talking about King Puff Cup 24. And since this is a Friday blog post, we spotted some more, very interesting community-created content for you.

All that content... coming from dedicated Masters! Recently, we featured raqyee’s Volco deck guide on our blog. He managed to reach Master with said deck and doubts that his former Apep deck could have achieved that in the same amount of time. Now, raqyee's guide is narrowed down to Volco and said deck. Edelweiss, a well-known community member, chose to go a different route with his Minion Masters Deck Collection.

What Edelweiss presents is a deck collection of popular deck templates you can often spot with slight modifications while playing Minion Masters. His collection as of now does feature 1vs1 decks, only. Edelweiss states in the guide that he will keep the collection updated with "good decks that have been tested."

We love that kind of dedication and engagement and want to say thanks to raqyee and Edelweiss for their time and effort! We also want to thank every other content creator for their time, effort and support!

There's only one thing we have an even closer look at than community-created content: Community-created projects. Zgriptor wants to make "sort of a deck tracker" for Minion Masters. While he isn't a programmer, he's good with numbers, data gathering & statistics, and so he had the idea to do a "manual deck tracker" for Minion Masters. How that works? It's best if he describes it in his own words:
"Hey. So I've had this idea for a while - making a sort of a deck tracker for Minion Masters in order to have some data about winrates based on decks, ranks and stuff like that. Now I don't know how to code / program an app to do that, but it can be done manually as well.
What do I mean by manually? Well, if you're interested in this stuff as well and want to help me out, you'd need to track an X number of consecutive matches that you play (see the spreadsheet & instructions for full info) and then, with enough examples I can run the data through SPSS to analyze it. It doesn't matter what rank you are, if you won/lost your games, or that you only could send data from 3 matches. To get accurate results I'll need as many matches as you guys can provide. Even 1000 matches are probably not enough, but they're certainly better than my 40 matches"
We love that idea. And we'd certainly love you to contribute to that project! The results over time will not only lead to a visible meta for everyone but also to improvements from our side to the game we all love playing. Here's the link to the official announcement, where you'll find everything you need to get started tracking your matches.

King Puff Cup 24

After all that amazing community-created content & projects, let's come to a community-created tournament circuit, which happens to be the largest so far in the competitive scene around Minion Master: the King Puff Cup.

Scheduled on Saturday, July 28th at 13:00 UTC, King Puff Cup 24 is planned to be run with the Conquest format. The King Puff Cup staff seems to mix it up for you - as good as possible - between Last Master Standing & Conquest. The rest of the setting is well-known and the tournament comes with a $350 prize pool on top of all the fun & intense matches.

Not only the participants can win something, but viewers also! BetaDwarf Entertainment will run giveaways during the King Puff Cup streams, starting with King Puff Cup 24. All you have to do is tune in, being active in the chat, and patient ;)

There's still a whole week for you to prepare and sign-up, as well as submitting your decks. The official announcement contains everything you need to know. See you at King Puff Cup 24!


That’s all for today, Masters! We wish everyone an amazing weekend, a lot of fun and success on the flying arenas, and can’t wait to see all of you next week with a brand new blog post on Monday & our Dwarf stream on Tuesday.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, July 16, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Valor, Dwarves and winners

Minion Masters!

Sometimes, certain events are taking us by surprise. May it be during our everyday life, at work, while talking to someone we haven't seen in a long time... or in sports! Clearly, we agree with many countries and/or influential individuals that competitively playing video games is sports. And last Saturday, 19 Masters played our video game competitively and some of them truly surprised us.

Best of House Valor event

Update 71 introduced the long-awaited finals of the Tri-Team in-game event we had back in May this year. All of our 9 Masters were split across 3 houses and players were able to pledge their votes for their favorite house. House Valor was the glorious winner back then and last Wednesday, our 3 winning Masters were finally ready to fight it out against each other. Mordar, Stormbringer, and Volco chose their contestants and now they hope to fascinate the crowd enough to vote for them.

It's all about 3 cards, known to many players already from Forced Showdown: the shocking Stormy, the charging Taurus & the Wheel of Doom. The Master with the most votes on Wednesday, July 25th will get his respective card implemented into Minion Masters at a later point. But how are these votings look like at the moment? Is your favorite Master or card currently leading? This will be shown in-game coming Wednesday, July 18th.

By the way: Stormy & Taurus aka The Charger will be units, while Wheel of Doom will be a spell ;)

Dwarf stream on...

Tuesday, July 24th at 18:00 UTC. Yes, there will be no Dwarf stream tomorrow, unfortunately. This is partially a decision based on our latest survey regarding our weekly Dwarf streams. You, our audience, want another setting and a different focus content-wise. There are also some other improvements you want, like more top players on stream and/or Developers. We are listening!

To get the streams where you want them and to have them making the impact we want, we will improve the setting and content of these streams. That process will take some time, though, and will happen mostly in the background until we are ready to present the new setting to you. That means our next undisclosed numbers of Dwarf streams will still use the old setting and content prioritization.

Stay tuned for more information on these improvements over the course of the next weeks!

By the way: We always had some internal news in our weekly Dwarf streams. This week, our Community Manager Erythais will be on vacation starting tomorrow, July 17th until next week's Tuesday, July 24th. His tasks will be handled by various team members or by helpful tools to automate several things like social media, the blog posts, etc.

Reporting toxic players and/or intentional bad behavior in 2vs2 matches, you can use our new in-game report function or the good old email to

King Puff Cup 23 celebrates a new winner

And took us by surprise. Not only that Videogamer77 didn't make it to the Top8. We also missed some other usual players in the final stage, such as ecke the Angry Snail, GReYWolF93, and Jamez28. On the other hand, we saw Nuclear Goo making it to the final stage again. We also saw names like boxes, Dirion & Acesir.

Looking at how the final stage went, there were fewer surprises, but big ones. A little final for us was Memfisto versus RushSecond. Two KPI winners against each others & one of them deciding the match undefeated. In the end, RushSecond rushed to the 8th rank this time losing 0:3 to Memfisto. Another little final for us was katt versus Dirion, which ended in katt's favor with a 3:0 victory.

In the semi-finals, katt met TerraReveene. And we saw yet another 3:0, this time not in katt's favor, though. In the second semi-finals, Memfisto lost to boxes - 3:0. The grand finals was between Terra Reveene and boxes. This time, we saw no 3:0. It was a 3:1 for boxes in the end and how that match went along with all the other matches from the group and final stage can be seen right here!

Congratulations to boxes and all other winners & a big thanks to all participants, viewers, the amazing casters, and the whole King Puff Cup staff!


That's all for today, Masters! Enjoy the Best of House Valor event and gather the keys for your favorite Master & we wish all of you a good start to the week.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, July 13, 2018

Community Happenings - Friday the 13th means only one more day until King Puff Cup 23

Minion Masters!

The Best of House Valor tournament is running and our Masters are waiting for your votes to come in. We're just as excited as you are to see the standings by next Wednesday. Looking into the community, we spotted some things that are definitely worth a mention. Such as...


Well, the headline might be slightly misleading, because we will talk about one deck guide. Nevertheless, we had a good time in the office reading through it and trying the recommendations of the author ourselves. Here's the guide!

The author, raqyee, is an active player and community member known for contributing to discussions on the official Minion Masters Discord server. Now, the released guide is for a Volco deck and raqyee introduces readers with the following questions:
Do you have a small card collection? Do you not care about what your peers think of you? Is your primary drive to climb the 1v1 ladder no matter the cost?

Looking at the deck itself, the general direction is clearly aggressive. The deck doesn't contain a lot of "fancy" cards, but stables like Plasma Marines, Cleaver, Scrat Pack & Elite Swarmer. The deck is overall pretty cheap to build, but according to raqyee highly effective. After playing a lot of Apep with a "slightly higher curve", he figured he could do the same with Volco, but winning even more games and - probably - faster. And that assumptions turned out to be true. Once again quoting his own words:
This beauty got my dumb self to Master rank and if I can do it then so can you.
Well, we cannot agree with calling yourself dumb, raqyee, but we can safely agree with climbing ranks is not a matter of having "fancy" cards, but finding an efficient combination of cards and a fitting Master, along with having the experience to beat increasingly better opponents.

Thanks for your guide and we hope that it will help a lot of players climbing, just as it helped you!

King Puff Cup someone?

Two weeks already passed by since we watched King Puff Cup 22 live on Twitch. On Saturday, July 14th at 13:00 UTC, the largest tournament circuit in Minion Masters kicks off KPC 23 with the Last Master Standing setting. Do we need to mention what's waiting for you? Just to make sure: high-quality matches between one of the best players in Minion Masters, thrilling and mind-blowing moments inclusive! The matches will be brought to you live broadcasted on Twitch by Daddy Dip, FFA and the rest of the King Puff Cup staff working hard to keep every tournament on that high-quality for participants in the background.

So far, King Puff Cup 23 has already enough participants to happen, but there is still a bit of time left for you to jump in and participate! In fact, the deadline for submitting your decks and signing up is set to 13:00 UTC today. So don't waste any time, start Minion Masters, brew 4 decks and submit them along with the Masters. All you need to know can be found in the official announcement - and don't forget to hit that sign-up link within ;)

Good luck to everyone participating!


That's already all for today, Masters! We will be back with another blog post on Monday and until then we wish everyone of you a nice weekend, as well as a good time on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, July 9, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - A Dwarvish start to the week

Minion Masters! 

Today, we will keep it kinda short. There's a Dwarf stream around the corner where we will talk about everything Update 71 and therefore today's blog post won't be stuffed with all that sweet details. Nevertheless, we can talk about said Dwarf streams and King Puff Cup 23 scheduled for this Saturday!

Tuesday... eh, Dwarfday streaming!

Every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC, our Community Manager Erythais & eSports Coordinator Tengs are live on Twitch to provide you with the latest news about Minion Masters, the competitive scene around Minion Masters and BetaDwarf itself. Just naturally, some streams include reveals or even leaks, while others will simply prepare you with the final information about upcoming patches.

The feedback you gave us is positive, so far! But we know that it's not enough to rest on that feedback. That's why we are trying to improve the Dwarfstream experience together with you! Who else knows better what to improve than the viewers? To express your wishes and ideas, we'll have a little survey prepared until tomorrow, which we will share during the stream on Twitch. 

Besides working on improving your experience while watching our streams, we have the following bullet points to talk about tomorrow:
  • Update 71
    • Tri-Team Best-of tournament
    • Demon Warrior rework
    • Miscellaneous Improvements
  • eSports
    • House of Nerds LAN recap
    • King Puff Cup 23
    • Steven Even's Tournament
    • SwongoTV's Classic Tournament
    • and more
  • Internal news
Questions will be answered throughout the entire stream and viewer games are a stable (as long as there is time left). With that being said, we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 18:00 UTC live on Twitch!

Update 71 this week!

There is no new, shareable news about Update 71 at this point. The team is working on various things at the moment, as well as polishing the planned Best-of tournament featuring Mordar, Stormbringer & Volco & the announced Demon Warrior rework.

For an overview of the two main features planned to be introduced with Update 71 on Wednesday, July 11th, please head over to our latest Community Happenings.

King Puff Cup 23 this weekend!

Viewer games are a stable in our Dwarf streams, so is the King Puff Cup in our competitive scene! The next tournament of the circuit is scheduled for Saturday, July 14th at 13:00 UTC and the King Puff Cup staff is looking forward to your sign-ups & deck submissions.

It's the second Last Master Standing tournament including the usual Swiss format group stage and the single elimination final stage. Wild cards are not allowed, 4 Masters and decklists have to be submitted prior to the sign-up deadline on Friday, July 13th at 13:00 UTC.

Here's the official announcement for you. Read the announcement carefully, as it contains vital information and rules. Oh, and don't forget to sign-up after all that reading ;)


That's all for today, Masters! We hope you will have a pleasant start to the new week & a lot of fun on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, July 6, 2018

Community Happenings - New contestants & the Glass Cannon

Minion Masters!

We had quite some reveals about Update 71 in our latest Dwarf stream, hadn't we? Best-of tournament event with 3 new cards for you to vote for, Demon Warrior rework, upcoming tournaments... a lot of stuff going on in and around Minion Masters these days. To get you ready for our next event and changes here's a more detailed version of our stream reveals!

Best of House Valor!

House Valor won the Tri-Team tourney back in May 2018 and now our three Masters are ready to bring their contestants to the Best-of tournament. Mordar, Stormbringer Volco are ready to fight it out and they need your support! With Update 71 the key collection comes back to Minion Masters and the purpose is nothing else than determining which contestant of the three Masters will make its way to the game at a later point.

You'll have the chance to collect - once again - 15 keys for each of the three Masters. You have the chance to receive a key by just playing with one of the three Masters or by watching streamers. When you collected all 15 keys for one Master, you'll be able to open the Reward Chest and pledge your vote to the respective Master. Please note that you can only vote for one Master per account! However, even if you opened the Reward Chest for one Master, you get to open the other two, as well, if you manage to get all the necessary keys in time.

While we do not want to reveal the card stats at this point, we have some art for you to enjoy:

Mordar loves to cause mayhem. It took some time for him to decide on how to increase his possibilities of destruction, but he finally found a very special tool: the Wheel of Doom!

Stormbringer had an easier time to choose his contestant. Our bow-wielding Master opts for more shock and awe in the flying arenas and brings Stormy to the Best-of tournament!

Now, Volco got a great new axe with Update 68. And while he likes this particular weapon, he still feels there isn't enough raw power on the flying arenas. The obvious choice for him, therefore, was to bring the Taurus aka The Charger for you to vote for!

The Best-of tournament is scheduled to last from July 11th until July 25th. Similar to the Tri-Team tournament, we will release the standings one week after the start of the event. So the first week will once again be a blind pick since you don't know if your favorite Master leads the voting or not.

Demon Warrior rework!

Yes, we know! You had to wait and we honestly don't like letting you wait. But in the case of the Demon Warrior, we wanted to take our time to find a long-term solution, rather than just nerfing the unit into unplayability. After a lot of internal talks and brainstorming, as well as testing, we decided to go for kinda a Glass Cannon design.

Currently, the Demon Warrior gains additional stats each time you play the card during a match. The general consensus is that the unit gets problematic to handle around its 4th play. Upon reaching level 4, the unit comes into play with 1000 HP & 200 Damage. This amount only rises with each further play by 200 HP and 40 Damage. We will stop that kind of scaling per play.

The reworked Demon Warrior will start with 400 HP & 100 Damage baseline. We also increase its movement speed to 4. These stats will not change until the 5th play. Upon using the card for the 5th time, the Demon Warrior will receive a one-time stat increase of 300 HP and 300 Damage, essentially turning the unit into a 700 HP tank with 400 Damage. That's 160 DPS on the field & 700 HP is something that needs to be dealt with in order to prevent that DPS from causing huge trouble. On the other hand, the Demon Warrior will still cost 6 mana and needs to be played 5 times to gain that massive stat boost.

That rework should actually turn the card more into a risk/reward investment, rather than the sole win condition you build your deck around. We're excited about your early opinion and of course about your feedback once Update 71 hit! Plenty of communication platforms are waiting for you: the official and verified Minion Masters Discord Server, the official Subreddit & the official Steam forums.

Sign-up for the Classic!

Masters, this is your last call to sign up for SwongoTV's Classic Tournament scheduled for Saturday, July 7th at 15:00 UTC! The tournament will be run with the Last Master Standing format and features a group stage, as well as a final stage.

All you have to do is to submit screenshots of 4 Masters & related decks here. Don't forget to post your Steam ID, also. The last step is to sign-up via this link. Due to organizational reasons, SwongoTV needs your Masters, decklists, Steam IDs and sign-ups until 15:00 UTC today! So don't waste any time and craft your decks to participate for an exclusive Milloween skin, huge in-game prizes, and a lot of fun.

Did we mention that you don't need any legendary cards, new Season cards, Demon Warriors or Wild cards? The reason is simple: SwongoTV banned them to keep the tournament as classic and new player friendly as possible.


With that, we're coming to an end for today's blog post! We hope you'll have something to talk about over the course of the weekend & we wish everyone good luck at SwongoTV's tournament.

Have a nice weekend & cheers from BetaDwarf

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Minion Master's... Tuesday!

Minion Masters!

No Minion Master's Monday, but Minion Master's Tuesday instead. Okay, let's see. Tuesday means another Dwarf stream is about to happen and a brief look on the weekend reveals that it's going to be crowded with tournaments. So let's jump right into it!

Who needs Dev streams if there are Dwarf streams?

Every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC, our Community Manager Erythais & eSports Coordinator Tengs are streaming live on Twitch for you. These streams are mainly meant to connect you even closer to us & to share the latest information about Minion Masters in general, upcoming patches, competitive Minion Masters, and even internal stuff with you.

These streams are also coming with giveaway codes every week! All you have to do is to stay active in the chat and maybe the RNG gods will choose you amongst others for cool in-game stuff. Another purpose is clearly having fun together. Erythais & Tengs are usually "on air" for 1 hour and they try to squeeze 2vs2 matches against viewers in, whenever the time allows it. Wanna beat them Dwarves? Then better tune in and hang out today at 18:00 UTC or just follow our Twitch channel in advance to get notified when we go live!

Betrayals, classic stuff & an offline event!

Besides King Puff Cup 23 being already announced, we have a crowded weekend regarding competitive Minion Masters prior to the next tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3. On Friday, July 6th at 17:00 UTC, Steven & Edelweiss will kick-off their first fun tournament with a truly unique format. In a nutshell: you bring a friend and play 2vs2 matches, while you will battle your own friend if you advance to the next stage. Sounds interesting? That's what we thought and since there is still time to sign your team up, here's the official announcement with all the information you'll need!

Not even 24 hours later, on Saturday, July 7th at 15:00 UTC, SwongoTV is hosting his first tournament. A fun tournament with lots of bans. SwongoTV seems to aim his chosen rules for the new players specifically because he banned all legendary cards & all Season cards from his tournament. There are more rules to find by following this link & after reading them all don't forget to sign-up!

On Saturday, July 7th & Sunday, July 8th, Minion Masters will be part of an offline LAN event in Stavanger, Norway. Run by the House of Nerds Gaming CafĂ©, Minion Masters will be amongst other well-known eSports titles and if you want to meet our eSports Coordinator Tengs live and in person, this is the perfect opportunity to do so!


That's all for today, Masters! Well, that's not entirely true, but we'll save anything yet sharable about Update 71 for the Dwarf stream today ;) Okay, okay, because the blog post was delayed, one little information at this point: the Best-of tournament of the Tri-Team Tourney is coming! Good luck on the flying arenas everyone and we hope to see you live on Twitch!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, June 29, 2018

Community Happenings - Weekends full of competition

Minion Masters!

It's Friday already. The Dwarves are working hard to get everything set up and done for the next week. It's not as hot as it was a month earlier in Europe when the heatwave passed by. Nevertheless, some Dwarves are already sweating at 25° Celsius. Some players split across different countries and continents are getting ready for something else: competitive Minion Masters! The King Puff Cup staff is about to kick off King Puff Cup 22 tomorrow. And the next week...

What's coming up next week?

...brings no new update. We're going back to a bi-weekly patch schedule. Update 71 is scheduled for July 11th and we're working hard on getting that Demon Warrior rework ready. We know that quite a few players can't wait any longer, but we want to take our time. Sure, we could simply nerf the unit to the ground. But just swinging the nerf hammer really hard is not a long-term solution. That's why we're opting for a rework, which is more complex to do and thus takes a bit more time.

More information on that subject, as well as Update 71, in general, will follow with the next couple of blog posts and - of course - live on our weekly Dwarf stream every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC!

Super Mega Dwarf Pack at King Puff Cup 22!

There's a lot of tournaments going on these days. Fun tournaments with huge in-game prizes and even an exclusive skin! Some players, however, take it more seriously and are looking for a more competitive experience. That's where the King Puff Cup tournament circuit comes into play. That's not to say new players shouldn't participate! Gathering that early tournament experience is a very important step when aiming to find an entrance into the digital, competitive scene. And matches against the best players will result in the best practice there is!

King Puff Cup 22 is announced and scheduled on Saturday, June 30th at 13:00 UTC. The deadline for sign-ups and deck submissions is today at 13:00 UTC, so you still have ~5 hours time to read the official announcement and do the steps necessary to grab your spot for the oldest and most popular tournament series in Minion Masters! $350 prize pool, circuit points needed for the King Puff Invitational, in-game prizes at the end of the King Puff Cup season & a Super Mega Dwarf Pack containing 60 Tokens, 1,000 Rubies, and 10,000 Gold to one random participant are waiting for you.

Good luck everyone!

Betrayal will happen!

StevenEven and Edelweiss are going to present the first S.E.T. (Steven's Even Tournament) on Friday, July 6th at 17:00 UTC! The chosen format is truly unique and fits the fun tournament section nicely.

The tournament will be run with a custom format called "Betrayal", divided into 3 stages single elimination stage:
  • Stage one: 2vs2, Best-Of-3
Get a teammate and fight against another team. The winning team advances to the next stage.
  • Stage two (Betrayal): 1vs1, Best-Of-3
Advancing teams are split and players are forced to play against their teammate from the previous stage.
  • Stage three: 1vs1, Best-Of-3, Best-Of-5 in the finals
Goes on as a normal bracket with single elimination format.

The prizes you can win in this tournament will be granted by the respective stage you'll reach:
  • First stage - 2vs2 stage - Dwarf pack (3 Power Tokens + 1.500 Gold)
  • Second stage - Betrayal stage - Big Dwarf pack (15 Power Tokens + 300 Rubies)
  • Third stage - Final stage - Big Dwarf Pack + Sunken Temple Arena (in case you already own the arena, you will get a random legendary card instead)
  • Winner - Mega Dwarf Pack (25 Tokens + 500 Rubies + 5000 Gold) + Dynasty Milloween Skin
There's still enough time to grab your friend and sign-up for S.E.T. #1 and here's the link to the official announcement.

Let's fight with Swongolian standards!

SwongoTV was the most watched Minion Masters streamer on Twitch for three weeks in a row. He has built an amazing community and while he feels like he is still too inexperienced to participate in tournaments, hosting a tournament is another story. And thus we will see SwongoTV's Classic tournament on Saturday, July 7th at 15:00 UTC.

What's coming up is a single elimination bracket with the Last Master Standing format. Legendary cards will be banned. Demon Warrior will be banned. The new Season cards will be banned. But fun is going to be guaranteed! SwongoTV wants kind of a basic tournament and the setting is perfectly suited for new players. The prize pool contains loads of Power Tokens, Gold and Rubies - and the exclusive Dynasty Milloween skin for the winner.

What you need to do to participate? Follow this link, read the short description carefully and sign-up!


That's all for today, Masters! Good luck to everyone participating tomorrow in King Puff Cup 22 and we'll see you on the flying arenas or live on Twitch.

Cheers from BetaDwarf