Friday, February 14, 2020

Hotfixes & Updates

Minion Masters!

Our approach to Hotfixing

The latest hotfix we released just today regarding gameplay bug fixes and an adjustment to the balance of Legionnaires is part of a re-evaluation of how we doing patching. We're always looking for ways to improve, especially when you provide us with all the excellent feedback about the state of the game. In particular, we're examining how we maintain a smooth production with the regular updates, and whether they could be more frequent, or if smaller in-between actions like this are more appropriate. 

We can't make any promises about this at the moment - But we still feel it's important to communicate with you about the internal thoughts at BetaDwarf. Thanks for all of your patience.

Changes to Ardent Aegis

In the interests of being as transparent as possible with new card reveals, we'd like to talk about some changes we've made to Ardent Aegis behind the scenes since the reveal of the card. Typically cards continue to be balance tested behind the scenes after their reveal, and we're now trying to make a conscious effort to incorporate the feedback we receive from the community when particular cards are shown off as well. As such, we've made the following adjustments to the card, which will be reflected on our Update Site with today's reveals:

  • Mana Cost 3 > 4
  • Summons 2 Crossbow Dudes instead of 1
  • Defensive Spell; Can only be cast in your arena
  • Units summoned have no Summoning Sickness
  • Delay 4 > 5

Have you been keeping up with our latest Expansion reveals? We've shown off six brand new cards, two awesome skins, and a new Legendary arena so far - And we're not even close to done yet. Today, we'll be revealing Smite and Shen's Shock Stick, as well as announcing the imminent return of an old friend. Make sure to check it out and get hyped for Saving Jadespark Jungle!

TCL C-Sar's Challenge 5

The fine people at The Challenger League are hosting another 2v2 Tournament this weekend! The tournament is a Double-elimination format that will be livestreamed at their twitch channel, with competitors fighting for real money. There'll be plenty of giveaways throughout the competition from the staff, so stop by for your chance to win a wide variety of prizes.

Make sure to check the tournament out for their high quality coverage. Or if you'd like something a little more relaxed, why not check out their new Podcast? The first episode of the TCL Podcast aired this Tuesday with Westlin & MrSquid, so check it out and give them some feedback!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Minion Masters Thursday

Expansion Release Date Changed

We've chosen to push back the release date of Version 1.10 and Saving Jadespark Jungle by one week, to the 5th of March. The in-game timers for this should be updated soon to reflect the new date. Much like before, this comes as a result of us trying to ensure we can have the optimal promotional window to attract new players to Minion Masters. For example, making the schedule work with a certain big streamer ;).

Moving forward, it's likely that future expansion dates will be changed closer to the time as well as the most valuable dates to release big updates on become more defined. In the future, we want to stay flexible with our release dates - But we will work towards confirming dates as early as we can, or at the very least sharing the newest info. We know it's a bother (Our producer has a hard time planning it too!), but we think it's worth it to give Minion Masters the best chance of growing its player base.

Behind the Scenes: Enter the Guild

Not long ago, we released our first short film, Enter the Guild! It offered a little look behind the scenes of the chaotic Minion Masters battlegrounds. Today, let's go down another layer and watch some of the footage from production!

We're super happy with how the final video came out, and we're glad you enjoyed it too! What would you want us to do next? Be sure to let us know!

BadAsAFish80's MM 1v1 #9

BadAsAFish80's Minion Masters Tournament 1v1 #9 - $100 Prize Pool - Supported by BetaDwarf

I'm really excited for this 1v1 tournament and I hope that you all can join me in this and future events to have a lot of fun, to support the community and of course win some prizes! Please reach out to me on Discord if you have any questions (BadAsAFish80 🐟#0275).

Many thanks and best of luck


Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters

Today's blog post releases to coincide with the latest set of reveals from our Update Site, and we have quite a bit to showcase. Let's not waste any time and get straight into the juicy details:

New Adventure, New Masters

As previously announced, Saving Jadespark Jungle comes with a brand new Adventure to help enthrall you and develop the narrative of the Empyrean invasion of the once-peaceful Zen-Chi realm. It's up to you and your new allies to defend the jungle from High Inquisitor Ardera and uncover her true motivations for the sudden attacks. You'll quickly come to realise that not all is as it seems...

Of your allies in this adventure, we have some returning favourites - Milloween in particular will be making her way through the jungle to learn more of the foreboding events she witnessed previously. But there's plenty of new Masters to play with too - You can check our Update Site to learn all about the Slitherbound Master Akáal the Unbroken, and here we'll be previewing Ting, Teng & Tung, the Mu-Hou trio.

Ting, Teng & Tung are three young mischievous Mu-Hou siblings. Renowned acrobats, they are known far and wide in the jungle villages for their great acrobatic performances and trickster ways.

Normally they travel the jungle, going from village to village to show off, but now they have turned their skills against the new threat towards their beloved jungle.

Ting, Teng & Tung are all about using the powers of nature and their strong bonds with the locals to overcome any threat. The trio use their bouncing berries as their primary attack, just like the card.

Their first perk, Green Fingers, plants Growthburst Shrooms in your arena every 10 seconds. Growthburst Shrooms can be picked up by Zen-Chi minions to grant them a 25% Health and Damage buff. There's a second part to the perk, however - Whenever you cast a Spell, you convert up to two active Growthburst Shrooms into a Shi-Hou minion. This Shi-Hou minion has the same stats as Battle Shi-Hou, but without the effect that enables it to attack faster based on the surrounding amount of enemies.

The second perk, Growth Burst, grants all Minions in a 5 range radius Giant Growth whenever a Growthburst Shroom is spent - Including those from the first perk!

Their final perk, Call the Steward, has the group call upon their most powerful ally - Someone you might recognize...

Jadespark Jungle Arena

We're also revealing our second Legendary Arena - Jadespark Jungle. We love the idea of building worlds with our arenas and using them to really show off in great detail the kind of environments their respective factions come from, so check out these screenshots of the new arena our artists have been hard at work with:

With this arena, we're aiming to make you feel right at home amidst the bustling Zen-Chi forests. As you may have noticed from the screenshot above, this new arena will also serve as the backdrop for this expansion's new Adventure. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we've had fun making it!

Upcoming TCL Tournaments

The hard workers at The Challenger League are back with exciting upcoming tournaments! Coming up this weekend is the Volco Cup 6, which promises huge rewards for players that participate in multiple TCL events in their upcoming season. Just for playing their tournament this weekend, everyone will be receiving an Exclusive TCL Avatar! Volco Cup 6 will be played live on stream this Saturday at 1400 UTC - Check out their site here for all the details on signing up, and stay tuned for more announcements on their site or on this blog.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Minion Masters Thursday

Minion Masters!

Last Friday, we launched our new Update Site for our upcoming expansion, Saving Jadespark Jungle! We'll have lots more to talk about it in the upcoming weeks, but for now keep your eyes tuned to the site for more reveals tomorrow.

Additionally, we're making an effort to be more active on our Twitter account - Give us a follow for more giveaways, highlighting special shop offers, and more!

PTR Tester Applications Open

We're looking for the best and brightest of Minion Masters players to join our PTR group and help us through feedback on future expansions and content! 

As a PTR tester, you will test new content on the PTR and provide feedback for the Minion Masters design team through questionnaires and discuss feedback with the team directly in the Discord channel. Responses from the PTR testing group is an extremely important part of creating new content for the game.

To join, you must be able to write in English, be open-minded, and have time to test and discuss new cards, masters and other content with us. It is a requirement that you are open to testing new cards/masters through rigorous playtesting. You must also have a Steam account and be able to play the game on PC (you will have the full collection of cards at your disposal).

Thanks in advance for helping Minion Masters!

BadAsAFish80's 3rd 2v2 Tournament

BadAsAFish80's Minion Masters Tournament 2v2 #3 - $100 Prize Pool - Supported by BetaDwarf

The addition of a 2v2 format to our tournament scene has proved very popular and as such we are going to be running one each month!

I'm really excited for this 2v2 tournament and I hope that you all can join me in this and future events to have a lot of fun, to support the community and of course win some prizes! Please reach out to me on Discord if you have any questions (BadAsAFish80 :fish:#0275).

Many thanks and best of luck


Sinobii's Xbox Tournament

To support our XBOX friends in the community, TEAM MANA FRENZY is proud to offer the next Tournament in the XBOX SHOWDOWN Series!

XBOX Showdown #5 will feature a $200 Prize Pool, and be held this Sunday, January 26th, starting at 12 noon EST!
Tweak your decks and hone your skills, then join the battle to become the reigning XBOX Champion!

Space is limited, so don't delay! To register for this event and learn more, visit: 

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Minion Masters Thursday

Minion Masters!
It's a new year, and there's lots of exciting Minion Masters content to come, starting with Version 1.9!

Conquest Contribution Bug

Over the Winter period there was a major bug with Guild Conquest that caused incorrect (or no) amounts of Glory to be added to the Guild's overall score. We thank everyone for their patience with the issue during this time and for reporting the matter thoroughly. The bug will be fixed with 1.9, and Contributions should be calculated as expected. In the near future we will be deploying compensation for the problem, which we will be communicating about in the coming days. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this bug has caused.

Mal'Shar Shadowfork

Coming with Version 1.9 is the release of the Community-voted Legendary Card, Mal'Shar!

This new 6 mana Shars'Rakk Assassin has honed his stealthy craft to perfection, and he's more than willing to share his talents with the rest of your minions. Every time Mal'Shar kills an enemy, he grants a friendly Voidborne minion the Stealth buff (Does not include the triple damage hit).

Mal'Shar will be available for crafting at the usual price of 2000 Shards, or from Power Token spins, with the release of Version 1.9 on the 16th of January. What Voidborne minions will you try to combo him with? What do you think is the best minion to receive his Stealth buff?

Frostival Fanart Contest Results

Did you take part in the Frostival Fanart Contest? We received a lot of awesome entries during the December period, and it was hard for us to decide who we even wanted as finalists. We had our Discord Users vote on seven different finalists, and here's who they elected as the winners:

3rd Place - KamiDaHobo

2nd Place - MissCritHit

1st Place - Garnet

Thanks to everyone that participated, and to those that supported the entrants. We'll aim to run another contest in the future, so stay tuned!

Free Accursed Army DLC via Twitch Prime

Do you have Twitch Prime? Do you enjoy the prospect of free DLC?

Right now we have an ongoing promotion with Twitch Prime where you can receive a FREE copy of the Accursed Army DLC, usually worth $15. You can claim it even if you already own the DLC!

The Accursed Army Faction Box gives you the perfect starter kit for the Accursed Ascension mechanic and includes powerful cards such as the Legendary Bahra the Witchwolf, as well as two exclusive Accursed cosmetics. Don't miss out - Get your free DLC before the promotion ends!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!