Monday, September 17, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - What are you doing, Dwarves?

Minion Masters!

Now that Update 76 is live since last Wednesday and we fixed a few nasty bugs in recent hotfixes, we are looking forward to Update 77, which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th if everything goes to plan. The content included in Update 77 is not set in stone yet, that's why we want to have a brief look at features we are currently working on, in general.

Cause some Mayhem with your friends

We do not have any release date at the very moment, but we are indeed working on Mayhem 2vs2! Many players do like the game mode a lot & naturally, the requests for a 2vs2 mode in Mayhem have arisen. We can't share any details or even previews yet, but we will make sure to show you what we have once the feature is closer to completion.

Select the Emotes you really want to use

With more and more emotes getting added to Minion Masters, the box to select your emotes from during matches gets quite big. Just imagine what would happen if we decide to add 20 new emotes at once. Anyway, to prevent the box covering large areas of the screen at some point, we are working on a simple feature called 'Emote Selector'. This little feature will make it so that you can select a number of emotes (not set in stone yet) to use during matches, adjustable at any time via the Masters/Arenas/Avatars selection menu.

Referral System

We teased that a long time ago, but priorities changed often and a lot during this year! We finally found the time to work on a feature to reward you for bringing in your friends & we are looking forward to finishing it soon™-ish. Maybe even as soon as Update 77?

Better skyboxes

Last but not least, we are working on better skyboxes! This is indeed not the biggest feature or change, but a cooler skybox is needed if you ask us. What's a skybox anyway? Well, a skybox is a panoramic texture shown behind all other objects, often used to represent the sky. 

Edelweiss' Free For All tournament

Edelweiss hosted his very first tournament last Saturday. In a little talk with him after the tournament, he said "It was very fun and amazing", which might indicate that we see more tournaments presented by Edelweiss in the future. Better to ask himself for any confirmation, though ;)

13 participants were fighting in Best of 3 matches, single elimination. We saw a lot of rather unknown names in the tournament scene, but also some veterans such as Dirion, ecke, and Grey Wolf. We don't want to give the show away and instead recommend you to watch the VOD right over here!

Congratulations to all participants and thanks for participating! Special thanks to Edelweiss for hosting the tournament, That Sprite for co-casting it & all the viewers for watching.


That's all for today, Masters! We wish every one of you a good start to the week, as well as the best of luck on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, September 10, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Scott's crying again...

Minion Masters!

A new week, a new blog post, and... a new update waiting to be deployed on Wednesday, September 12th if everything goes to plan. The update will contain - amongst other exciting stuff - Player Avatars and balance changes.

Who needs buffs, when there are nerfs?

Scott, our sensitive savage, is crying again. As you can see on the picture above, a sheer horde of Crossbow Dudes is shooting at him. He has no time to think about the fact that his damage has been reduced because he needs healing. Normally, he would have been looking for a Healing Shrine, because even if he is in enemy territory already, the range of these buildings was large enough, often. But things change as it seems, and all Scott can spot is a Healing Shrine out of range on the other side of the bridge he just crossed.

Now, you might think that things cannot get any worse for Scott, but you're mistaken, unfortunately. While he can see a Guardian coming his way, he also recognizes daggers raining from the sky. The Guardian is already damaged, but Scott estimates that he is very soon close enough to the Healing Shrine, which will heal the Guardian, protected from any harm by the Guardian's shield. Scott has no chance but watching in disbelieve how the Healing Shrine got destroyed by the daggers, while the Guardian only received little restoration.

Scott looks up in the sky, thinking about how much damage he could have caused to the enemy tower. Reduced or not, he knows that he is still capable of causing serious harm. The Guardian is still alive, maybe he can reach still reach him in time, and prevent his otherwise certain death. "Please no..." is all Scott can think as he hears a little noise right in front of him. He realizes quickly what that means: the Assassin arrived on the battlefield. You can't see them and they hurt a lot when attacking you out of nowhere. Scott heard rumors that they recently got new weapons.

C-SAR would have been said that "AoE is the best". Scott is unsure if he did or not, as he was unable to hear anything else than the Guardian stomping behind him and a cracking sound near him. The Crossbow Dudes got electrocuted and the Assassin revealed by a Chain Lightning. But wait? Is the Assassin unable to move? He was unsure, as the Assassin was moving towards him in the blink of an eye later. Scott was finally protected by the Guardian and stopped crying. Out of nowhere, a sragon flew past them and Scott was asking himself how fast these little dragon can get.

A few moments later, Scott, protected by the Guardian and supported by a lightning-fast Xiao Long, got rid of the Assassin. On the other side of the arena, a Harbinger was tearing apart a Defenso Chopper, but Scott estimated that the Bounty Sniper would kill the Harbinger and get to work to shoot at the enemy tower Scott just arrived at...

While Minions have no idea about XP, the Bounty Sniper will trigger his Bounty with every shot at the enemy tower. The Chain Lightning stunned the Assassin for a short duration, indeed. And Xiao Long was much faster. Seems like Scott can see quite a lot while crying like a little baby. We hope that this short story pleased you while discovering the new, planned balance changes.

Without further talks, here are all the mentioned balance changes in an overview:
  • Scott, The Sensitive Savage
    • Damage down from 75 to 65
  • Healing Shrine
    • Range reduced from 10 to 8
    • Healing per second reduced from 75 to 50
  • Guardian
    • No longer capable of protecting buildings other than the Master tower
  • Xiao Long
    • Movement speed up from 4 to 7
  • Harbinger
    • Radius reduced from 1800 to 1400
  • Assassin
    • Damage up from 60 to 70
  • Chain Lightning
    • Added a mini-stun so that 'Lightning' always stuns
    • Duration = 0.5 seconds
  • Bounty Sniper
    • Additionally triggers bounty now when hitting Master towers
Now, we have one more change, we want to talk separately. It's a change we cannot test in-house only and want to test it with you, therefore.

A while ago we told you that we will look more into 2vs2 and thus several changes can be expected. While we are working "behind the scenes" on several aspects regarding 2vs2, we want to do a little experiment.
  • Master health points in 2vs2
    • Reduced from 4000 to 3000
This change will bring 2vs2 on the same level HP-wise as 1vs1. While this might sound counter-intuitive at first sight, it opens up far better balance decisions and speeds up the duo matches. Most 2vs2 games tend to go to Perk 3 or even Mana Frenzy, according to our data. That hinders aggressive playstyles drastically, and also affects certain Masters more than others. Additionally, it prevents certain cards from being played at all. The change to the total health is not set in stone, meaning that we are open to adjusting/reverting it if the data gathered on the live server points towards it. Take it as an Early Access experiment and give us constructive feedback on the known channels plus STOMT.

Dwarf stream incoming!

Puh, this blog post is getting quite lengthy, isn't it? Fortunately, we have a far better way to answer all of your questions regarding Update 76, Player Avatars, and more than just reading a blog post! Tomorrow, September 11th at 18:00 UTC, That Sprite & Erythais will be live on Twitch streaming for you again & this time the special guest is nobody else than Mr. African Safari UncleOwnage. He will be assisting us in providing you with all the information about Update 76 and we cannot stress enough how ready he is to leak upcoming features regarding Battle Pass Season 3, as well as improvements such as the changes to Player Lobbies. Sorry Uncle, but I needed to leak that myself :P

And while at it, improvements to the Player Lobbies will make it so that you can browse menus while in a lobby, change your decks without leaving the lobby and much more! Came to our ears that some of you asked for that...


That's all for today, Masters! We're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow live on stream and maybe even meeting you on the flying arenas. Have a nice start to the week and use that Healing Shrine while it lasts :P

Cheers from Betadwarf

Friday, September 7, 2018

Community Happenings - Avatars for you, Masters!

Minion Masters!

On Monday, we talked about several bullet points. We mentioned upcoming features, mainly - but not exclusively - planned for September. Update 76 is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th and one feature is something we want to talk specifically about.

Player Avatars are coming to Minion Masters!

Player avatars will be new, collectible vanity items, replacing the Steam avatars in-game. There is a lot of reasoning behind that decision, but let us first talk about how these avatars will be available in-game.

Basically, new players will start out with 14 default avatars. More avatars will be available through leveling up, as rewards from the Battle Pass, via the in-game shop, and more! Avatars available via level-up rewards will come on top of existing rewards, so nothing gets removed or changed. Now, for our existing players, 14 avatars is too little. Even with the level-up rewards you likely already have, we wanted something more for you.

To have some variety in player avatars as soon as Update 76 hits, every existing player of Minion Masters will receive 14 avatars! These avatars will be available in the shop in the future, but you get them earlier and for free! All avatars will be of common and rare rarity and this will be the only two tiers for now. You will be able to choose freely which avatar to use via the Master selection menu. Now, we still didn't talk about the reasons. Let's look at some of them:
  • The Steam policies for avatars are not where we want them to be. While everyone can report other Steam users for their avatars to the Steam support, the actions taken are sometimes not pleasant enough. We have no influence about which visual material is allowed to enter the game or not. And we will just not allow racialistic, pornographic or other offensive material.
  • The visual coherency is a focus of ours, as you already know. Having avatars that fit into this coherent picture we have about Minion Masters is just a next, logical step.
  • Making cross-platform avatars work on multiple platforms is just not fun and quite resource intense. Simplifying that under our own banner makes sense. Player avatars are thus a needed change for the Discord and Steam version but will come in handy once the Xbox One version is ready to be released.
While there are more reasons behind it we wanted to highlight these to you, and of course, if you have any questions just ask us!

Get ready for the reveals!

We set up a website specifically for Battle Pass reveals. Periodically (indicated by the timer), you'll find reveals about the Battle Pass seasons right over here!

It's gonna get magical and the periodic reveals will help you slowly understand what's going on with Battle Pass Season 3 and as a special goodie, there will also be lore ;) So stay tuned and bookmark that website to not miss out on a single detail!

How does 'Free For All' sound?

While the King Puff Cup takes a break and prepares everything for the new season, some Masters do not want to wait for new competitive events. One of these Masters, Edelweiss, therefore chose to host his first own tournament called "Free For All". The name of the tournament describes quite accurately what you can expect: no sticking to pre-submitted decks, no banned Wild cards, no bannings in general... everything's allowed and you can bring whatever deck you like to play.

Besides easy rules, no participant will go home with empty hands! Here's what the prize pool will be looking like:
  • Winner rewards: Dynasty Milloween Skin, Mega Dwarf Pack (25 Tokens + 500 Rubies + 5000 Gold)
  • 2nd place: Big Dwarf Pack + 2x Dwarf Pack (21 Power Tokens + 300 Rubies + 3000 Gold)
  • 3rd place: Big Dwarf Pack (15 Power Tokens + 300 Rubies)
  • 4th place: Double Dwarf Pack (6 Power Tokens + 3000 Gold)
  • All other participants: Dwarf Pack (3 Power Tokens + 1500 Gold)
The Free For All tournament will take place on September 15th at 13:00 UTC! Edelweiss will stream the tournament live on Twitch and is still looking for some helping hands. His contact information, the rules, and the sign-up information can be found in the official announcement over here


That's all for today, Masters! Next week, we will look into Update 76 in more detail. On Monday we'll have the blog post prior to Update 76 with lots of information, followed by Tuesday's Dwarf stream with UncleOwnage being in the best mood to leak whatever comes to his mind. Have a nice weekend, Masters!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, September 3, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Invitational Winners & a busy September

Minion Masters!

With September starting out, we have a lot of things in the pipeline. We're currently working towards a potential Discord store launch at any point in the September/October area, but that doesn't stop us from bringing new features, content, and 'Quality of Life' improvements to Minion Masters. But first...

The old champion is the new champion!

Yes, he did it again! Memfisto won the 3rd King Puff Invitational and is thus the only player so far winning two season finals in a row. Congratulations on that outstanding performance from BetaDwarf Entertainment! In a little talk a while after the KPI #3 live stream, Memfisto wanted to make sure that his coach gets mentioned, as well. Neo alias smncub is coaching and supporting Memfisto and thus one of the people behind the scenes helping to make the success possible.

But we do not want to forget everyone else after rank one, right? boxes lost in the grand finals, after a full Best of 5 set, to Memfisto with 2:3. Being 2nd in such a high-level tournament is an outstanding performance, as well! The grand finals turned out to be pretty close games and the end result further underlines that. Congratulations boxes!

Videogamer77 managed to beat Zgriptor 3-0 in the match for rank three. Interestingly, Zgriptor managed to beat Videogamer77 back in the group stage. Maybe Videogamer77 was still a bit sleepy back then? Or he just found a way to deal with little Dragons, finally. Congrats to both of them!

Before we send you over to watch the official VOD, here's the 3rd King Puff Invitational's Top 8:
  1. Memfisto
  2. boxes
  3. Videogamer77
  4. Zgriptor
  5. ICN_RushSecond
  6. NuclearGoo
  7. TerraReveene
  8. Julaiwnl
As we said, here's the official VOD of the 3rd King Puff Invitational! We can only recommend watching the whole show, as the matches are amazing no matter if it was still the group stage or the final stage.

Before we change topics, we want to shout-out special thanks to RushSecond. He officially announced his retirement from competitive Minion Masters shortly after the 3rd King Puff Invitational finished. Thanks RushSecond for a great time, watching you play, watching you win the 1st King Puff Invitational and just having you around! We wish you nothing but the very best for whatever you're looking forward to in your life.

New stuff on the horizon!

Dwarves are known for working tirelessly. If we look into some fantasy movies, for instance, we can safely assume that things like the Mines of Moria were surely not built in a day nor with a modern 8h working day schedule, free weekends included. While game development is not exactly building the Mines of Moria, a bit of "working tirelessly" doesn't hurt. Today's gaming industry is more fast-paced than ever and gamers want to be entertained with ever-new content, features, and improvements.

Where shall we start? We have multiple cards on the balance radar, including - but not exclusively -  Xiao Long, Healing Shrine, and Guardian.

We are working on more stuff to do in the game, such as collecting vanity items gathering login bonuses. Rewarding you for referring friends does sound alright, doesn't it? Social features were teased a while ago, but we did not forget about it ;)

Shop 2.0 launched with Update 75 and we received a lot of feedback from you guys. That's why you will see further improvements based on said feedback in September's future updates. Mayhem is also on the radar, as we received a lot of feedback here, as well. Do you still want to jump right into the Mayhem with a friend?

Emotes are another story we are looking into. With more and more Emotes being added to Minion Masters, the Emote box in matches gets kinda crowded. Selecting Emotes you really want would be a sweet thing, right? Several other QoL improvements are in the pipeline also.

While this is only a vague overview lacking in-depth details, we will provide further insights over the course of the nest weeks. A first start will be made live on Twitch next Tuesday when That Sprite & Erythais will be having UncleOwnage as a guest on the Dwarf stream! You can safely look forward to a lot of answered questions from the chat, insights on bullet points we mentioned here, and leaks!

Update: UncleOwnage wants to make sure to start leaking prior to him being live on stream next week! He mentioned that Player Avatars are coming to Minion Masters.


That's all for today, Masters! We do not want to take more time away from Erythais' birthday today, do we? Have a great start to the week everyone, as well as all the fun in the world on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, August 31, 2018

Community Happenings - 3rd King Puff Invitational happening tomorrow!

Minion Masters!

Did you have fun with the first Mayhem called 'Killing Floor'? There were some hot battles happening on that bottom bridge! Now, the weekend is around the corner and September comes with it. That being said, one thing is for sure: September 1st will bring us epic battles on the bridges of the flying arenas.

King Puff Invitational 3

The grand finals of King Puff Cup Season 3 will happen tomorrow, September 1st at 13:00 UTC. This is the moment 16 participants were working towards the whole season, which started back on April 7th. Countless hours were spent building and practicing new decks, countless battles fought on the flying arenas. Masters were banned, decks eliminated, prizes won. This season came with $350 in the prize pool for every single King Puff Cup tournament, while the King Puff Invitational adds another $500 for a total of $850.

In the end, whatever happened during the season is worth nothing at the Invitational. All 16 participants have to go through the group stage, being split up into 4 groups with 4 participants in each. The group stage will be played in Best of 2 Round Robin matches. Participants will earn points per win & tie. Here are the respective paragraphs from the 3rd King Puff Invitational rulebook for participants:
A player will earn 3 points for a win in group stage and 1 point for a tie. The 2 players of each group with the most points at the end of a complete round robin will advance to the Final Stage.
Tiebreakers are first decided by if any of the tied participants had previously beaten any other tied participant. If there are none, then remaining participants play a bo1 with 2 bans. The lowest two seeds play against one another. This is followed by the next lowest seed playing against the winner of the previous tiebreaker match. This repeats until no more tiebreakers are needed. 
Best of 2 is, of course, not what people expect to see in the final stage. The Top 8 coming out of the group stage will have to compete in a single elimination environment, playing Best of 5 matches to decide who will get a step closer to being King Puff Cup Champion #3 and who will go home early. The whole Invitational will follow the Last Master Standing format, meaning that participants have to submit 4 complete decks with Masters 24 hours in advance to the start of the tournament. In the group stage, players will ban 2 Masters each, while only 1 Master will get banned in the final stage.

Now, here's the 16 participants split into their respective groups:
  • Group A
    • Memfisto (King Puff Cup Champion of Season 2)
    • boxes
    • Jamez28
    • The_Dovahnation
  • Group B
    • Videogamer77
    • Zgriptor
    • Ecke
    • PakoMANIAC
  • Group C
    • RushSecond (King Puff Cup Champion of Season 1)
    • TerraReveene
    • Gandalf_The_Pink
    • KishinAshura
  • Group D
    • GReYWolF93
    • NuclearGoo
    • Julaiwnl
    • XiaoJyun
Here's the Challonge page for the group stage. Will we celebrate a new champion again? Will Memfisto be able to repeat his last season's victory? Will RushSecond rush to the 1st place again? Or will we even get to see one of the newcomers to the tournament scene outperforming the veterans? So many questions and we all have to wait until tomorrow to see the answers live on Twitch!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow, September 1st at 13.00 UTC on the official Twitch channel of the King Puff Cup and in the meantime, get yourself hyped with the official King Puff Invitational 3 trailer on YouTube.

Hotfix for Update 75

Today, one day prior to the 3rd King Puff Invitational, we will deploy a hotfix to the live server, causing downtime, unfortunately. We know that this isn't the very perfect moment, because participants want to use the last day to practice, that's why we are keeping the undisclosed downtime as low as possible. The hotfix contains bug fixes as follows:
  • Fixed emotes not working in the chat.
  • Added the Season 2 Puff Emotes to the chat.
  • Removed Rarities incorrectly being displayed on Arenas.
  • Fixed the fountains on Tranquil Estate being excessively bright.
  • Fixed two statues overlapping in Tranquil Estate.
  • Fixed Resort Ravager not being displayed as a Legendary rarity skin.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong skin would be shown when linking a master to a deck.
  • Fixed the match results screen having the mayhem tab over the level one.
  • Fixed an issue where Walking Blind Date would not spawn anything - thanks ElGreenGo!
  • Fixed an issue with Clear Skies where it would not properly remove the damage bonus of Rage.
  • Fixed an issue with Clear Skies where removing a Rage debuff from the same minion twice would break the game.
Thanks for reporting everyone & sorry for any inconvenience in advance. Watch out for official announcements about the live server being shut down & being live again on our official channels such as Discord, Reddit & Steam.


That's all for today, Masters! We'll see you tomorrow at the King Puff Invitational live on Twitch and wish everyone of you a nice weekend, already. Good luck to all participants, too!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, August 24, 2018

Community Happenings - King Puff Cup Season 3 Qualifers around the corner!

Minion Masters!

Tomorrow, the King Puff Cup staff will kick off the last tournament prior to the King Puff Invitational on September 1st! The Qualifiers leading to the main event of King Puff Cup Season 3 will be played in a different setting as usual. Let's have a closer look!

Five Master on the road to King Puff Invitational 3

The King Puff Invitational is by far the biggest event when it comes to competitive Minion Masters. The season finale not only comes with a larger prize pool but also with an exclusive in-game chat color, a sweet little trophy next to the winner's name & an exclusive in-game skin. Before we dive into the King Puff Invitational though, let's talk about the Qualifiers.

Five Masters will battle for 4 remaining spots at the King Puff Invitational and the KPC staff decided to let them battle it out in a Best of 5 Round Robin. From the 'Full Rulebook for Participants':
Qualifier players will earn 1 point for a match win and 0.5 points for each game win. The top 4 move into the Invitational as noted in the Seeding section.
Tiebreakers are first decided by if any of the tied participants had previously beaten any other tied participant. If there are none, then remaining participants play a bo1 with 2 bans. The lowest two seeds play against one another. This is followed by the next lowest seed playing against the winner of the previous tiebreaker match. This repeats until no more tiebreakers are needed.
Now that we got the settings & rules out of the way, here are our five Masters competing tomorrow:
  • TheHagenGnome
  • KishinAshura
  • PakoMANIAC
  • The_Dovahnation
  • XiaoJyun
All of them had shown a very steady performance across multiple tournaments this season and not a single one wouldn't have deserved a spot at the King Puff Invitational. Besides well-known names, we will get to see KishinAshura and/or XiaoJyun moving on to the KPI, both of which are rather new to the tournament scene around Minion Masters. They played their first King Puff Cup season and really surprised participants and viewers with their performances.

TheHagenGnome came back recently to the competitive side of Minion Masters and even though his beloved Volco got his Perk 1 changed a while back, he still seems to enjoy launching all these fireballs towards the opponents' faces.

Almost all of us know PakoMANIAC, the one who abandoned the Prowler for 3x Wizard Puffs. Let's see if this friendship holds & if we get to see some Puffs at the Qualifiers.

The_Dovahnation is another candidate for the King Puff Invitational. Known for his unmatched self-torture decks featuring loads of Blood Imps, he proved this season that he can not only decimate his own HP quickly but the opponent's as well.

For all of you not patient enough to wait for the stream tomorrow, the bracket of the Qualifers can be found right here.

We're very excited to see the action on the flying arenas tomorrow, August 25th at 13:00 UTC live on Twitch. Don't forget to tune in & have a chance to win in-game goodies for just watching and being active in the Twitch chat.

About King Puff Cup Season 2, Season 3, and the future

A lot of things are still work in progress regarding King Puff Cup Season 4. All parties involved want to have Season 3 to be finished first. From our side, all we can tell you by now is that we will have some interesting tournaments after the King Puff Invitational, testing potential adjustment to the tournament settings and formats. We also asked FFA in an interview - not only - about King Puff Cup Season 4, and here's what he had to tell:

Hi FFA, nice to have you! Even though the most members of our community might know you already as one of the official Discord moderators and head admin of the King Puff Cup, or just being very active in the community, would you please introduce yourself real quick?

Hi, I’m FFA, founder of the King Puff Cup. I am co-admin of the tournament organization and moderate the community Discord. In addition, I maintain my data spreadsheet for the game players can find at and coordinate various things across the community. I have been playing and giving feedback on the game since December 2016. And if anyone reading this has any follow up questions they’re free to leave me a message on Discord@FFA#4526. I don’t bite... much.

Now, the last two tournaments of King Puff Cup Season 3 are around the corner. We will see the Qualifiers for the King Puff Invitational this Saturday and the King Puff Invitational itself on Saturday, September 1st. If you look at King Puff Cup Season 3 retrospectively, how do you feel it went?

It went alright. However, I really prefer not to focus too much on the past of KPC. Instead, we tend to learn our lessons in the moment and implement improvements as fast as possible. With little to no hesitation. You can see how we do that in each new ruling, each improvement in our tournament formats and even in our prize pool distribution. In order to best serve the community, we always keep moving forward. 

What do you see as the major differences between King Puff Cup Season 2 and 3?

Oh, I don’t even know where to start! In Season 3, we have brought in a new reward system that awards players at the end of the season for participation in the King Puff Cup tournament circuit! Our King Puff Invitational Champion from KPI2, Memfisto, won the very first ‘Top Earner’ prize - the Super Mega Dwarf Pack with his 107.5 points over eight Cups! A whole 30.5 points more than Katt, who was in second place with 77 points over five Cups! 

In addition, we introduced the Hearthstone-inspired Last Master Standing and Conquest tournament formats. Two main formats rather than a variety of different formats mixed together. In addition, we implemented the Swiss system into our tournaments. Among other things, Swiss allows newer players to gain a lot more experience. As a result, newer players have a much faster track for learning enough to compete with some of our top players!

Looking at the roster for the Qualifiers and the already qualified participants of the Invitational, do you think we will get to see, once again, another King Puff Invitational winner?

Well, I really think that even in the Invitational’s groups anyone could win. As expected, those groups are filled with top players who have all shown the capability to pull out a win. Even the arguably underdogs that make up the lower seeds could enter with a strategy no one has seen before and blow the competition away! 
If I had to make a prediction though, I’d say RushSecond, the winner of the first KPI has a really good chance of winning it. If I had to pick someone that could rival RushSecond and Memfisto though, I’d pick a wildcard like Jamez28 or Julaiwnl. They’ve both shown the capability to compete at that high level with innovative strategies that the other participants may not be properly prepared for. Oh, and then there’s always The_Dovahnation. You never know what he’ll do! I think we’ll all find out together watching the King Puff Invitational streams over the next couple weekends at though.

Looking into the future a little bit: what can players and viewers expect from King Puff Cup Season 4?

Good question! There’s a lot still in the works, however, what I can tell you is to look forward to more casters, more money, more players, more fantastic art, more.. well, you get it. Expect more!
Oh, and you’ll get a little taste of even more fantastic art if you tune in for the King Puff Invitational Qualifiers this weekend and the full Invitational next weekend!

With the Discord partnership & shop announcement finally being communicated, what does the King Puff Cup staff expect regarding the impact on our early competitive scene, once Minion Masters is available for free in front of the eyes of a massive audience?

Oh man, anything could happen! I can’t speak for the rest of the staff, however, personally, I have no idea. I mean, this organization started over a year and a half ago as a couple casual tournaments designed to promote a single streamer. Now we’re a leading tournament organization, partnered with Betadwarf Entertainment. Since our inception, BetaDwarf went from little to no focus on esports to hiring you to manage the community and even created an Esports Coordinator position! No one could have predicted this. I’m not about to try and predict the future; however, I can’t wait to experience it!

FFA, thank you again for your time and your answers. Good luck with the season finale and if you want to leave some shout-outs, now’s the time to do so.

Alright, let's get to it! My first shout-out is going to have to go to Betadwarf’s team. They’re an incredible team to work, learn, or just hang out with. While they may make some decisions I'm not always particularly in favor of, they constantly work with us and our community to improve in every area. Not only do they sponsor our King Puff Cup tournaments and the upcoming Invitational, they even go out of their way to constantly reach out to the community for feedback and implement that feedback as best they can.

My second big shout out goes to Dippedy Doo Dah aka Daddy Dip aka Dipshit. Without his constant support, a lot of what King Puff Cup offers wouldn't be possible. Even Minion Masters wouldn’t be the same without him.

And finally, I'd like to end with a shout out to the entire community. The King Puff Cup and Minion Masters experience wouldn't be the same without the support of our staff, players, streamers, and community members that aren't only constant supporters of our organization; they're close friends, and sometimes they can even feel like a second family. They are the ones that make it all worth it.


That's all for today, Masters! Don't miss tomorrow's Qualifiers for the King Puff Invitational & have a nice King Puff Cup weekend ;) Next week we will have a closer look on Update 75, as well as the King Puff Invitational.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, August 20, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Mayhem & the in-game shop

Minion Masters!

Some of you might have read it in our latest newsletter, already: Mayhem is coming to Minion Masters very soon! The in-game shop will also get improved a lot & we have the Qualifiers upcoming for the King Puff Invitational. Let's look into these topics.

Mayhem changes the game rules frequently

We're excited to announce Mayhem, a new game mode we are currently working on. A game mode not available to play permanently. A game mode that has the sole purpose of being fun and experiencing something different apart from the ranked ladders, Drafts & different metas. Let's have a look at what Mayhem is all about:

  • Limited time events: Mayhem will not be available permanently. The game mode will rotate and new rules will be available approximately twice a week for ~3 days each.
  • Tournament-style: Mayhem will come with the usual Draft settings. Players will battle opponents until they reach 12 wins or 3 losses.
  • Sealed decks: Mayhem wants you to build a deck from your collection. You have the free choice of building this deck, but once submitted you have to stick with it for the duration of your run.
  • Rewards: special one-time rewards are coming back, similar to our Draft events earlier this year. These rewards could wait for you at certain win thresholds, such as 3 wins, 5 wins, 7 wins, 9 wins & 12 wins. Rewards will usually be cards. On top of that, you'll be rewarded at the end of your run similarly to Draft. The more wins you get, the bigger the reward. Overall, the rewards will contain Cards, Gold, Power Tokens, and Battle Pass XP.
  • Entry fees: Mayhem will cost you an entry fee. That typically differs somewhere around 15 to 150 Rubies. Additionally, there will be two free entries available if you manage to make a deck with a certain amount of Glory. For instance, that could mean you have to hit 1.000 Glory for the first free entry and 1.500 for the second.
Mayhem will change the game rules in some crazy ways. While we won't provide you with a full list of rulesets, some of the rules could be "All Minions gain Frenzy", "Bottom bridge is permanently under the effect of 'Burn the Bridges' but gives double XP", or even "Whenever you play a minion, summon a Blood Imp". Other rules might affect randomness or mana costs. Prepare yourself, Masters!

Please note that all information and provided values are subject to change at any point during the development. All provided information is thus not necessarily set in stone just yet.

All you can see in this little picture (graphics and prices) are placeholders!

What's up with the in-game shop?

Besides Mayhem, we are also working on the restructuring our offers in the in-game shop. Currently, the shop is very basic and offers do not look too exciting. It's just functional, no more, no less. To make things like 'Featured Offers' really count, we will go for the following changes:
  • We are removing the permanent availability of skins. In the future, skins will be available as special deals. These 'Featured Offers' will rotate every 3 days.
  • Skins that are part of the Battle Pass Seasons have a chance to rotate in. This only applies to skins of already finished Battle Pass Seasons.
  • There will be new skins when the new shop goes live.
  • We are adding 'Daily Offers', which will rotate every 24 hours.
Now, there are several reasons why we are changing the in-game shop and the availability of skins. One reason was already mentioned above: the new shop will simply be more exciting to visit and offers will be presented on a single store page. Additionally, there will be free stuff in the shop from time to time.
At the same time, skins will feel worth more to the owner due to them being not always available. This exclusivity will come with no changes to the cost of skins! Well, that's not entirely true since the one-time offers will make them even cheaper.

Adding the daily offers means more to look at and consider getting for yourself. And as we mentioned, there will be free stuff every once in a while. Overall, the rotations will mean that you might want to visit the shop more often to check what's new!

Please note that all currently available skins will be included in the upcoming rotation of 'Featured Offers'. If you think about getting one or more skins at the moment, it might be a good idea to get them while they are still available permanently. 

King Puff Season 3 finals around the corner!

But before we get to see the final action on the flying arenas at the 3rd King Puff Invitational, we have to determine the last 4 participants via the Qualifiers happening on Saturday, August 25th at 13:00 UTC. The qualifiers battling for the last 4 slots at the King Puff Invitational are:
  • TheHagenGnome
  • KishinAshura
  • PakoMANIAC
  • The_Dovahnation
  • XiaoJyun
The brackets for the Qualifiers can be found here and the full rulebook for participants of the Qualifiers and the King Puff Invitational over here. Please note that neither the Qualifiers nor the King Puff Invitational are open tournaments to sign-up for.

For more information about both events watch out for our Friday blog post, where we dive into all the information, rules, participants, and more!


That's all for today, Masters! If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to do so on STOMT, Discord, Reddit, Steam, Facebook or Twitter. Have a nice start to the week everyone!

Cheers from BetaDwarf