Friday, December 15, 2017

Community Happenings - The Flavour of the Month

Is it Friday already? Perfect! That means it's time for our Community Happenings and only one more day until King Puff Cup 14 will take place. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Sunday to watch the broadcast live on Twitch.

The Frostival continues

Two gifts can already be found in the frontiers of the Eternal Woods and the Cursed Valley. Since December 1st, you are able to find the Magma Cannon. This building is capable of hitting ground & air units.

Since December 8th, another limited supreme skin waits for you to claim it. Father Frostival Mordar can be unlocked via Expeditions or bought in the in-game shop.

Today, the third gift will be available. Starting at 9:00am UTC, a new supreme card waits for you to be claimed! Please be aware that during each phase, you can still find gifts from the previous phases. In fact, you have to find the previous gifts to get the ones from later phases. Quoted from our latest patch notes:
For example, on December 18th, if you have found the Magma Cannon, you must find the gift from phase 2 before you start finding phase 3.
The Frostival continues - enter it now, Masters!

Volco of the Week

There are many Volco decks out there and while we got some submitted, only one deck was able to make it. Last week, we had Tengs, Father of Whelp Invasions with his take on an air heavy deck and claims that he is able to beat Videogamer77 with it.

This week, we have no claims. But a Master who is confident that his deck works like a charm. Zgriptor submitted us his take on a Illusion Army called Flavour of the month Volco:

Interestingly, Zgriptor seems to follow Tengs advice on being effective against Videogamer77. We see two Dragon Whelps, which said player is ineffective against (according to Tengs). Zgriptor didn't want to share insights on that unfortunately. But he said:
The strategy is basically: Play a slow early game, try to hold the bridges as much as you can until Perk 1. You want to be able to trickle in damage via that perk everytime you play a card. Doesn't need to be spammy (unless you're winning). Try to time and alternate your Illusory Cleavers with the real Cleaver to confuse your opponent and make him to waste his answers on the fake Cleavers. Use Dragon Whelps & Plasma Marines with caution, since they're your only answers to flying units. You could also use Shock Rock + Daggerfall in a pinch to save your face from flying stuff, but they're generally better used on your opponent's side of the board to kill some of his minions and clear the path for your own to get to the face.
According to him, the deck shines, because:
This deck can be played in many ways, you can be slightly spammy when you win, to accelerate the game with that Perk 1. You can play defensive with your Cleaver & Whelps in case you're running into big stuff such as Golems and Colossi and then get a pretty significant advantage from the Perk 3 Enrage.
But has weaknesses also:
The now nerfed Demon Warrior + Ghost Turret defensive deck posed a problem if you were unable to win early. Cheese decks such as 3x Rammer + Rampage & Stun Blast have also an advantage over this deck, but fortunately, not that many people play those decks.
He also claims to have a win rate of around ~90% in ~50 matches in 1v1. Initially, it was unclear to us if he meant Challenges or 1vs1 Ranked mode, but his replays brought light into the dark. See for yourself!

What can we say? Thanks Zgriptor, Flavour of the Month Player. There are many Volco decks out there, but this one was a little different. On first sight, we spotted the link between this deck and Tengs' approach and it seems like Videogamer77 will have a hard time with these Whelps. Maybe someone wants to help him out with a Dragon Whelp Counter video?

King Puff Cup 14

Like mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, it's only one more day until King Puff Cup 14 takes place. The tournament will begin on Saturday, November 16th at 14:00 UTC and you have only until today at 14:00 UTC to sign up and submit your decks! So better hurry up and sign up right now!

Don't forget to also watch the matches broadcasted on Sunday, December 17th at 18:00 UTC (even if you didn't compete!) on


That's all for now, Masters! Head back to the frontiers or the flying arenas after you signed up for the King Puff Cup and get yourself in the right mood for christmas by remembering the tunes of the well known christmas song Jingle spells, jingle spells...

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, December 11, 2017

Minion Master's Monday - Conquest and more

Monday can only mean one thing, right? While for the vast majority "working" is the dominating term, Monday means two more things or us. First of all: Minion Master's Monday. A new blog post and the start in an amazing new week. Secondly, Monday means only 5 more days until the next King Puff Cup with a $225 prize pool. And that next King Puff Cup will be the first topic of this post.

Conquest with additional rules

A lot of talk was going on, since the King Puff Cup staff announced the format for King Puff Cup 14 on December 16th at 14:00 UTC. After a survey, the majority of the community voted for a match format called Conquest mode. This is a very common format, especially in Hearthstone tournaments. In Minion Masters however, it needed some tweaks. But first, let's see what Conquest means:

Conquest, in Hearthstone, forces you to bring 4 decks with different Heroes (equivalent to Masters in Minion Masters). Every match, one deck gets banned by your opponent. He does not know your deck lists, only the Heros! You also ban one deck of your opponents lists and the format forces you to win one game with every deck. The rules state that:
Any deck that is victorious can no longer be used. Another deck must be chosen. And, any deck that is defeated may be played again, or another deck may be used.
In Hearthstone, tournaments with the Conquest format are always Best of 5. Here's a short video for explanation purposes.

In Minion Masters, Conquest was a thing before. The problem was, that players in Minion Masters only needed to switch the Master, but essentially played the same list. In Hearthstone, the problem does not occur, since every Heroes has its very own class cards. Playing the same archetype is possible, sometimes even very similar lists, but not entirely same decks. That's why the King Puff Cup staff added additional rules this time:
  • 4 decks must be submitted along with a link to your Steam Profile via email to when you signup
  • Each deck must have a different master
  • No deck can share more than 4 cards with any other deck. No Wild Cards are allowed.
The first point is pretty clear. As soon as you sign up, you have to submit 4 complete decks with different Masters each and a link to your Steam Profile to said Email address. The tweaks come with the last point. No deck can share more than 4 cards with any other deck. That means, every deck needs to have 6 unique cards included. Only 4 cards can be shared with any other deck of yours. So better think twice about the core cards you want to use. And don't try to put a card more than once in your deck, since "Wild Cards are NOT ALLOWED. You may NOT have a 2nd or 3rd copy of any card in your deck."

By the way: matches in Minion Masters will be played Best of 3 (each party bans two decks prior to the first game), except matches 12, 13, 14, and 15 of the main stage. This matches will be played as Best of 5 and require therefore only one ban from each party.

What's the advantage of Conquest?

While this sounds pretty confusing (or weird) to some of you, Conquest is not that common and popular for no reason. First of all, it prevents players from snowballing through tournaments by only using one deck. For some players, that also means to leave their comfort zone! For others, that might mean that they have some room for being creative with 4 decks needed to participate.

Conquest adds two other layers of difficulty to tournaments: mind games and prediction. Every regular player knows the most common decks in the Top20 by just looking at the leaderboards in-game. If you spot your opponent is about to play Apep, you might think of a specific list. But is it that list? Does his Mordar run Colossus against your face deck, probably? Banning Apep might bring you a huge disadvantage then and Mordar might be the better pick for banning.

With that being said and explained, we hope that some of the confusion about Conquest and the additional rules are out of the way. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on Reddit, the Steam forums or on Discord.

Deck of the Week

Last Friday, we presented our first Deck of the Week. Tengs was the lucky guy earning the fame and is now known as Whelp Invasion Tengs, Father of Baby Dragons. If you have some cool deck list to share with us, do it! All we need is a screenshot of the deck, a brief explanation about the strategy and 3 replays against different opponents (1vs1 Ranked). Your submissions go to:

With that being said, we end this blog post and start finishing that juicy patch we planned for Wednesday. Balance changes, tons of improvements and a big rework of one of our Masters are coming. Monday means working, even for dwarves ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, December 8, 2017

Community Happenings - Frostival, Whelps and Conquest

Another week's almost gone and the weekend waits. This time, there's no tournament, but a mysterious visitor wanders through the frontiers of the Eternal Woods and the Cursed Valley. The second gift waits for you to find and claim it. Starting now, the following weeks will bring you supreme gifts.

Can't wait any longer? You don't have to, join the Frostival!

Whelps... eh, Deck of the Week

The first Deck of the Week, a format our community voted for, comes from Tengs. Some of you might already know him, some missed his excellent pronunciations (oh boy, we can't forget that Xiao Longs) in a video together with Edelweiss or live on Twitch during the King Puff Cup streams.

Here's the deck list on Ravager:

He calls that deck Whelp Invasion. Furthermore, Tengs claims that:
Its a high skillcapped deck that is super effective against Videogamer. Got around 67% win rate in GM last season with this deck. But its damn hard to play.
While we do not have any reaction from Videogamer on the claimed effectiveness against him, we have the basic explanation of the deck from Tengs:
Simply the goal is to dominate the field with whelps. The enemy might have 1 or 2 anti air, but never more. So you will often find yourself taking bridges and getting lots of value from each and every whelp. Some support tools are added and you could argue to switch beam with black hole. But this is personal preference. This deck dominates after perk 2. But perk 1 is very strong with this drakes also, because you often already have 2-3 drakes on the field when he comes out.
Whether this is meta-defining or not is up to you. But we know for sure that Tengs piloted this deck last season on Grandmaster with an impressive win rate, so maybe you want to give it a shot. On a sidenote: We will look into Videogamer's ineffectiveness against Dragon Whelps.

The replays Tengs provided for this deck can be downloaded here:

What was going on this week?

The week started with our Minion Master's Monday. We talked about the last King Puff Cup 13, a 2vs2 tournament won by Vango & Some Boxes. Congratulations to both of them and to RushSecond & Zgriptor, as well as Videogamer77 & PakoMANIAC for the 2nd and 3rd place.

We also talked about our current tasks in terms of development and the Minion Masters Card Design Contest. This contest was the topic of the day last Wednesday. PedroEX won the final voting with the Incubus, a card idea with similar mechanics like the Succubus. Congratulations to PedroEX again!

There was a lot more happening on Discord and Reddit, but it's impossible to cover it all. Therefore, we advice you to subscribe our official Subreddit and join our official Discord.

King Puff Cup already announced?

Indeed. Thursday morning (CET), all of a sudden threads on the Steam forums and Reddit came up. FFA announced the next King Puff Cup on December 16th at 14:00 UTC! The prize pool is again $225, but the format changed. This time, the tournament will be played 1vs1 with the known Conquest Mode. So better prepare some decks this time, because the format forces you to use 4 different decks.

Some of you may already know the format from Hearthstone, but in Minion Masters, the KPC staff decided to add a few more rules. So, please make sure to read the announcement and the rules carefully and feel free to ask questions, anytime.

That's it for this Friday. We hope you enjoyed the week, this blog post and are ready to participate in the next King Puff Cup. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, December 4, 2017

Minion Master's Monday

Monday. The weekend is gone, work's waiting and generally, it feels Winter. At least here! The perfect time of the year to stay at home after work and spend some time with the family, friends and enjoy the Frostival in the Eternal Woods or the Cursed Valley! On Friday, December 8th at 10am CET, there's the next gift waiting for you. It all comes down to Winter and Bones...

King Puff wanted team battles

And whenever King Puff wants something, he gets it. We don't know about you, but King Puff Cup 13 was a huge tournament this weekend. 23 teams were battling on the flying arenas for honor, glory and a $225 prize pool sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment.

The stream on Sunday was hosted and casted by everyone's favorite - and this time sick - Dipshit, joined by The Corpse, The Robot, the many names Sinilil. We saw the final stage casted live on Twitch and it was amazing. Close to the grand finals, we even watched a revenge!

VideoMANIAC (Videogamer77 & PakoMANIAC) beat Rushgriptor (RushSecond & Zgriptor) in the second round of the winners bracket. Not without consequences! In the final round of the losers bracket both teams met each other again, this time with Rushgriptor as the winners. The grand finals were as close as they could be with !sr mimimi (Vango & Some Boxes) against Rushgriptor. After 5 games, !sr mimimi led 3:2 and got the first place in King Puff Cup 13. RushSecond rushed second together with Zgriptor and Videogamer77 & PakoMANIAC are still waiting for a Prowler buff, this time on the 3rd place.

Congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to everyone organizing, participating and watching! We can't wait for King Puff Cup 14! Did you miss the stream yesterday? Here you go for the VOD!

Dwarves in the Winter

Well, at least in the office is heated. First of all, we want to clear something up: last Friday we announced to present the winner of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest together with our Wednesday patch. This is no longer true, since there will be no Wednesday patch this week. We're currently working on bigger reworks, the third Expedition, the necessary Spectator mode, an overhauled UI 2.0, other cool content and Quality of Life improvements as well as bug fixes. Especially features like Spectator mode and a new UI are longer tasks we cannot distribute on a week to week basis and since you're covered with gifts, we decided to not patch Minion Masters this Wednesday.

Minion Masters Card Design Contest

Nonetheless, we announced to present the winner on Wednesday. And we will do so! Yes, you heard that right: the winner of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor will be presented on Steam! And you still have some time to choose your favorite card out of the 9 finalists.

The voting will be closed on Tuesday, December 5th at 10am CET! So better make sure to vote as soon as possible. Here you go for the poll!

Before we come to an end for this Monday blog post, we want to remind you to contact Erythais on Discord of via Email ( for the Deck of the Week presented on Friday! Send him your deck list, at least 3 replays against different opponents in 1vs1 and a brief explanation, why you think this deck deserves the presentation!

With that being said, have an amazing week on the flying arenas everybody and cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Community Happenings - Gifts and Finals

Another week comes to an end and we have the King Puff Cup weekend around the corner. We can't wait to see the team battles on the flying arenas! But first, let's have a look what happened this week.

Enter The Frostival!

Wintertime means gifts for our Masters! From today onwards, you will be able to find a new gift every week until the Frostival comes to an end at January 3rd. On the picture above we have four dates, which mark the beginning of a new week. In the following, we will give you an overview of what you can expect from the Frostival and the hunt in the Expeditions!

Today, you will be able to get your hand on the Magma Cannon -  a new rare building to defend yourselves against your foes and warm yourselves by its fire. 

On December 8th, you will be able to hunt for a limited supreme skin for Mordar!

On December 15th, there's another curs... card for you to obtain. Supreme this time!

On December 22nd - the last extended week of the event - it's time for cards again: it's about small creatures, but don't let them fool you! Another supreme card will enter Minion Masters!

Please note that all cards are craftable as soon as their respective week ends. The skin will only be available during the event! It is possible to find the event encounters in Expeditions you have already started, but the chance is only there in unrevealed areas of the Expedition.

Content you want!

Last Friday, we started a poll with a simple question: "What content are you interested in?" You voted for 7 days and the results are as follows:
  1. Deck of the Week: 30 percent of you want to see that format! The Deck of the Week - a randomized deck we choose from the Top20 or your submissions - got the most votes. To clarify that again: That format includes the deck, a brief explanation of the player about the deck and its cards as well as replays or videos.
  2. Ask the Dwarves: A bit of a surprise for us, but only 24 percent of you want to have community questions answered by us in our Friday blog posts. In the end, the ongoing AMA got the second place in the poll.
  3. Interviews: Larger and more detailed interviews are something 20 percent of you want.
  4. Player of the Month: Who needs a short amount of fame? Player of the Month was voted by 14 percent of you.
  5. Twitch Clips: 12 percent of the voters says it all.
With that vote being finished and the results presented to you, we decided to implement Deck of the Week in our next Friday blog post. Therefore, we advise you to submit your deck to Erythais on Discord or via Email ( Please note, that submissions have to include the deck list, a minimum of 3 replays against different opponents in 1vs1 Ranked and a brief explanation why you think the deck is worth the title Deck of the Week.

Depending on your engagement, we might include the second place later as well ;)

Card Design Contest

We got our finalists! After analyzing the results and the votes, we can present you the 9 most wanted cards out of 210 submissions:
  • Melee: Tree of the Life, Webcaster Tarantula & Incubus
  • Ranged: Ranger, Plasma Sniper/Sharpshooter & Necromancer
  • Flying: Harpy, Elite Dragon, Shadow Dragon
The final voting lasts 5 days (including today) until December 5th at 10 am CET and we will present the winner together with our Wednesday patch notes! How to vote this time? 
  1. Open the poll & the spreadsheet
  2. Look up your favorite card or cards
  3. Vote for up to 3 cards (1 per category)
  4. Enter your Steam ID
  5. Submit your votes
Please note, that only one respond per person is allowed and you cannot edit your votes after you submitted them.

One last thing: we would have had to disqualify a total of 3 cards, whereas only one of them made it to finals. Power Puff is disqualified due to vote cheating, two other cards would have been disqualified for the same reason.

Group up for the King Puff Cup

We can't wait any longer! Tomorrow at 14:00 UTC starts King Puff Cup 13 with a prize pool of $225! This time, the KPC staff presents a 2vs2 tournament. Please beware, that the new card Magma Cannon is banned from the tournament, due to not being available to everyone by crafting, yet.

The KPC staff told us, that there's still room for more teams and that's why we want to encourage you to participate. Grab your friend, train yous skills and synergies, but don't forget to sign up!

With that being said, we want to come to an end and wish everybody a nice weekend, a nice King Puff Cup and a fantastic streaming experience on Sunday at 18:00 UTC.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, November 27, 2017

Minion Master's Monday - King Puff, Money and Demons

Minion Masters!

Did you have a nice weekend? We sure hope so! Our weekend was about rumors and guesses. But also about tournament prizes & votings. Today is Minion Master's Monday and we have a few topics to talk about. Again, it's about rumors, guesses, prizes and votings.

Get a partner, Masters!

Because King Puff Cup 13 gives you a total of 225 reasons to do so! Yes, you got that right: King Puff Cup is officially sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment with prize money for every single tournament! So far, the King Puff Cup staff decided to distribute $225 amongst the Top4 players:
  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $60
  • 3rd place: $40
  • 4th place: $25
King Puff Cup 13 will take place on December 2nd at 14 UTC. This time it's a 2vs2 tournament without any restrictions. You and your partner are free to play whatever you desire most. Please make sure to read the official announcement for all the information and rules you need, as well as for the link in order to sign up and compete for a prize pool of $225.

Changes on the horizon

While prize money for the King Puff Cup is a huge announcement, our comunity was actively guessing about changes to a specific Minion, the Demon Warrior. She was called overpowered, some of you thought she might get removed. To clear that up: we will not change her gameplay-wise. The announced changes are a visual overhaul that also involves her animations. To quote UncleOwnage at this point, the visuals and animations were "crappy".

What's your interests?

Last Friday, we asked you to vote for content you're interested in. So far, the leading part of the community (29 percent) wants to see kind of an ongoing AMA called "Ask The Dwarves". Another 22 percent wants to see more and larger interviews, followed by 20 percent voted for "Deck of the Week".

Just to make sure: this poll runs until December 1st at 10am CET. So make sure to vote for content you're interested in!

You can find a brief explanation of the topics in our last Community Happenings.

Minion Masters Card Design Contest

210 submissions are too much? Not for ThatSprite and Sinilil! Both were discussing every single card idea live on Twitch last Friday. It took a while, but they did it! If you have 5 hours to spend and want to hear their recommendations and thoughts, here's the VOD.

And don't forget to vote! The first voting of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor will run until November 30th, 10am CET.


Now, we wish you a successful week. We also want to encourage you to grab your friend and participate in the first King Puff Cup with prize money! Still looking for a partner? Have a look at our official Discord. The #tournament channel is waiting for you.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, November 24, 2017

Community Happenings - Did you already vote?

Minion Master at the Xbox Booth in France

Welcome to our Community Happenings! Did you have an exciting week? We for sure hope so! In the office, the team was busy like usual and while Monday and Tuesday were quiet, Wednesday came with a lot of work after we updated the game. Like you most probably noticed, we experienced some server issues. Seems like the Masters needed some extra time to get ready ;)

Minion Masters Card Design Contest

Yesterday, we started phase 2 of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest in cooperation with Zgriptor. Phase 2 is the 1st voting with a mega poll containing all 210 unique and valid submissions. The voting will run for 7 days until November 30th at 11am CET! During that time, every community member is able to vote for as many cards as desired. Please note, that every respondent will be required to sign in to Google and submitting the votes is limited to 1 respond per user. So please make sure you voted for every card you wanted to prior to submitting your votes.

How it works

Since the thread on the Steam forums and Reddit felt a bit complicated to read, we copied every valid submission into a spreadsheet, which will serve as a tool for you to see all the essentials of every card idea. The poll itself does only contain the card names. Here's a brief instruction how the voting works:

  1. Take your time and look out for interesting cards ideas in the spreadhseet
  2. On the poll page, press CTRL + F and copy the card name into the search field
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Vote for the card idea
  5. Repeat the steps for multiple votes

I want to see the 210 submissions! → to the spreadsheet
Let me vote! → to the poll

The results can be seen anytime!

After 7 days, we will close the voting and start a new one. Phase 3 will start with 9 cards (the 3 most wanted card ideas of each category) and pitch them against each other to determine the winning card idea. The categories were: Melee, Ranged and Flying.

Phase 3 will run for 5 additional days. Watch out for announcements on the Steam forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

Another voting starts

Like mentioned in our last Minion Master's Monday, we will start another voting today. In fact, the voting started with the release of this blog post. What we want to know from you? Simple:

In order to deliver you content you are interested in, we developed some topic ideas. The topic ideas are as follows:

  1. Deck of the Week: The Deck of the Week would be a randomized choice from our side. We would choose a Top20 player or a submitted deck (including at least 3 replays against different opponents) and feature it in our Friday blog posts. That format includes the deck, a brief explanation of the player about the deck and its cards as well as replays or videos.
  2. Twitch Clips: This is more an addition to the Community Happenings. We would love to see you contribute to the content we present. Therefore, you would be able to send us Twitch Clips and a brief explanation. We would publish them on our blog and mention you, of course! In the end, these clips could be presented as something like "Best Plays of the Week" or "Funniest Minion Master Moments".
  3. Interviews: Our interviews were rather short. The reason for that is, that we do not want to publish a longread every week. If you want to see longer and more detailed interviews, vote for it! We would then publish them as an extra blog post.
  4. Ask the Dwarves: We know that you want to know as much as possible about Minion Masters and what's going on behind the scenes. Since we cannot answer every single thread on the Steam forums or on Reddit and the team is too busy for regular Developer Streams or AMA's, we thought "Ask the Dwarves" could be a cool idea! You would send your questions to Erythais and every Friday, he would select 3-5 questions to be answered in the blog post.
  5. Player of the Month: The Player of the Month would be voted by you! In the last week of the season, we would start a survey to determine the player, who gets featured on our blog! That format would include an interview, used decks for the season, explanations, replays/videos and so on.
The poll will run for 7 days and you can vote for multiple topics. More than one respond per person is not allowed! The results of the poll will be presented next Friday.

The results can be seen anytime!

Since we got you covered for the weekend and next week, we feel that coming to an end for that weeks Community Happenings is reasonable. Have a nice weekend everybody and don't forget to bring the flying arenas to life!

Cheers from BetaDwarf