Friday, March 16, 2018

Community Happenings - Mysterious

Minion Masters!

Did you already achieve your 12 wins in Draft mode and got access to the Incubus? Even if not, you still have time. The Draft event runs until March 28th and if you cannot manage to achieve 12 wins by then, the Incubus will be available - like every other card - by spinning and crafting.

Update ?? - The mysterious 46 days teaser

Some of you were wondering after Update 61. In the in-game news section, a teaser appeared telling you that something mysterious will happen in ~46 days. Some assumed it's the release countdown. Well, it's not the release countdown! It's a countdown for another big, big update. We don't want to go into too much detail right now, but it's about new seasons, multiple cards per season (yes, themed card packs are a thing in Minion Masters), progression and more.

Over the course of the next weeks, we'll have more shareable information for you and who knows, maybe even the PTR comes back online when the mysterious update comes closer ;)

Speaking of the release: the mysterious update in ~46 days is a major step towards the release. New seasons, multiple ways to progress and multiple cards per season are cornerstones to implement fresh content into Minion Masters and keep players busy until the next season. And don't worry, we also have new Masters in the pipeline... but not in 46 days.

Update 61 Issues

Our latest update came with issues. It goes without saying that we're sorry for that and we released a hotfix yesterday. There are still reported issues with stealth units like Styxi and Assassin, which we investigate right now.

A big thanks to our community for reporting all these issues and providing us with additional information like screenshots, replays, short videos and the output_log. You're helping us improving Minion Masters!


This week's blog post is kinda short, but we'll make up for that next week. The next few Community Happenings will present interviews with various people interacting with Minion Masters. Be it streamers, YouTubers, top or not so top players or even Dwarves... Have a nice weekend everyone!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, March 12, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Draft it

Minion Masters!

Did you have a nice weekend? We sure hope so. We also hope that you saved some Gold or Rubies for the upcoming Draft event because it's not just about more rewards! It's about the release of the Incubus, a card designed by PedroEX - winner of the Minion Masters Card Design Contest 2017!

More wins, more rewards

Most of you played Draft for a run or two already. Some players are known for playing Draft the vast majority of their time or even exclusively. For all players never touched Draft before, here's a short explanation:

As soon as you start a Draft, you'll get to choose a Master out fo 3 random Masters. With your Master chosen, you'll get to pick 1 card at a time out of 3 random cards until your deck is full. After that, your Draft run begins and you'll get matched against other Draft players. A single Draft run can last for a maximum of 12 wins. If you lose 3 times throughout your run, it's game over. Pretty simple.

On Wednesday, March 14th, we'll start a Draft event lasting until March 28th. This event will introduce a new card and additional one-time prizes available during the event. These one-time prizes will be available at certain win thresholds. Here's an overview of what you'll get and when:
  • 3 wins will get you 1.000 Gold
  • 6 wins will get you a random rare card
  • 9 wins will get you 100 Rubies
If you manage to achieve 12 wins during the event, you'll get the new card - and Minion Masters Card Design Contest 2017 winner - Incubus! This is the only way to obtain the card during the event. After the event has finished the card will be available through spins and crafting as usual.

During the event, there's also a 40% chance to get the Incubus as a card choice for every Draft run. 

Bug fixes and more

While a Draft event and a new card are amazing, we will also introduce several bug fixes and more. One of the most noteworthy bug fix should be that Musketeer will function normally again. No more frustration with this unit after it dodged.

As it stands, we won't introduce balance changes with Update 61 since we want to gather more data in order to make informed decisions.


That's all for today, Masters! We're just as excited as you about the Incubus and can't wait to start the first Draft as soon as the update will hit on Wednesday. See you there!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, March 9, 2018

Community Happenings - Community Content

Minion Masters!

Update 61 is around the corner and we at the office are already excited to play Draft mode with additional rewards and the Incubus. How about you? Well, there's still a few days between now and next Wednesday. To make the waiting a bit easier, we want to introduce a few pieces of content created by our community.

In-depth looks

Edelweiss is one of our top players and can be regularly seen in the Top20. He's also one of the top content creators on YouTube when it comes to Minion Masters. Generally, he provides in-depth looks on changes we make, but funny content as well.

Black Hole Wars, for instance, was about a 2vs2 match he played with a friend and just like the title already tells us, a lot of Black Holes where used.

His latest video is about Update 60 and all the related changes. Edelweiss provides his own opinion on the update and balance changes and presents a Ravager deck, which he made mainly to counter Demon Warrior Apep.

If you want to check out more of Edelweiss' content, you can find his YouTube channel here and his Twitter account here.

Grandmaster's Journey

Another, very active content creator on YouTube is Zgriptor. He presents first looks at new updates as well as deck ideas. Zgriptor is - just like Edelweiss - a regular Top20 player and an active tournament participant.

In the video above, Zgriptor presents a deck made with 10 legendary cards. A really funny project and he even managed to reach #1 in 1vs1 with it.

His latest project is a series of videos called Grandmaster's Journey. Zgriptor recorded his 1vs1 games until he hit Grandmaster in February in this series and presents them live commentated. Be it new players or veterans, there's surely a lot of stuff where one can learn something new from such a series. The current Episode is 9, but better you start with Episode 1 ;)

If you're interested in more content from Zgriptor, you can find his YouTube channel here and his Twitter account here.

More content?

If you want even more content about Minion Masters, we suggest to simply search for "Minion Masters" on YouTube or head over to Twitch! We have some very active and regular streamers appreciating every single viewer. Our latest streamers are - for instance - Dorwulf and SwongoTV.

We want to thank every content creator for the effort and support at this point and we hope that we will see even more Minion Masters content in the future!


That's all for today, Masters! Head back to the flying arenas or enjoy some content from our community members. In any case, have a nice weekend everybody!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, March 5, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Incubus meets Draft mode

Minion Masters!

Last Friday we promised a bit more information on the upcoming Update 61 for Minion Masters. This patch is planned for March 14th. What's included? Let's have a brief look.

Draft event and a new card

After many events featuring the Expeditions, we wanted to highlight the main game modes some more. That's why Update 61 starts a Draft event lasting for 2 weeks. From March 14th until March 28th it's time for you to show off your skills in building a deck from random cards! To bring something fresh into it, we're changing the Draft mode rewards.

Normally, you'll get rewarded according to the total wins you managed to achieve during your Draft run. Well, that doesn't change. But how about one-time rewards at certain win thresholds? Yes, we thought you might like that ;) The best part is: these one-time rewards will be granted to you on top of the normal rewards! More income per Draft even if you don't reach 12 wins.

Another thing that changes for the event is a special reward, so to speak. The Minion Masters Card Design Contest winning card Incubus will be exclusively available throughout the event! All you have to do is to achieve 12 wins in Draft mode.

On top of that, every Draft ticket gets a 40 percent chance to get a choice of 3 cards including the Incubus. Once you unlock a copy you can craft more, and the card is obtainable after the event via spins and crafting.

In case you missed our initial reveal of the Incubus during the last King Puff Invitational, here's the VOD. Please note, that at this point the Incubus wasn't finally balanced and stats, as well as skills of the card, are subject to change.

Other changes you should know about

As it stands, Update 61 will additionally contain bug fixes and several smaller changes. To date, we do not plan balance changes with Update 61. However, there might be a Steam sale on the horizon ;)

When it comes to the tournament scene around Minion Masters, the V.U. Open was happening last Saturday! Sinilil ran this tournament mainly to do our US-based players a favor in terms of tournament starting time and to have a competitive event with the new settings introduced with Update 60. Here's the Top4 of this event:
  1. boxes
  2. Edelweiss
  3. ecke
  4. Terra Reveene
Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to everyone participating!


That's all for today, Masters! Now head back to the flying arenas and it's probably a good idea to train your Draft skills ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday's Community Happenings

Minion Masters!

A busy week comes to an end. Wasn't that a really huge patch on Wednesday? So many changes, adjustments and we're just getting started. Remember when we told you: "2018 will be legendary"? We meant it ;)

Minion Masters this weekend?

The King Puff Cup took a break after the King Puff Invitational and plans to start the third season in April. The current dates can be seen here:

Seems like the King Puff Cup staff changed the look of their graphics as well ;) But what exactly does that mean for competitive Minion Masters? Only ladder until April? 

Definitely not. Sinilil, one of the casters for the King Puff Cup, announced the V.U. Open, yesterday. According to him, this tournament will happen on Saturday, March 3rd at 1pm EST (UTC -5) and aims to collect data on the impact of the Visual Rework on competitive Minion Masters and to have some fun in a competitive environment. Nevertheless, we appreciate the effort and want to give participants a little incentive. Therefore the prize pool for this tournament is 5.000 Rubies and 20.000 Gold.

Everybody can participate and the tournament rules are quite easy: no Wild cards, have fun. Here you go for additional information and to sign up!

Next week in Minion Masters

On Wednesday, we introduced Update 60 - Looks matter! The Visual Rework and all related changes, as well as balance adjustments, were huge and changed Minion Masters in several areas. What exactly happened can be read in our official patch notes.

Next week, we want to give you a little insight on our next patch, which is planned for March 14th, if all goes to plan. It's all about Draft mode and a new card we already revealed during the King Puff Invitational on Saturday, February 24th

The PTR (Public Test Realm) was shut down this week and will eventually return for short test periods, whenever deemed important. At his point, we want to thank our whole community for being so engaged, supportive, talkative and putting so much effort into helping us improve Minion Masters! You guys are amazing!


That's all for this week, Masters. After 9 pages of patch notes on Wednesday, there's not that much left to tell :P Have a nice weekend everybody!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, February 26, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - See for yourself!

Minion Masters!

We sure hope you had an amazing weekend with the King Puff Invitational last Saturday live on Twitch. What a show! An intense group stage, exclusive live reveals, and the thrilling final stage. Thanks to the King Puff Cup staff for an amazing tournament and stream!

Today, however, we have something else exciting for you, Masters.

PTR anyone?

From now on you can enter the PTR (Public Test Realm) and have a look at the Visual Rework and related gameplay changes for yourself. We aim to introduce all changes on Wednesday, February 28th but don't want you to be totally unprepared. So, here's what's you need to do in order to enter the PTR:
  1. Right-click Minion Masters in your Steam Library
  2. Click Properties
  3. Select the tab Betas
  4. Copy "publictestftw" and paste it into the empty text field (without "")
  5. Click Check Code
  6. Select public_test - PTR 1 from the Dropdown menu
  7. Click Close
You may have to restart Steam in order to get access. A download should be starting and once it's finished, you'll be able to enter the PTR. On the test server, you'll have access to all cards and skins. Resources you spend or earn will not change anything on your live account.

Once you start the game and connected to the PTR, you'll be able to test the game version 0.60.3 as shown live on stream during the King Puff Invitational with the exception of Incubus. This Minion is not planned for Wednesday and thus not part of the public PTR, today.

Visuals have changed, assets in the arenas are bigger now (that's why the arenas feel smaller), gameplay is more fast-paced now and units like Prowler, Battle Shi-Hou, Scrat Tank, Morgrul, Brutus & Terror Brutus and the Healing Shrine received balance changes. You'll find more details on that in the feedback threads.

Wait! Feedback threads? Yes, we opened feedback threads on the Steam forums and Reddit in order to receive your feedback in a structured way. As always, feedback and suggestions should be given calm, constructive and rational

With that being said: happy testing, Masters and if you missed the live reveal on Saturday, here's your VOD!

King Puff Invitational

Last Saturday, the King Puff Cup Season 2 found its end with the second King Puff Invitational. The 16 very best tournament players were invited to fight for a grand total of $850 in the prize pool - sponsored by BetaDwarf and Inception eSports - as well as an exclusive skin for the winner:

This skin goes to the winner of the King Puff Invitational and will be available to all other players via the in-game shop.

Intense battles were fought, thrilling matches played and we saw finest Minion Masters gameplay for many, many hours live on Twitch. In the end, the winners are:
  1. Memfisto
  2. RushSecond
  3. Dirion
  4. boxes
Congratulations to the Top4 and all other participants, as well! Special thanks to the King Puff Cup staff and our loyal viewers on Twitch! Furthermore, a big thanks to Inception eSports for contributing to the prize pool!

If you missed the tournament or parts of it, here are the VODs:


That's all for today, Masters! Now enter the PTR or fight for the last points of this season before the season reset on March 1st. 

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, February 23, 2018

Community Happenings - $850 and lots of specials

Minion Masters!

Today is not just another Friday. Today is the day before the King Puff Invitational of the King Puff Cup Season 2 and - if all goes to plan - the last Friday before the Visual Rework gets introduced. Excited? Hyped? Want to see the very best tournament players competing against each other already? Can't wait any longer for reveals? Well, then this Saturday is for you!

Visual Rework Reveal

On Saturday, February 24th, we will reveal the Visual Rework live on Twitch during the King Puff Invitational! Between the Group and Final Stage, we will show you guys what we're about to introduce to Minion Masters. You will see showmatches revealing the new Sticky Placement mechanics, the new Aggro & Range Indicators, the new Visuals and a lot more. But that's not all!

Along with the reveal of the Visual Rework, we will also present new exciting changes and implementations planned for Minion Masters! We don't want to tell you what exactly right now since some things are just better explained by seeing them instead of reading. Did we mention that UncleOwnage and Erythais will be live on stream for that? Well, now you know!

Get ready for the show and remember: there are no brakes on the Hype Train ;)

King Puff Invitational

The main show on Saturday, starting at 14:00 UTC, is the King Puff Invitational, of course. The 16 very best tournament players of the current King Puff Cup Season 2 will be fighting for the King Puff Champions Title, special visual in-game features and the prize pool of $850 in total. This is the second highest prize pool in the history of Minion Masters for the second King Puff Invitational!

Make sure to bring some time on Saturday, since this tournament will be played as follows:

In the group stage, the 16 participants are divided into 4 groups. Every group plays Round Robin and the two point leaders will advance to the final stage. The matches will be Best of 2 with the Conquest format in place.

In the final stage, things will happen more like usual: Double Elimination, Conquest Best of 3 except the medal matches, which will be Best of 5s.

At the end of this Community Happenings, we want to shout out special thanks to Inception eSports for their ongoing support by spreading the word, especially on Twitch! You guys are doing an amazing job and we're very thankful for all your effort! Let's see if RushSecond can win the second King Puff Invitational in a row and bring the King Puff Cup Champions Title to Inception eSports ;)

Masters, that's all! Good luck to all participants and for the rest of you: we see you on Saturday!

Cheers from BetaDwarf