Monday, May 21, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Twitch, you and the Tri-Team tourney

Minion Masters!

How was your weekend? Or more precise your Sunday, because we assume that you were watching King Puff Cup 20 live on Twitch last Saturday. Before we're coming to that though, we have to talk about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Tuesday is Streamday

We will be back on Twitch this week with another live stream! As we stated last week, we'll aim to make these streams happen on a weekly basis to keep in touch with you as frequently as possible. Our next stream is therefore on Tuesday, May 22nd at 20:00 UTC and comes with the following bullet points:
  • Season Update (no PTR preview, yet)
  • Fun tournaments
  • Streaming communities
  • General news
  • Questions & Answers
We hope to see you tomorrow, Masters!

Tri-Team tournament standings

Update 66 introduced an overhauled user interface and marked the start of the Tri-Team tournament. The first week was a blind pick for all of you because you don't know yet which house is leading the votings. This will change! On Wednesday, we will reveal the standing of each house in the tournament. Nonetheless, you still have time to show your allegiance afterward and the event goes on for another week.

When the event is finished, the winning house will advance into the 'Best of' tournament, where the three Masters of the respective house will reveal their unique card ideas. Keep the votes coming in! 

He did it again!

King Puff Cup 20 was clearly the highlight last Saturday. 19 participants started into the 3rd tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3 and the group stage was already surprising us in round 1! Videogamer77, the winner of the tournament, lost to Chicken Chaser 0:2. Videogamer's performance was on spot for the rest of the group stage though, and so we got to see him advancing to the final stage.

Surprisingly, Nuclear Goo wasn't able to make it through the group stage. The finalist of the last tournament struggled this time and managed to achieve 3 wins and 3 losses during the 6 rounds of group stage, played with the Swiss format.

Another winner of this season's King Puff Cup tournaments is katt. He won the very first tournament of Season 3 and what shall we say other than: congratulations again! katt advanced to the final stage with an undefeated record from the group stage and didn't lose a single game on his way to the tournament win. Videogamer77 wasn't able to stop him in the semi-finals and Memfisto couldn't take away his tournament win in the finals, either.

We want to congratulate & thank all participants! Thank you also to all the viewers and, of course, the King Puff Cup staff!

In case you missed the tournament live stream, here you go!

King Puff Cup 21 is the next tournament of Season 3, which is planned to happen on Saturday, June 2nd at 13:00 UTC. Watch out for the official announcements!


That's all for today, Masters! We wish all of you an amazing start into the new week and are excited to see you in the chat for tomorrow's streams.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, May 18, 2018

Community Happenings - Make it new, make it more

Minion Masters!

Do you enjoy Update 66? We sure hope so and what we hope even more is, that you're already hyped about the announced Season Update live on Twitch last Tuesday! With priorities shifting away from the Xbox One version, we're now focusing on the next big update for Minion Masters in 2018.

Let there be... ways to progress, new cards frequently released as a seasonal card pack, prolonged seasons and much more! We already mentioned some bullet points of the Season Update in our first official stream last Tuesday on Twitch, and we also put a little more information in the newsletter. For everyone not subscribed or not receiving the newsletter, here's all you need to catch up:
  • The current season length will be prolonged
  • 8-10 themed cards will be released with every new season
  • The first card pack is called "Demons & Duos"
  • The seasonal cards will be available through a Season Token and Crafting
    • After a season ends, seasonal cards will join the normal card pool and be available through Free Spins, Power Tokens, Crafting, and Draft rewards
  • We will introduce new ways to progress through the seasons
  • We will also introduce another mysterious feature
In the picture above, you can see the Demon Commander, one of the new cards that will be released with the first new season. Currently, we have no set schedule for when we will be able to release the Season Update, unfortunately. Although a set date is still missing, we will continuously provide more and more information about the update in our weekly streams on Twitch and on here on our blog!

Wanna give us your first thoughts? Discuss now on Reddit, the Steam forums or the Community Discord.

Let there also be...

...more tournaments! First of all, King Puff Cup 20 is announced to happen tomorrow, May 19th at 13:00 UTC. The tournament comes with a $350 prize pool split across the Top 8 tournament participants, and Daddy Dip lately mentioned briefly the possibility of additional prizes for participants not reaching the Top 8. There's little time left, but you can still grab your spot and compete tomorrow by reading the rules carefully and signing up here!

That Sprite, a caster for the King Puff Cup, hosted his own first tournament back on May 9th. It was a 1vs1 tournament with Wild cards allowed. Now, we have a new announcement received from him and the Wednesday Sprite Fights will return! This time, it's about finding a partner, though. That Sprite decided to host his second tournament for Minion Masters as a 2vs2 tournament on May 30th at 14:00 UTC. There will be huge in-game prizes again and both winners will also get their hands on the exclusive skin Dynasty Milloween.

Another 2vs2 tournament got approved, but we have yet to receive official announcements. Stay tuned for more team-based competitions, Masters!


It was an exciting week for us and we sure hope for you, too. That's all for today, Masters! We wish every participant tomorrow good luck and will see you on Twitch. Have a nice weekend!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, May 14, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Update 66 around the corner

Minion Masters!

We sure hope you had a great weekend and for the start of this new week, we'll give you more previews of what's coming on Wednesday, May 16th with Update 66. Are you excited already? Then let's jump right in!

Update 66 comes with an overhauled UI

Before we start the preview though, we want to address concerns of some users we've spotted, recently. These concerns are about why we work on "visuals" instead of "new content". And who's better in explaining what's going on than our CEO BaboonLord, which he already did in an extensive post on the Steam forums:
The most important thing I wanted to mention here is that we're not specifically focusing on graphical updates above new content and fixes to current issues. It's mainly a matter of different roles working on different things. We've had a long period where designers and programmers have been tied up to the Xbox One port, which means that only the artists are left to make updates.
However we've also been working on a big new update that required a ton of pre-planning and we can hopefully start soon to go into more detail about that subject in our weekly blog posts. But that update is actually content primarily for long-term players.
With that being said, we want to assure you that new content will follow. We also value feedback and suggestions the same way we always did. But a rather small team cannot split forces as easily as bigger studios, while also maintaining the same speed in producing new patches. With programmers and designers being busy, our artists are focusing on overhauling visual aspects of the game to make the first steps towards creating a visually and lore-wise more cohesive game. Think about it from a new player's perspective: they can have a hard time understanding the setting of Minion Masters when the first thing they see is a strange robot-looking creature (namely C-Sar), then they see some fantasy-looking arenas magically flying in the air. They also see some fantasy-looking minions, but then, all of a sudden, they also see super high-tech Plasma Marines or Drone Walkers. By nature, PvP-based games don't work nicely with loads of text to explain lore, thus we need to try to make the game as cohesive in a visual way as possible.

So what we're trying to create over the coming months (and with new content in between) is one cohesive world (the world of Minion Masters) where everything is able to live on the same planet. Therefore the Drone units will be overhauled to look more crash-landed. We're going with the story that they crash-landed on the planet and now are unable to communicate with their homeworld. Under these circumstances, their resources are scarce and their stuff is breaking down, slowly. Thus the new visual appearances that will come in future updates.

Coming to the UI, finally, changes have been made to reflect this new focus on a more fantasy-feeling game. You already saw the preview of the new main menu, but we also changed the UI in matches accordingly, as you can see in the picture above.

We also overhauled the deck builder. The rarity of cards is now shown in the bottom right corner instead of the border of cards and the number of duplicates you own is shown above the cards.

The card previews were also overhauled to reflect the new look. Stats are now more comprehensively shown by symbols only (hovering over them with your mouse will still show the text) and the rarity, as well as the number of duplicates you own, is easy to spot.

As always, these preview pictures were still work in progress at the time we made them and thus everything you see might be subject to change. For a high-resolution version of all UI previews, please follow these links:

Again: it is important for us that players do not think: "What is going here?", when they start the game. Thus, the visuals need to be a nice backdrop for the game. More visuals and, as mentioned earlier, more Drone/Sci-fi assets will be changed in the future. For instance, the Drone Force One will get a complete visual overhaul. We have been looking to change the model for quite a while now. It was a reuse of another, existing asset and it never really felt like a slow-moving, hard-hitting enemy. It looks more like a big, sleek attack aircraft thingy. The rework will change the unit's visual appearance and possibly even its' name. More on that subject will follow as soon as we have sharable information.

A new event is about to start

As we discussed in our last blog post on Friday already, Update 66 will mark the start of the Tri-Team Tourney. 3 teams containing 3 Masters each will be available to vote for by players collecting "keys" by winning matches and/or watching streams. Single keys will give you a small reward, while 15 collected keys pledged to one team will result in a vote for that team by you and a mysterious reward chest.

After two weeks, the team with the most opened chests (and thus votes) will advance to the "Best of" tournament, where the process continues. This time though, you'll vote for the 3 winning Masters. All of them will come with a unique "idea" for new in-game content. Last year, for instance, the 3 Masters of the "Best of" tournament brought new card ideas to the table. What will it be this year? Stay tuned for more information during the event!

Make sure to read the more detailed explanation from last Friday's Community Happenings!

King Puff Cup 20

Last, but not least, we want to remind you that King Puff Cup 20 will happen next Saturday, May 19th at 13:00 UTC. The prize pool of $350 total will be split across the Top 8 tournament performers. Don't let this tournament happen without you and check the official announcement for the rules and sign-up information!


That's all for today, Masters! Or... wait! It's not all! We will start our first stream of 2018 live on Twitch on Tuesday, May 15th (tomorrow HYPE) at 20:00 UTC. Make sure to tune in, hang out and chat with the community, Tengs, and Erythais. Just watch out for the announcements tomorrow. Now, that's all ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, May 11, 2018

Community Happenings - Tri-Team Tourney with Update 66

Minion Masters!

Did you watch the Wednesday Sprite Fights live on Twitch this week? We're sure you did! The first tournament hosted by That Sprite was a lot of fun and excitement. The good news followed afterward: That Sprite mentioned on the Community Discord server that he's certainly willing to host more tournaments in the future! The bad news: we don't know more details, yet. But we'll surely watching out for further announcements, just as you do.

Masters, team up!

Last Monday, we had a first brief look at the visual UI overhaul coming with Update 66. Since said update - which is scheduled for May 16th - will mark the start of a new in-game event also, we think it's a good time to take a look at the Tri-Team Tourney.

Players who played Minion Masters back in May last year will surely remember this event. We had Team Bloody, Team Brainy and Team Brawny, each with three Masters. For example, Apep, Volco, and Ratbo were Team Brawny.

This year, we will basically re-run the Tri-Team Tourney, but with fresh mysterious rewards. You participate in this tourney by simply playing the game and/or watching Minion Master streams on Twitch. That way, you'll collect 'keys', which you can then activate & pledge to a team in-game. Each key will grant a small prize and when you collect all 15 keys for one team, a big reward chest is waiting for you.

But how is the winner determined? By votes! In the first week, it's a blind pick. So, you collect 15 keys for one team (by playing Masters of the respective team) and when you pledged all 15 keys for to team, it counts as a vote. You can only vote once per account, though. After the first week, the polls will open and people can see the score. Another week passes for the final votes. Whichever team wins proceeds to the 'Best of' tournament, where the process repeats. Last year, the winning Team Brawny brought three themed card ideas (one themed card idea per Master) to the 'Best of' tournament. But that's another event after the winning team is determined ;)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us on the Community Discord server, the Steam forums, Reddit, Twitter or Facebook.

Delayed King Puff Cup 20

King Puff Cup 20 was delayed last week until Saturday, May 19th at 13:00 UTC. The announcements on the Steam forums and Reddit are still in place and nothing changed regarding the requirements to sign up and the rules. There's still some time, but we recommend you to grab your spot in the next King Puff Cup tournament as soon as possible ;)

Please read the announcements carefully and make sure to submit your 4 Masters along with decklists in time.


That's all for today, Masters! On Monday, we'll present more previews for the visual UI overhaul, discuss the visual Drone overhaul and of course announce the first BetaDwarf stream of 2018 with all the information you need. Until then, have a nice weekend!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, May 7, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - First brief preview of the visual UI overhaul

Minion Masters!

First things first: the last weekend was passing by without competitive Minion Masters, unfortunately. Last Friday, the King Puff Cup staff decided to delay King Puff Cup 20 - the third tournament of Season 3 - due to not reaching 16 participants in time. King Puff Cup 20 will, therefore, be happening on Saturday, May 19th at 13:00 UTC and the King Puff Cup Season 3 will have one tournament less in the whole circuit.

Here you go for a high-resolution version of this picture

Update 66 brings a fresh looking UI

As we mentioned last Friday, we will overhaul the visual appearance of the user interface with Update 66, which is currently scheduled for Wednesday, May 16th. This visual changes will not affect anything gameplay related! We also want to make clear that the planned overhaul introduced with Update 66 will not contain major Quality of Life improvements such as switching your decks in the custom game lobbies. As many of you mention UI 2.0 over and over again: we are working on improved lobbies, for instance, and will keep you updated on the progress as soon as we have shareable material.

First steps on improving the UI not only visually have been taken, though! We have optimized the "social corner" for the main menu, as an example. That means you'll find the featured streams, the in-game chat, and the "friends button" all in one place in the bottom left corner of your screen after Update 66. The achievements and settings will also be moved to the left. On the bottom right corner will be more space now, so we have decided to put the resources such as Gold, Shards, and Rubies slightly higher and added buttons for places of interest in-game, such as the in-game shop and the Power Tower, for example. Improving on the visual front first also helps us for the future development of the UI.

You'll see more previews split across our following blog posts and please keep in mind that previews are always snapshots of features still being work in progress unless mentioned otherwise. So what you read and see today, is subject to change.

A midweek tournament is about to happen!

That Sprite is a moderator on the Community Discord server, caster for the King Puff Cup, regular streamer, gamer, and - lately - made the step towards being a tournament organizer for Minion Masters. If you ask yourself how he can manage all these duties, while still having a real life: our best guess is that Sprite has a very advanced technique to manage his time ;)

On Wednesday, May 9th at 17:00 UTC, That Sprite invites all players for his first tournament called "Wednesday Sprite Fights". The entry rules require you to submit 4 different Masters along decklists to That Sprite on Discord or Steam, prior to the tournament and the deadline on Tuesday, May 8th at 17:00 UTC. While the Wednesday Sprite Fights seem to stick to the same format as the King Puff Cup, for now, Wild cards are allowed!

If you haven't done so already, sign up and compete for an exclusive Milloween skin and huge in-game prizes. Every participant will receive 3 Power Tokens & 1.500 Gold guaranteed!

Stream delayed

As most of you know, our return to Twitch was planned for Tuesday, May 8th at 20:00 UTC. Unfortunately, Erythais caught a really bad cold on the weekend and thus is unable to make it to the stream. We will, therefore, delay our first stream of 2018 for one week and the new date is set for Tuesday, May 15th at 20:00 UTC.


That's all for today, Masters! We wish you a good start to the new week and good luck on the flying arenas and on the Wednesday Sprite Fights.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, May 4, 2018

Community Happenings - Competition and more reworks

Minion Masters!

It's already May and with the Draft madness being finished, we're already looking forward to the next big in-game event. Some of you may remember a certain challenge involving 3 teams, containing 3 Masters each and collectible keys... well, there's still time to talk about that later. Let's first talk about the King Puff Cup.

King Puff Cup 20 delayed by 2 weeks

King Puff Cup 20 was going to happen tomorrow at 13:00 UTC. Unfortunately, the KPC staff had to delay the next tournament due to not receiving 16 sign ups in time. The new date for King Puff Cup 20 is Saturday, May 19th at 13:00 UTC. Official announcements on the Steam forums and Reddit will follow soon.

"What's up, Dwarves? Any news about Update 66?"

Indeed. Update 66 is scheduled for May 16th and will - most likely and if everything goes to plan - contain:
  • The start of a new in-game event
  • A visual overhaul of the in-game UI
  • The long awaited visual overhaul of the Drones
Not revealing everything today, we want to manage expectations about the UI rework. It's important to note that the upcoming changes are not "UI 2.0" and will not include major Quality of Life improvements. However, the upcoming changes to the visual appearance of the UI will bring it closer to a "fantasy feel" and make it overall look better and more cohesive. Consider this the first step towards future improvements.

With Update 60, we already reworked the Area 52 arena in preparation for a bigger visual overhaul of the Drone units. The goal is to integrate them visually more into the game's universe by making their look more "crashlanded" and thus giving them more of a background. There will be no gameplay changes to the units, though.

The in-game event is something some of you already know from the same time around last year. It's about 9 Masters split into 3 teams with each Master bringing a card idea to the game. The winner master's card gets in the game at an undisclosed time. Stay tuned for more information on the visual overhaul of the UI, the in-game event and the visual Drone rework spread across the next week ;)


That's all for today, Masters! We recommend you to head back to the flying arenas & look forward to our first live stream on Tuesday, May 15th at 20:00 UTC. More information on that subject will follow on Monday.

Have a nice weekend and cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, April 30, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Sprites and Dwarves

Minion Masters!

The weekend is over and all of a sudden we're not only looking forward to the next King Puff Cup on Saturday, May 5th, but also to Wednesday, May 9th. 2 tournaments will happen within 4 days and on May 8th, we're about to make a comeback to Twitch!

There's no patch scheduled for this week, but remember that the current legendary Draft event ends tomorrow. Although we don't introduce anything new, we still have to shut down the servers in order to shut off the event. The downtime will be really small, though ;)

Dwarves on Twitch?

Yes! We decided to be more active live on Twitch again and will start our first stream on Tuesday, May 8th at 20:00 UTC! You can expect Erythais and Tengs live on stream, talking and playing matches with you, doing giveaways and maybe even introducing a special guest. Our streams are meant to bring us closer to our community in a real-time environment. This also involves exclusive reveals, a lot of talks, answering your questions and - most importantly - having fun while hanging out together for a while.

We do plan to stream frequently, but cannot announce a schedule, now. Same goes for the bullet points for the first stream: they will follow next Monday, along with the link to the official Minion Masters Twitch channel. So you can follow in advance ;)

Sprite Fights

And he prefers Wednesdays, clearly. Last Friday, we announced the "Minion Challenge" segment. This segment is made for fun tournaments that do not necessarily follow predefined formats. These tournaments will be sponsored by BetaDwarf with a new exclusive skin every 3 months for the winners and for tournament organizers that are willing to host at least 2 tournaments in this segment. The individual prize pools can also contain additional in-game prizes.

That Sprite didn't hesitate after the announcement of the Minion Challenges and contacted Tengs about his plans to host an own tournament. A little while later, we saw an official announcement on the Steam forums and Reddit.

According to said announcement, everyone is allowed to participate. That Sprite seems to stick to the Conquest format known from the King Puff Cup tournaments but removes the rule about Wild cards being banned. According to his own words, the tournament is about "that Wild Cards are fair game for everyone." The prize pool is as follows:
  • 1st place - Exclusive 'Dynasty Milloween' skin
  • 2nd place - 25 Power Tokens, 500 Rubies & 5000 Gold
  • 3rd place - 15 Power Tokens & 300 Rubies
Additionally, every single participants will get a in-game code for 3 Power Tokens & 1500 Gold. The matches will also be broadcasted live on Twitch, and That Sprite announced the following:
Chat votes for their favourite player during the Semi-Final stage, and the winner gets a random legendary.
We're very excited about that first tournament hosted by That Sprite! Are you, too? Why not participate yourself then: here is all the information and rules you need.


That's all for today, Masters! Don't forget to sign up for the next King Puff Cup, which we linked at the very beginning of this blog post. And while you're still in tournament mode, That Sprite's fun tournament happens 4 days later! Have a nice start to the week and

Cheers from BetaDwarf