Monday, August 20, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Mayhem & the in-game shop

Minion Masters!

Some of you might have read it in our latest newsletter, already: Mayhem is coming to Minion Masters very soon! The in-game shop will also get improved a lot & we have the Qualifiers upcoming for the King Puff Invitational. Let's look into these topics.

Mayhem changes the game rules frequently

We're excited to announce Mayhem, a new game mode we are currently working on. A game mode not available to play permanently. A game mode that has the sole purpose of being fun and experiencing something different apart from the ranked ladders, Drafts & different metas. Let's have a look at what Mayhem is all about:

  • Limited time events: Mayhem will not be available permanently. The game mode will rotate and new rules will be available approximately twice a week for ~3 days each.
  • Tournament-style: Mayhem will come with the usual Draft settings. Players will battle opponents until they reach 12 wins or 3 losses.
  • Sealed decks: Mayhem wants you to build a deck from your collection. You have the free choice of building this deck, but once submitted you have to stick with it for the duration of your run.
  • Rewards: special one-time rewards are coming back, similar to our Draft events earlier this year. These rewards could wait for you at certain win thresholds, such as 3 wins, 5 wins, 7 wins, 9 wins & 12 wins. Rewards will usually be cards. On top of that, you'll be rewarded at the end of your run similarly to Draft. The more wins you get, the bigger the reward. Overall, the rewards will contain Cards, Gold, Power Tokens, and Battle Pass XP.
  • Entry fees: Mayhem will cost you an entry fee. That typically differs somewhere around 15 to 150 Rubies. Additionally, there will be two free entries available if you manage to make a deck with a certain amount of Glory. For instance, that could mean you have to hit 1.000 Glory for the first free entry and 1.500 for the second.
Mayhem will change the game rules in some crazy ways. While we won't provide you with a full list of rulesets, some of the rules could be "All Minions gain Frenzy", "Bottom bridge is permanently under the effect of 'Burn the Bridges' but gives double XP", or even "Whenever you play a minion, summon a Blood Imp". Other rules might affect randomness or mana costs. Prepare yourself, Masters!

Please note that all information and provided values are subject to change at any point during the development. All provided information is thus not necessarily set in stone just yet.

All you can see in this little picture (graphics and prices) are placeholders!

What's up with the in-game shop?

Besides Mayhem, we are also working on the restructuring our offers in the in-game shop. Currently, the shop is very basic and offers do not look too exciting. It's just functional, no more, no less. To make things like 'Featured Offers' really count, we will go for the following changes:
  • We are removing the permanent availability of skins. In the future, skins will be available as special deals. These 'Featured Offers' will rotate every 3 days.
  • Skins that are part of the Battle Pass Seasons have a chance to rotate in. This only applies to skins of already finished Battle Pass Seasons.
  • There will be new skins when the new shop goes live.
  • We are adding 'Daily Offers', which will rotate every 24 hours.
Now, there are several reasons why we are changing the in-game shop and the availability of skins. One reason was already mentioned above: the new shop will simply be more exciting to visit and offers will be presented on a single store page. Additionally, there will be free stuff in the shop from time to time.
At the same time, skins will feel worth more to the owner due to them being not always available. This exclusivity will come with no changes to the cost of skins! Well, that's not entirely true since the one-time offers will make them even cheaper.

Adding the daily offers means more to look at and consider getting for yourself. And as we mentioned, there will be free stuff every once in a while. Overall, the rotations will mean that you might want to visit the shop more often to check what's new!

Please note that all currently available skins will be included in the upcoming rotation of 'Featured Offers'. If you think about getting one or more skins at the moment, it might be a good idea to get them while they are still available permanently. 

King Puff Season 3 finals around the corner!

But before we get to see the final action on the flying arenas at the 3rd King Puff Invitational, we have to determine the last 4 participants via the Qualifiers happening on Saturday, August 25th at 13:00 UTC. The qualifiers battling for the last 4 slots at the King Puff Invitational are:
  • TheHagenGnome
  • KishinAshura
  • PakoMANIAC
  • The_Dovahnation
  • XiaoJyun
The brackets for the Qualifiers can be found here and the full rulebook for participants of the Qualifiers and the King Puff Invitational over here. Please note that neither the Qualifiers nor the King Puff Invitational are open tournaments to sign-up for.

For more information about both events watch out for our Friday blog post, where we dive into all the information, rules, participants, and more!


That's all for today, Masters! If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to do so on STOMT, Discord, Reddit, Steam, Facebook or Twitter. Have a nice start to the week everyone!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, August 13, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Battle Pass Season 2 around the corner!

Minion Masters!

The last open tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3 is finished and the current circuit comes to an end soon with the Qualifiers and the King Puff Invitational. Both season end events are invite-only tournaments. We will have more on that subject on Friday, as we will look in-depth into both upcoming events. If you didn't make it to the live stream last Saturday, here's your VOD!

But we have another season end around the corner. Our Battle Pass Season 1 is coming to an end, as well, and we want to take the chance to recap last week's reveal stream a little bit.

The "Bridge Shrine" is just a placeholder and will be replaced by another card when Battle Pass Season 2 hits.

Battle Pass Season 2 - Season of Raging Heat

Update 68 marked the introduction of the Battle Pass to Minion Masters. 2 months later, we can confidently state that Battle Pass Season 1 was a great success! If we look at said Battle Pass Season 1, retrospectively, it was also a great way for us to learn. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions, which we are very grateful for. Now, with Battle Pass Season 2 around the corner, we already started to reveal the new Free & Battle Pass step-by-step. Last week on Tuesday, for instance, we revealed the new skins, new emotes & tier rewards of the new Battle Pass live on Twitch and had lolpatrol, Game Designer at BetaDwarf Entertainment, live on stream. Here's the VOD in case you couldn't make it.

lolpatrol was answering viewer questions and guided us through the tiers, while also mentioning key changes to the Free Pass & Battle Pass.

For instance, we optimized the new player experience, making it so that newer players will gain more Glory throughout the tutorial. The Free Pass contains further rewards giving players several copies of the same card to boost Glory. Additionally, the Free Pass contains more frequent rewards overall. The Battle Pass contains more value, as well. Not only do we have long-awaited skins such as Pirate Mordar, Surfer Ratbo, and a Ravager with a Sombrero, but also a whopping 66% Season card crafting discount is waiting for you upon reaching tier 69!

Please note that current Season Tokens will be transformed into normal Power Tokens upon the start of Battle Pass Season 2. All current Season cards will get their crafting cost set to normal and will further be available via Power Tokens.

Battle Chest progress will reset with the Battle Pass, as well. If your Battle Chest stands at 2/3 by Tuesday, we're sorry, but you'll have to start over in the new season. Same applies for saving multiple Battle Chests, as the chests are tied to the Season bonuses, which will be reset as well.

Battle Pass Season 2 is scheduled to start with Update 74, which is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15th.

All that new, shiny cards...

...will be revealed tomorrow live on stream! As we told you last week, we'll have another Dwarf stream tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14th at 18:00 UTC live on Twitch! It's That Sprite & Erythais guiding you through the cards and mechanics that will get introduced with Battle Pass Season 2 and maybe, maybe even another special guest.

Battle Pass Season 2 will introduce a lot of Rage mechanics and there'll be a total of 8 cards coming for you to collect and utilize! We prepared a lot of previews for you to have a decent grasp of how the cards will work so don't miss that, Masters ;)


We keep it short today, Masters! We have still a lot to do in the office to make sure that Battle Pass Season 2 will be a great experience for you & tomorrow's Dwarf stream has to be prepared, carefully.

Have a great start to the week everyone and cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, August 10, 2018

Community Happenings - More announcements for you!

Minion Masters!

It feels like a relief for us to finally being able to talk about our partnership with Discord, their plans to launch an own game distribution shop and the availability of Minion Masters in this shop for free later this year. It just felt amazing to communicate to you what we had to keep secret for so long. Moving on from here, we have some more announcements to make.

We love content creators!

You're a streamer or someone publishing YouTube videos? You support us for free, you spread the word, and put a lot of effort into? We're honestly very grateful to have such a dedicated and engaged community. But saying 'Thanks' just feels not enough! Our Community Management is, therefore, working on a Content Creator Program, which will grant partnered content creators access to exclusive content to make their content feel more unique. But also to give back some love and to further incentivize streaming and video creating around Minion Masters.

The Content Creator Program is still a work in progress and many details have yet to be determined or polished, but active content creators can already get excited about access to exclusive content such as reveals, specials for subscribers, as well as other benefits. To become a partnered content creator, you'll have to fill out an application form and meet different requirements, such as a minimum stream time per week or a minimum amount of videos in a pre-defined timespan.

The main purpose, however, is to bring you closer to us and support you on your way to build up and establish an audience. We hope to have more details on the Content Creator Program soon and if you have any suggestions for such a program, feel free to contact Erythais via Discord, Reddit, Steam or even the good, old email.

Competition needs proper rewards!

While we want to encourage more people to become content creators and support our existing ones, we also want to support the competitive players more. King Puff Cup Season 3 is still ongoing, but we're already proud to announce more rewards for participating in tournaments during the next King Puff Cup Season 4 and casual tournaments. While we were going for a reward model that grows over time in King Puff Cup Season 3, we found out that our competitive players want to feel rewards more instantly. That's why we are working on special reward packages for every tournament of the following King Puff Cup Season 4 later this year!

Fun tournaments shall also happen! Everyone needs something different from time to time & BetaDwarf wants to support casual tournament organizers more in their efforts to host and run successful fun tournaments. The rewards here will go away from the streamlined model you already experienced. We feel like different casual tournaments had different settings and themes. While that is much appreciated from our side, the streamlined rewards felt sometimes off. That's why we will go for more individual rewards for fun tournaments, that will try to fit into the setting & theme of these events.

Details about King Puff Cup Season 4 will be released at some point after the King Puff Invitational, happening on September 1st.

King Puff Cup

The last open tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3 is scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 11th at 13:00 UTC! The King Puff Cup staff will once again present to you finest Minion Masters gameplay live commentated on Twitch & we already know what we can expect: thrilling matches, crazy plays, and many, many exciting moments while watching the action on the flying arenas.

Don't miss your last chance to gather circuit points and to qualify yourself for a spot at the King Puff Invitational or the Qualifiers happening prior to the season finale. Here are the respective dates for you:

Show your skills and battle the very best Masters at King Puff Cup 25 this weekend! All you need to know, as well as the sign-up information, can be found right here on our official Subreddit. Good luck!


That's all for today, Masters! Next week, we will go into detail about the Season cards included in Battle Pass Season 2 on the blog, as well as live on Twitch next Tuesday. Celebrate with us the partnership with Discord and make sure to get signed up for your HYPE GIFT once the Discord shop launches & don't forget to share this amazing news with your friends. We're pretty sure they want a gift, also ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Do you remember when we said 2018 will be truly legendary?

Minion Masters!

You might wonder why we reach out to you on a Thursday. Well, we wouldn't if it wasn't important!

We told you a lot about an upcoming partnership and teased you here and there. Some of you heard the same old "we're not allowed to tell you any details right now" and surely, that wasn't a pleasant experience for the last few months. But finally, the wait is over! BetaDwarf Entertainment is proud to announce its partnership with Discord and that Minion Masters will come to the upcoming, brand new Discord Store. The date on which that will happen has yet to be determined, but follow and join our official and verified Discord server for more real-time updates. For more information about the Discord store, check out their blog on We also announced it already on social media!

Minion Masters - coming soon to Discord!

Well, kind of. We are part of a program from Discord that is called "First on Discord". Games that are part of the "First on Discord" program will have a period of exclusivity, but then will be available on whatever other distribution platforms we decide to work with. To put that into a better perspective:

Minion Masters will still be in Early Access on both platforms: Discord & Steam. This is not any kind of full release and both platforms feature the very same game with the very same content. "First on Discord" just means the PC version of our game is available on Discord for free for a limited period of time before it is available in other stores. Minion Masters will thus be available for free on Discord first, while the free availability on Steam will follow at a later point together with the official release of Minion Masters for PC & the Xbox One franchise.

Discord and Minion Masters - what changes for you?

Basically, for existing users, nothing changes. You can just play Minion Masters as you did before. We figured you might have some initial questions, so we tried our best to answer them right here:

The official release of Minion Masters was planned for summer 2018, did that change and why?

Yes, the official release was planned for summer this year. However, Discord gave us a huge opportunity to reach a larger audience and not get buried in other stores. We took the extra time to polish up our game some more and prepare for the best launch there could possibly be. As for why we needed to delay the official release, please read the explanation above about "First on Discord".

So, was the release delayed because of Discord?

It was not delayed because of Discord. That being said, we are excited to get our game on Discord and were willing to work with them on their store launch date.

Is Discord a publisher of your game? 

They are not. We are self-published and are working with Discord to get this game out to our PC players.

When will your game be available? 

Our game will be available later this year so keep your eyes on our social media or hop into our official and verified Discord server for real-time updates. 

Why didn't you just release on Steam first? 

We are already on Steam and as mentioned earlier, both platforms will feature the very same game. We are not leaving Early Access, either, so it's not an official release. Existing users will be able to play Minion Masters as they did before, you can even start your game via Discord and be redirected to Steam. You do not have to be concerned about any platform issues, as Minion Masters is the very same game on both distribution platforms.

While we'd like to hope we covered all of your questions, we're quite certain we did not. That's why we want to encourage you to ask us any questions about the Discord partnership and Minion Master's availability on Discord later this year on our known communication platforms, such as Discord, Reddit, Steam, Twitter & Facebook!

Masters, there are exciting times coming towards us all. This partnership and the availability of Minion Masters through the "First on Discord" program means a lot to us and to the overall success of the game we all love to play and develop further. We want to thank each and every one of you for your endless support, being it by giving us feedback, suggestions, creating content, running tournaments or participating in them, watching events on Twitch or just hanging around and engaging with each other. You guys are amazing and Minion Masters wouldn't be possible without you.

Last but not least, we want to let you know that we are already working on great new content for the day the Discord store goes live. So keep your eyes open for teasers & leaks on our usual communication platforms & sign yourself up for an extra surprise the day the Discord store launches ;)

Thanks and Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, August 6, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Balance changes & Battle Passes

Minion Masters!

Battle Pass Season 1 is slowly coming to an end and the Dwarves are working hard on preparing everything for Battle Pass Season 2. Last Friday, we already revealed the new skins for next season and mentioned further changes to the Battle Pass itself. More value for both, the Free Pass and the Battle Pass.

Update 73 brings new balance changes!

But before we come back to the hype in August, let's have a look at what we can expect on Wednesday, August 8th! Update 73 will hit the live server and we have balance changes for you guys. After a lot of testing, we decided to implement the following changes:
  • All Legionnaires will get their health adjusted from 150 to 160
  • The Wall will receive the following changes:
    • Mana down from 3 to 2
    • Health down from 1500 to 800
    • Duration down from 30 to 20
  • Flightless Dragons will receive more units - unit count up from 2 to 3
  • Brutish Betrayer will spawn with rage, additionally
  • Gor'Rakk Sacrifice will get the mana cost reduced from 4 to 3
  • Gor'Rakk Brutes will need a 3 mana spell as an enabler, instead of a 4 mana spell
  • Beam of Doom will get the mana cost adjusted from 6 to 7
  • Finally, we have Stormbringer bringing more damage to the table with a buff from 30 to 40 damage per shot.
That's a lot of changes this time and we'd love to get your feedback after you experimented with the implemented changes. Just use the usual communication channels for that (STOMT, Discord, Reddit, Steam). Alongside these changes, there'll be lots of bug fixes and - maybe - additional changes. As usual, everything is subject to change.

Dwarf stream incoming!

And it will be Mr. Quality Assurance That Sprite and our Community Manager Erythais, again. Get already used to that, because That Sprite would love to keep it that way. Interacting with the community is a passion for him and he's well prepared due to his experience casting for the King Puff Cup.

On Tuesday, August 7th at 18:00 UTC, we will be live for you again and this time it will be all about Battle Pass Season 2 with the exclusive reveal of said Battle Pass. Better make sure to not miss that ;) We might even have a special guest for you! We recommend following our official Twitch channel to not miss even a single minute.

King Puff Cup 25

Mentioning the King Puff Cup: the last tournament prior to the Qualifiers for the King Puff Invitational is scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 11th at 13:00 UTC. It's all about gathering those last circuit points and we can already prepare ourselves for another thrilling tournament brought to you by the King Puff Cup staff in cooperation with BetaDwarf Entertainment.

For you as a participant who wants to dive into competitive Minion Masters, the King Puff Cup is a very fitting environment and every single tournament comes with a prize pool of $350. Here's the official announcement including all the rules and the sign-up instructions.


That's all for today, Masters! We're happy to see you live on Twitch tomorrow and wish everyone an amazing start to the week.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, August 3, 2018

Community Happenings - Settsu, Demons and the new Battle Pass Season

Minion Masters!

Another heat wave is making them Dwarves sweat in the office for a while now. Nevertheless, the preparations for Battle Pass Season 2 have to go on. The guys need to implement changes to the Battle Pass itself, both for the Free Pass, as well as the Battle Pass. And so far it looks like we will see a lot of exciting changes along with even more value for both paths of the glorious Battle Pass. But before we take a look into Battle Pass Season 2, what's up with community-created content?

We really love community-created content!

Like this one! All credits go to J289 and his skills with pens, paper, Paint and Corel Painter Essentials 6. He originally uploaded this fan art On June 20th right here and got inspired by Settsu fighting Demons in a "Doom/Duke Nukem 3D style cover art". We like what we see when looking at this fine piece of art, what do you think?

Special thanks to FFA at this point for mentioning this fanart, initially. Would have been a pity if J289's work still would have been flying under the radar.

Now, Battle Pass Season 2 hasn't Demons as a theme, but it sure is about heat, sunburns, and rage...

New fashion for your Masters!

Look at that! Three Masters, three different approaches two handle the summer heat. The skins you can see in the picture above will be part of Battle Pass Season 2! And it was a real pain to convince Mordar to wear a pirate captain suit and share his staff for a paddle. But in the end, he liked the hat and the bombs, fortunately. He also saw the clear advantages of sailing, when it comes to heat waves. We're still unsure if he will ever be a fan of water, but he will for sure stay a fan of causing mayhem, no matter the circumstances.

Ratbo doesn't like sailing, but he found out that being in the water can be quite fun. Or, in his case, being on the water. Recently, he trained surfing a lot and what would possibly fit his new skills better than a surfing outfit?

When it comes to Ravager, he just cannot get used to the heat of the summer. He also doesn't like water, nor has he any understanding for sailing or surfing. Cocktails are another story, though! On his mission to keep a cool head, he observed what others do and found out that a Sombrero is exactly what he needed.

These 3 skins were requested for a long time now. And we're certainly happy to announce them since the theme of Battle Pass Season 2 just fits so perfectly for them. 

Speaking of Battle Pass season 2: this season will bring more than skins, of course. We have quite some changes for you, such as more rewards in the Free Pass and an insane Tier 69 reward in the Battle Pass. Unfortunately, it's not the time right now to reveal all that! On the other hand, you don't have to wait a long time either, because we scheduled the reveal of the Battle Pass Season 2 for Tuesday, August 7th at 18:00 UTC live on Twitch. Yes! If everything goes to plan, our next Dwarf stream will reveal the skins in-game & the Battle Pass itself. Please note that the Season cards are still work in progress and will most likely not be included on the test branch you'll get to see next Tuesday.

To Stomt or not to Stomt

For followers of our communication channels, the experiment of using STOMT as the main feedback hub for Minion Masters is no news. And we want to thank our community for using it so far, testing it and giving us feedback. In the end, a main feedback hub can only be of any value, if the community uses it. Thank you for doing so! For those who didn't know about it yet, here's the link to our official Minion Masters page on STOMT. Feel free to leave any feedback about the content of today's blog post!

To further encourage you, we will look into integration options for Discord and the Dwarf streams during the testing period of 4 weeks, ending on Monday, August 27th. After this date, we will have to evaluate the platform and their value for our community and us. And it's not about having no more feedback and/or suggestions on other platforms. It's an attempt to funnel a large part of your voices on STOMT, so that we can evaluate and quantify your wishes easier, as well as drawing better conclusions, which will lead to faster decisions. In the end, all of us will benefit from a centralized feedback hub.


That's all for today, Masters! Get ready for insights about Update 73 on Monday here on our official blog and hyped for Battle Pass Season 2 live on Twitch next Tuesday. Have a lot fun on the flying arenas until then and

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, July 30, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Let's experiment together!

Minion Masters!

How was your weekend? We sure hope amazing! Now, Mondays are usually where we outline the week that lays in front of us internally and set specific goals. And for this week, our Community Management has planned to start a little experiment regarding feedback & suggestions. Interested?

We are listening...

...on multiple platforms. We have the Steam forums, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord plus the in-game chat. That makes for six active communication channels we're watching, already. If we count the Dwarf streams in, we're talking about seven active communication channels every 2 weeks (formerly weekly). Sometimes, catching all the feedback and suggestions can be quite a task, especially in real-time chats like in-game or on Discord.

Just naturally, users start to talk about feedback or suggestions from others. And we appreciate that because discussions can often time lead to even more - or to more detailed - feedback/suggestions. In real-time chats, however, catching your voice can be hard and there's even a chance of overlooking something. How do we solve that? Well, let's experiment first ;)

For the next 4 weeks, we want to invite you to use a platform called STOMT. Okay, okay. Slowly. What is that? Well, STOMT is basically a feedback hub that can help to manage and understand communities and their needs better. It’s kinda similar to Twitter in some way and the appearance is reminiscent of social media networks. There’s a feed where "Stomts" are shown publicly, and users can comment and vote. Basically, a Stomt is nothing else than a post on any other platform, only that you either choose to appreciate something (I like Minion Masters because...) or wish something (I wish Minion Masters would...). You can also attach pictures or share your Stomts easily on other platforms. Ever wanted to create a movement around your ideas? Now's the time ;)

Please note that posting a Stomt doesn't require you to sign-up, nor do votes. Commenting, however, needs you to be registered. We'd like to encourage you to register yourself because we'd like to see at least an alias behind an idea. The full functionality of the platform is another incentive. Also, the STOMT page of Minion Masters is moderated and uses the same rules as the Steam forums and Reddit for that purpose. You can find these rules right here.

The biggest advantage of STOMT – and something we want to test in-depth with you – is to bring the whole community for the purpose of feedback and suggestions together in one place, whereas the current channels are spread and decentralized. That doesn't mean we do not want you to post feedback or suggestions anywhere else! For the purpose of testing this platform though, we'd appreciate being vocal there. An example that came to our minds was that you could suggest changes to the Battle Pass in-depth on the Steam forums - for instance - and write a short suggestion on STOMT, also.

STOMT gives you an easy way to let us know what you wish and/or like, while others can interact with your feedback and suggestions. The platform offers us many useful tools and ways to gather, evaluate and quantify your voices. Currently, the feedback process behind the scenes has to be maintained for single platforms that are not connected with each other. STOMT could become the new main hub for feedback, while we will continue to observe our other communication platforms, of course. There's also the possibility to integrate STOMT in Minion Masters and our Twitch streams, even Discord. But for the purpose of this initial test, we will not do that. We want to keep it simple for now. Now it's up to you, Masters! Give us your feedback and suggestions on STOMT.

King Puff Cup 25 already announced!

We saw amazing matches last Saturday live on Twitch. King Puff Cup 24 didn't just introduce BOB aka truteo as a new caster, but also - once again - a thrilling and fascinating experience in the battles on the flying arenas between some of the very best Minion Masters players. We had quite some surprises again such as tournament winners not making it to the Top 8. Buuuut, we will not tell you too much this time and let the VOD speak for itself!

Congratulations to all winners and a special thanks to all participants, viewers and the King Puff Cup staff for making these events possible!

In the meantime, we have King Puff Cup 25, scheduled for Saturday, August 11th at 13:00 UTC,  already announced and the race for Circuit points is on! According to the schedule of King Puff Cup Season 3, there's only this one last tournament prior to the King Puff Invitational and the Qualifiers. So better make sure to participate by reading this official announcement and signing up!


That's all for today, Masters! We will have some nice teasers about the second Battle Pass Season soon and are just as excited as you are. Oh boy, these new skins, the changes, all the value...

Cheers form BetaDwarf