Friday, April 20, 2018

Community Happenings - Balance happens

Minion Masters!

Second King Puff Cup tournament of Season 3 around the corner means the waiting is over! Tomorrow, the flying arenas will shake once again when some of the very best players compete against each other for a prize pool of $350. Another waiting will end on Tuesday next week.

Guaranteed legendary cards and balance changes

Legendary cards are one of the most wanted cards in Collectible Card Games. That's not different in Minion Masters. Although we designed the game in a way that legendary cards are not mandatory, many players want that big Colossus, Xiao Long (Tengs' favorite Minion to pronounce), Musketeer, Styxi and so on. The chances are random and rare at the same time and one of the best possibility to get your hands on a legendary card is a 12 wins Draft run or crafting.

We won't change that for now. But we have a big promotion for Minion Masters upcoming and therefore, we will give every player a guaranteed legendary for the first Draft run with 12 wins! Yes, you got that right: a guaranteed legendary and the chance to receive another one like usual with 12 wins. On Tuesday, April 24th, we will introduce Update 65 and start another round of Draft madness with the following one-time rewards:
  • 3 wins -> 750 Gold
  • 6 wins -> 100 Shards
  • 9 wins -> 100 Rubies
  • 12 wins -> guaranteed, random legendary card
It also came to our ears that some of you want balance changes. And we have to admit: balance changes were rare lately. Update 65 makes up for that with a total of 7 units receiving balance changes. Here's a quick excerpt:
  • Troubadour receives a buff
  • Crossbow Dudes receive a buff
  • Snake Druid receives a buff
  • Blackhole returns to a lower mana cost
All balance changes and the final numbers will be revealed in our Monday blog post. Stay tuned ;)

King Puff Cup 19 will be happening tomorrow

The second King Puff Cup tournament of Season 3 is about to happen tomorrow at 13:00 UTC live on Twitch! Currently, we can see that 21 participants are already registered and the deadline for signing up and submitting your decks got extended by 24h yesterday, until TODAY at 13:00 UTC.

Amongst the participants, we can spot veterans such as RushSecond, Memfisto, and videogamer77. But we also see some new names like Kanrik, Kishi, and MillyMe. There's also Spectre amongst the participants, head of the eSports organization Inception eSports. Very exciting. 

If you are interested in participating for a prize pool of $350, all you have to do is to submit 4 decks with 4 different Masters and no wild cards to and get yourself signed up here. And please remember that the new card A.I.M. Bot is banned from this tournament.

Also, make sure to read the official announcement and the rules carefully. The matches will be broadcasted live on Twitch starting at 13:00 UTC tomorrow. See you there ;)


That's all for today, Masters! Prepare yourself for tomorrow and get ready for legendary cards and balance changes next week. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, April 16, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Take aim Pt. 2

Minion Masters!

How was your weekend? Ours had its' highlight as soon as Saturday at approximately 15:00 UTC, when Jarvo10 - a regular Minion Masters streamer - hosted his first tournament ever! Our next highlight was looking forward to the A.I.M. Bot, which will be introduced this Wednesday. The second part of 'Take aim' so to speak. So let's...

...take aim, again!

On Wednesday, April 18th 2018, our latest introduced card Sniper Squad will no longer be available as a guaranteed reward for two wins in Draft mode. The card will be available via spinning and crafting, though. The Draft event, however, goes on & a second new card will be available! 

The A.I.M. Bot is a rare Drone Walker, that comes with the Automated Intelligent Murder system pre-loaded to gain Marksmanship. Our Community Manager Erythais will talk about this card and more live on Twitch as a guest on Swongo's stream on Tuesday, April 17th at approximately 3pm PST (10pm UTC).

Jarvo's Invitational

Last Saturday, fans of RushSecond had many wins to celebrate. The member of Inception Esports lost 4 games in 4 matches only, all to katt. The latter was his opponent in the grand finals again, after RushSecond beat katt 3:2 in the winner's bracket finals earlier. After another Best of 5, RushSecond managed to achieve a 3:2 again and secured the 1st place. Interestingly enough: katt, the winner of the first King Puff Cup tournament of Season 3, made it to the grand finals again and showed that competitive Minion Masters players have to take him into account when it comes to preparations for tournaments he's participating in.

To give you an overview, here's the finalized bracket from last Saturday. If you missed the live stream for whatever reason: here's your VOD.

The tournament was casted by Jarvo10 & Sinilil and according to Jarvo10, he's considering to host more and bigger tournaments in the future. This first tournament was offering a $200 prize pool, while $100 came out of his own pockets. We want to thank Jarvo10 for his effort and massive support!

Next comes...

...the second tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3 on Saturday, April 21st at 13:00 UTC! While Jarvo's tournament was an invite-only event, the KPC staff welcomes players of every rank to participate in a tournament with a professional format for a prize pool of $350 sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment.

Take your chance and sign up today! But don't forget to read the official announcement, carefully ;) If you have any questions, feel free to join our Community Discord server.


That's it for today, Masters! We're sure some of you have to prepare themselves for next Saturday and if you haven't done so already, start a Draft and get the Sniper Squad while it is still available for two wins!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, April 13, 2018

Community Happenings - Tournaments and tournament winners

Minion Masters!

How's it going with your Sniper Squads? And more importantly: are you ready for the soon to be introduced A.I.M. Bot? Maybe, you're just asking yourself what to watch on Twitch this weekend? Or are you curious what a tournament winner has to say? Many questions this Friday and we cannot answer them all. But we can try, so let's get started!

Jarvo and 8 of the top players

If you're looking for something interesting to watch on Twitch this weekend, why not watching 8 of the top players competing against each other for a prize pool of $200? Jarvo, a Top 20 player himself and streamer, decided to invite the following players for a quick tournament on Saturday, April 14th at 11am EST (15:00 UTC):
  • RushSecond
  • boxes
  • GrafSchnecke
  • Jamez28
  • Videogamer77
  • PakoManiac
  • katt
  • Zgriptor
According to Jarvo, this is the first tournament he ever hosted but maybe not the last one. He might be hosting bigger tournaments in the future, according to his stream yesterday. This Saturday, we will see no group stage, but a Double Elimination final stage with the Conquest format. Here you go for the official announcement.

We advise you to follow Jarvo on Twitch already, to make sure you don't miss the show! 

2nd King Puff Cup tournament of Season 3 announced!

On Saturday, April 21st at 13:00 UTC, we will see the next King Puff Cup tournament of Season 3! The King Puff Cup staff didn't hesitate to announce the next tournament earlier this week. According to the official announcement on Reddit, the tournament will be played with the exact same rules and formats as the first tournament.

The official announcement, the rules, all the information you need and the sign-up link can be found right here!

Don't know what this is all about? Here's the latest tournament video on Twitch.

Speaking of the last King Puff Cup tournament...

Surprisingly, even for himself, katt won the first tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3. He wasn't very active in the tournament scene before, but his name is definitely known from the Top 20 leaderboards in-game. We asked him some questions and are happy that he took the time to answer them.

Hi katt, nice to have you! Would you please introduce yourself real quick?

Hello, katt here. I was introduced to Minion Masters back in early 2017 and I believe my story of coming across it to be quite different and funny. I was actually gifted the game from a guy who thought I was a girl and I’m thankful he did since I had no idea about the game. Well, I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it, as I mostly played shooter games in the past. Roll on a year and a bit and it’s now one of my favorite games to play.  

You’re a regular Top 20 player and we saw your performance in the last King Puff Cup. That was really impressive. Could you explain to our community how you approach games and what your secrets for success are?

First and foremost it’s about having a good time, so I approach games in a light-hearted manner. While I do like winning, approaching it in this way takes off the pressure and stress of always wanting to win. This personally, gives me a more enjoyable time. 
I like building all kinds of decks, sometimes involving underused cards or Masters and then experimenting with them. They may not be viable in all situations, and that’s fine as long as it’s fun to play. But to pin down a few tips for building a competitive deck is to include minions which you are able to defend and push forward with, while also re-taking bridges, to not fall behind in experience for essential perks. In short, with a well-balanced deck, it’s easier to defend in a mana-efficient way, which gives room for nice counter-pushes.

No other participant brought Milloween to the last King Puff Cup. What do you think are the reasons and why did you bring her?

Well, personally I don’t have a lot of experience playing Milloween, so I’m not confident with her. I haven’t seen her commonly played by others either, so I assume they may think the same as me - which could be why no one else brought Milloween to the tournament.  
Speaking for myself, I didn’t participate with the intention to win. I decided to try something new and since Milloween was reworked not too long ago, I wanted to see how she fares against the top tier players. I think it’s an interactive Master with its’ perks, and designing a deck around Arcane Golem can prove to be effective. 

Back in Season 2 of the King Puff Cup, you weren’t very active in the tournament scene. Will that change now in Season 3 and after your recent success?

It’s true I wasn’t very active in the previous seasons. Rather than being a participant, I’ve been more of a spectator. However, this will likely change as I want to be more active in the tournament scene because the games are just so much fun.

katt, how do you feel about the state of Minion Masters in general?

I can see that there’s work being done by the Devs. They are working closely with the community and it’s nice to see feedback being acknowledged and implemented into the game. For example, quite a significant addition, where the community was involved was the card design contest. This involvement of the community shows how much the Devs value their players’ ideas. 
I also appreciate the fact that this game is real-time based, meaning that timing is crucial and the tide of the game can change dramatically, which highlights the importance of decision making.
An issue many point out is Demon Warrior’s mechanic, that the minion is either too weak or overpowered when played many times. Obviously, this can be countered, but in my opinion, it relies too much on designing an entire deck which can beat a single card. 
Overall, I feel like Minion Masters is in a pretty good state right now with potential to be even better. With new cards being added and existing cards modified if necessary, each to have their own purpose, the future can be very interesting. I expect there to be continuous improvements as the game matures in which I’m excited to see.

The follow-up question: where do you see Minion Masters in 2 years from now?

Recently, most of the talk that’s been going on is about pushing Minion Masters into the eSport scene. Hopefully, in 2 years time the hard work from the Devs will pay off and that there'll be a growing presence of Minion Masters in the eSport world.
Also, I expect the community to grow as time goes on. In that case, it’ll be harder for the Devs to make adjustments from all of the feedback, but I don't think it's that much of a concern. There's a passionate team working behind the game, so I'm confident that they'll be able to see the most meaningful and helpful feedback in continuing to develop the game in the right direction.

katt, it was a pleasure to have you! Thanks for your time and if you want, leave some shout-outs.

Thank you for having me! First off, I would like to give a shout-out to 3FFA and Eazotop for being very nice and helpful since my early days in the game. A shout-out to The King Puff Cup staff and casters, who have done a great job. Also, one to my favorite Minion Masters streamer, videogamer7777777_91, who always puts on a good show, particularly when facing Dragon Whelps! Not to forget, a big shout-out to the responsive team behind BetaDwarf. They deserve all the credit they can get.


There's nothing more to add, Masters! We'll see you on Twitch on Saturday and on the flying arenas with all that Sniper Squads ;)

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, April 9, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Snipers can A.I.M.

Minion Masters!

We were waiting impatiently for the new King Puff Cup season and last Saturday was a hell of a start for Season 3. After an amazing tournament last Saturday, we now look forward to Wednesday. Your opponent's units should watch their steps because two deadly Scrats will come to the arenas.

Let's Draft a round or two!

On our way to the mysterious update in 22 days, we want to introduce two new cards. This Wednesday, Update 63 will hit the live server and introduce another Draft event along with one of the new cards to obtain. The event itself will be very similar to the Draft event we ran back when we introduced the Incubus.

This time, the event will run for 1 week and the one-time rewards will be changed compared to the March version. Something along these lines:
  • The new card at 2 wins
  • 60 Rubies at 5 wins
Everything else stays the same. The common card to obtain will cost 5 mana and will summon 2 units at once with big sniper rifles. Let's welcome the Sniper Squad:

The second card (rare rarity) will be introduced in its' own event one week later (with changed rewards again) and at this point, we will only say so much: it's a well-known ranged unit that hits ground and air & comes with a pre-loaded Automated Intelligent Murder system, short A.I.M. Oh, and the name is simply A.I.M. Bot ;)

King Puff Cup 18 kicked off Season 3

Last Saturday was exactly what we have been waiting for since February 24th this year. King Puff Cup 18 started Season 3 and we got to see quite some surprises. New graphics, new format, stricter Conquest rules for the matches, larger prize pool and prize money distribution amongst the Top 8 tournament participants.

The new group stage was played in the Swiss format. Swiss is a partial round robin. However, rather than having everyone play everyone else, people will play a set number of matches. In the case of the King Puff Cup it was 6 rounds of Swiss. And after said 6 rounds of Best of 3 matches, the first surprises hit. The Top 8, and thus the players advancing to the final stage, did not contain players like RushSecond & Dirion. The Angry Snail couldn't manage to advance either. The Top 8 was:
  • katt
  • Memfisto
  • Zgriptor
  • boxes
  • Edelweiß
  • Jamez28
  • Terra Reveene
  • videogamer7777777_91

The final stage was played as a Single Elimination Best of 5 and the winner of the last King Puff Invitational - Memfisto - had to go after he lost to Terra Reveene (1-3). Sometimes, not even a Drone Force One helps. katt managed to beat videogamer777777_91, while Zgriptor and Edelweiß were successful, too.

In the semi-finals, Terra Reveene couldn't beat Zgriptor (1-3) and katt had a close series against Edelweiß (3-2). Now, the grand final would have been katt versus Zgriptor. However, to play this grand final there's one thing needed amongst others: electricity. And exactly that was Zgriptor's problem. He experienced a power outage at his place somewhere after midnight and thus was unable to face katt. After some waiting and hoping that the power might come back, the King Puff Cup tournament administration decided to let Terra Reveene take his place instead. Due to the special case of Zgriptor (we don't have influence when it comes to power outages), the administration further decided that he will be ranked 2nd together with the loser of the grand final.

We will probably never know how the grand final would have went, Terra Reveene however lost to katt without being able to take even 1 game. Surprisingly, even for himself, katt won the first tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3 and went home with $120. On a side note: he was the only player to bring Milloween with his lineup.

In case you were unable to watch the live stream on Twitch or you just want to watch the tournament again, here you go!


That's all for today, Masters! Have a nice start of the week and good luck coming Wednesday on your hunt for the Sniper Squad.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, April 6, 2018

Community Happenings - King Puff Cup and Sprite

Minion Masters!

The waiting is almost over. We have the first tournament of King Puff Cup Season 3 around the corner. Tomorrow at 13:00 UTC it's all about competitive Minion Masters! We highly advise you to follow the official King Puff Cup Twitch channel already ;)

18 participants chose their Masters

A look at the participants reveals well-known names. We will see Memfisto play, winner of the last King Puff Invitational back in February 2018. But not only the performance of the KPI winner will be interesting, here are all the other participants:
  • RushSecond
  • Videogamer77
  • Dirion
  • boxes
  • Zgriptor
  • ecke
  • Sain
  • Edelweiß
  • TerraReveene
  • Jamez28
  • PakoMANIAC
  • NuclearGoo
  • katt
  • Grey Wolf
  • Adren
  • Jarvo10
  • ThinkingWithPortals

We have also received some more data about this first tournament. The KPC staff submitted us the deck lists of each participant along with a breakdown of card and Master choices. We can see for instance, that Settsu and King Puff are being chosen 12 times, followed by Apep (11 times) and Mordar (9 times). The most included cards are Scrat Pack followed by Plasma Marines. It will be exciting to see how the tournament meta evolves over the course of a few tournaments.

A look at the deck lists shows well-known signature cards: Drone Force One is something viewers expect when seeing Memfisto play, same applies to Dirion and his Red Golem. Interesting note: PakoMANIAC always wanted some love for the Prowler and now that his beloved dog was buffed, he doesn't even include it in his decks.

The King Puff Cup staff wants their tournaments as transparent as possible, that's why we're allowed to present the spreadsheet they submitted, publicly. Clicking on the link you'll find a spreadsheet with the deck lists of all participants (in alphabetical order) and on the second tab the breakdown of card & Master choices.

Please note that the sign-up phase for this tournament is already closed. At this point, nobody can enter anymore.

Not just a Master

But also a regular streamer, YouTuber, Discord moderator, and gamer. Today, we'll present another interview. This time we asked That Sprite about Minion Masters, how he would sell the game to someone who doesn't know about Minion Masters and much more. Here are his answers!

Hi Sprite, nice to have you! You’re one of the voices of the King Puff Cup tournaments and a regular streamer, as well, but for all that don’t know you already: would you please introduce yourself?

Nice to talk to you, too. I'm Sprite, also known as That Sprite or OneCanOfSprite, and I'm both a streamer and a moderator on the Minion Masters Discord. I've been playing since December of 2016, about a month after launch.

Broadcaster, streamer, Discord moderator, gamer… you’re someone that is really engaged with gaming and Minion Masters. How do you perceive the state of the game?

I definitely feel the game is in a transitional period at the moment. We've just come off from Update 60 not long ago which radically changed a lot of how the game plays out, and there was the expeditions rework just before that, too. In terms of balance, I feel Minion Masters is in probably one of the better states over its lifespan, as there's a large variety of viable decks and cards with fewer exceptions than we've seen previously. This feels especially true in terms of Masters, as I can only really think of one that I wouldn't consider having any viable decks.

If you would have to sell someone the game who already knows CCGs, how would you describe Minion Masters? How would you make it stand out?

I'd say it's a fleshed out Clash Royale that has a much more generous monetisation system and a smoother learning curve. The design philosophy on card rarity not equaling its inherent power is probably one of the more unique systems I've seen in a CCG these days, and there's a nice variety of ways to play to keep the game interesting if a new player “hits the wall” in terms of their perceived progression.

As someone as close as possible to the competitive scene of Minion Masters: how do you feel about the competitive aspect of Minion Masters?

The competitive side of Minion Masters has probably been my favorite to participate in by far over the years. It's great to see people truly push themselves and their decks in this game and the personality you can see in what they bring to high-level tournaments, with certain cards that aren't necessarily considered “top tier” becoming their signature simply from how much they enjoy playing that card. Casting can be a hard job, but the gameplay and moments we get to experience as a result make it more than worth it.

What are your expectations for competitive Minion Masters?

Hard to say, really. I'm very excited for this season of the King Puff Cup with all the new changes and that re-distributed prize pool (which I feel is great for the long-term survivability of the tournaments, with how it makes those cash prizes seem even more obtainable than before), and the break we've had from running them after the King Puff Invitational has given us all a lot of time to recharge and reconsider how we cast games. Here's to another successful season of the King Puff Cup!
6. You probably know what comes next: where do you see Minion Masters in 2 years from now?
Hopefully, we'll be seeing it at something like ESL. Maybe some live casting too? ;)

Sprite, it was a pleasure! Leave some shout-outs if you want.

Shout-outs to all of the King Puff Cup staff and the Discord mod team for the phenomenal work they do with the community, and also to FDM for bearing my horrible meme for over a year now.


With that being said, we can only advice you to take a look on Sprite's official Twitch channel and YouTube channel. You'll find entertaining content about Fortnite and - of course - Minion Masters ;)

That's all for today then, Masters! We'll see you on the flying arenas and of course tomorrow at 13:00 UTC live on Twitch when the King Puff Cup Season 3 finally kicks off.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - King Puff Cup Season 3 comes with a lot of changes

Minion Masters!

We sure hope you had an amazing Easter. The Dwarves are working again after the holidays and while the next patch for Minion Masters is planned for April 11th, the Easter weekend brought us a surprising announcement from the King Puff Cup staff.

All new King Puff Cup?

All new might be exaggerated, but things changed for sure. First of all, we're proud to announce that we will continue our support for the King Puff Cup with a higher prize pool! The KPC staff puts a lot of time and energy into their tournaments and we're very grateful for that. One of the reasons why we decided to raise the prize pool for the King Puff Cup tournaments in Season 3 as follows:

In addition to $350 prize money for every single King Puff Cup tournament, the distribution of this money has changed. In Season 2, the prize money was distributed across the Top 4 tournament participants. Season 3 changes that and now the Top 8 tournament participants will be able to get their hands on the prize.

When does Season 3 start?

The official announcement reveals that the first tournament will be happening on Saturday, April 7th at 13:00 UTC! Along with the new prize pool and prize money distribution, there are changes to the tournament & match format in the announcement.

Back in Season 2, the group stage was played as a Best of 3 Single Elimination. However, the announcement revealed that at least this first tournament will introduce a Best of 3 Swiss format for the group stage. What's Swiss? From the announcement:
Swiss is a partial round robin. However, rather than having everyone play everyone else, people will play a set number of matches where it is only possible to have a single undefeated player by the end and there will generally be a top 8 full of players with only a single loss.
Additionally, the final stage will be played as a Best of 5 Single Elimination instead of a Best of 3 Double Elimination with the final games being Best of 5. We're excited to see how the new tournament format works out!

The match format is once again Conquest. Most players are already used to it but for the first tournament of the King Puff Cup Season 3, the format will be stricter - or more exactly - the original Conquest format. That means:
4 Master/Deck combinations must be submitted along with a link to your Steam Profile link via email to when you sign-up. Keep in mind that wild cards are banned, so you can only have one copy of each card in your deck. Also keep in mind that each master can only be used for one deck. These decks can not be altered after the submission deadline. You have until 13:00 UTC on April 5th to submit your master list to the email noted above.
Players will ban 2 of their opponents’ Masters/decks each round and play a Best of 3 until the Final Stage, where they will only ban 1 Master/deck and play a Best of 5. If a player wins with a Master/deck, they can not use that Master/deck again in the same round.
That's a lot of changes and we want to make sure that you have all the information necessary on hand. So here's once again the link to the official announcement. Read it carefully and sign yourself up for the first King Puff Cup tournament of Season 3!

What are the Dwarves doing?

In the office, we're gathering all the bug reports submitted over the Easter holidays and are investigating, building solutions, working on new cards & new visuals for Drone units... and of course the next update #63! Well, and on the mysterious update, which is coming closer and closer as you can see in the news section in-game ;)

More information on both updates will follow next Monday and for this Friday, we have another interview for you prepared. Stay tuned and prepare yourself for the King Puff Cup this Saturday!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, March 30, 2018

Community Happenings - Easter & King Puff Cup Season 3 around the corner

Minion Masters!

When no Dwarf is in the office, it can only mean a handful of things: vacations, weekends, Christmas or - in the current case - Easter. Yes, even Dwarves know Easter and celebrate it and thus the team will be away until Tuesday next week. But do not worry, we have a Community Manager being there for you and recruited someone new lately ;)

Hype the weekend!

"Why", you may ask. Well, because we got information from a trustworthy source that the first King Puff Cup Season 3 tournament is planned to be announced this weekend. We also heard about a reveal, lots of changes and a new prize pool!

Personally, we can't wait for the new season to start and for the first tournament stream. All we know so far:
  • The first tournament of the King Puff Cup Season 3 will happen on Saturday, April 7th at 13:00 UTC
  • We can expect the Conquest format
Stay tuned for the official announcement and always remember: there are no brakes on the Hype-Train!

A new eSports Dwarf 

Speaking of competitive Minion Masters with the aim to become an eSports title, we recently welcomed Tengs at BetaDwarf, who will be responsible for competitive Minion Masters as our new eSports Coordinator! To give you a better understanding of who he is, what he does and what you can expect, here's an interview with him:

Hi Tengs, nice to have you! Would you please introduce yourself to our community?

Will do. I`m Benjamin Tengs, 25 years from the cold country called Norway.

You’re the newest Dwarf and responsible for competitive Minion Masters. How does a working day in the life of an eSports Coordinator look like?

Well, first of all, it never ends and you need a lot of coffee and energy drinks. Other than that it involves talking to a lot of people, finding creative solutions and always be on the lookout for ways to make Minion Masters' competitive scene more awesome!

Sounds exciting! Let’s talk about the future: what can we expect when it comes to competitive Minion Masters and its’ tournament scene?

A lot more tournaments, new grand prizes and more support for competitive players. Can`t give out any details just yet, but changes are not far away.

Will there be more major tournaments presented by BetaDwarf in the future? Something like The Master’s Challenge last year?

Maaaaybe. We will hope, wait and see, be sure to tune in on our official channels and you might see some hints or clue`s.

What're the things Minion Masters stand out competitively, compared to other eSports titles?

Well, the progression in this game is vastly different than in most games. Almost every card makes an impact and the game want the player to figure out the good strategies. There is almost no influence from the Devs on how you should play the game. We have seen over and over players creating their own way of playing and this is fantastic. Rewarding skilled and creative playstyles is always something I love to see.

Even though you might be biased: where do you see Minion Masters in 2 years from now?

Everywhere! ESL, Dreamhack, on your local gas station and the official way to duel with others. You have a problem with your neighbor? Challenge him to a game of Minion Masters!

Will you still broadcast for the King Puff Cup?

I`ll do anything to help out our tournament organizers and if they want me to use my perfect pronunciation of Xiao Long, fear not. I'll be there.

Fantastic! Thanks again for the interview and if you want to, you can leave some shout-outs.

Shoutout to Tina and Pelle, that been my partner and my dog. Then there's Erythais, an awesome Community Manager and of course BetaDwarf for wanting me on board for this! Other than that I hope people will remember that internet-harassment is getting worse and worse, so being friendly and helping your fellow gamers is really a great thing to do!  Even if they're your competitors, please be kind and understanding. Too many teens struggle with depressions and low self-esteem, so let us look out for each other and have a great time!


That's all for today, Masters! Heading back to the flying arenas and prepare for the next competitive season of the King Puff Cup is what we suggest. And of course we hope all of you will have a happy Easter!

Cheers from BetaDwarf