Friday, February 23, 2018

Community Happenings - $850 and lots of specials

Minion Masters!

Today is not just another Friday. Today is the day before the King Puff Invitational of the King Puff Cup Season 2 and - if all goes to plan - the last Friday before the Visual Rework gets introduced. Excited? Hyped? Want to see the very best tournament players competing against each other already? Can't wait any longer for reveals? Well, then this Saturday is for you!

Visual Rework Reveal

On Saturday, February 24th, we will reveal the Visual Rework live on Twitch during the King Puff Invitational! Between the Group and Final Stage, we will show you guys what we're about to introduce to Minion Masters. You will see showmatches revealing the new Sticky Placement mechanics, the new Aggro & Range Indicators, the new Visuals and a lot more. But that's not all!

Along with the reveal of the Visual Rework, we will also present new exciting changes and implementations planned for Minion Masters! We don't want to tell you what exactly right now since some things are just better explained by seeing them instead of reading. Did we mention that UncleOwnage and Erythais will be live on stream for that? Well, now you know!

Get ready for the show and remember: there are no brakes on the Hype Train ;)

King Puff Invitational

The main show on Saturday, starting at 14:00 UTC, is the King Puff Invitational, of course. The 16 very best tournament players of the current King Puff Cup Season 2 will be fighting for the King Puff Champions Title, special visual in-game features and the prize pool of $850 in total. This is the second highest prize pool in the history of Minion Masters for the second King Puff Invitational!

Make sure to bring some time on Saturday, since this tournament will be played as follows:

In the group stage, the 16 participants are divided into 4 groups. Every group plays Round Robin and the two point leaders will advance to the final stage. The matches will be Best of 2 with the Conquest format in place.

In the final stage, things will happen more like usual: Double Elimination, Conquest Best of 3 except the medal matches, which will be Best of 5s.

At the end of this Community Happenings, we want to shout out special thanks to Inception eSports for their ongoing support by spreading the word, especially on Twitch! You guys are doing an amazing job and we're very thankful for all your effort! Let's see if RushSecond can win the second King Puff Invitational in a row and bring the King Puff Cup Champions Title to Inception eSports ;)

Masters, that's all! Good luck to all participants and for the rest of you: we see you on Saturday!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, February 19, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Combustion and the Invitational

Minion Masters!

Are you ready for the King Puff Invitational? Last Saturday was only a foretaste of what is to come! Another foretaste is waiting in this blog post and it's of course about the third brand new card coming to Minion Masters on Wednesday: Combustion. So let's have a look at this week, shall we?

Will you sacrifice your Minions?

Everything comes with a price. A Fireball, for example, costs 4 mana, right? Well, on Wednesday we will introduce the third new card Combustion and this time it's probably not only mana you'll have to spend. Depending on the affected Minions the question is: Are you ready to sacrifice these Minions?

Combustion is a legendary spell which costs 2 mana. On use, you'll choose a ground target anywhere on the flying arenas. The moment you play the spell, friendly Minions in a small area will be affected by the spell's effect. 3 seconds later, they will explode for 100 Damage to itself and any nearby Enemies including flying units and structures. And for those asking: yes, the damage can be absorbed with Shield effects such as the new Bannerman or Guardian.

Combustion has no target limitation so it can affect an infinite number of friendly Minions, theoretically. Combustion thus is meant as a moving AoE (Area of Effect) Control Spell and we're excited to see what you'll come up with ;)

We will - of course - keep an eye on the spell and it's performance and won't hesitate to change things if deemed important. 

On Wednesday, we will have a patch introducing Combustion and the Frisky Friend Fiesta ends. We will also have bug fixes, but no balance changes. The reason for that is to not interfere with the King Puff Invitational, which will happen this Saturday. Don't worry, we have a big update planned for the week after the King Puff Invitational to make up for that ;)

King Puff Invitational

Last Saturday the last 4 participants for the King Puff Invitational were found. Congratulations to smncubOrpheusEndeZR, Edelweiss, and Adren! We saw thrilling Qualifiers and can't wait for the Invitational to happen, now. Who'll win this time? Can RushSecond defend his King Puff Cup Champion title? The 16 top performing tournament players will fight against each other in a Round Robin Group Stage and a Double Elimination Final Stage with the popular Conquest Match Format for a prize pool of $850 and a special in-game bonus.

You don't want to miss that right? We strongly advise you to follow the King Puff Cup Twitch Channel today!

What? You already missed the Qualifiers? Okay, here you go for the VOD, but don't let this happen again ;)

Friday, February 16, 2018

Community Happenings - Qualifiers and Outlooks

Minion Masters!

It's already Friday and when we have a look at the King Puff Cup schedule one thing becomes totally clear: the next two Saturdays are all about competitive Minion Masters. The next two Saturdays will determine who will be the King Puff Cup Champion of Season 2.

Qualifiers for the King Puff Cup Invitational 

King Puff Cup Season 2 is about to end and there's only one more week to go before the Invitational takes place. The 12 point leaders are already invited to compete for the second biggest prize pool in the history of Minion Masters. $850 incentivize every single finalist to show their top performances in a Round Robin Group Stage and a Double Elimination Final Stage with the popular Conquest format.

But before the King Puff Invitational can happen, the Qualifiers need to determine the last missing 4 players. And that's exactly what'll happen tomorrow at 14:00 UTC live on Twitch! We strongly advise you to already follow the King Puff Cup Twitch channel to not miss a single second of thrilling fights on the flying arenas!

The next weeks in Minion Masters

A look at our own schedule reveals that the Visual Rework comes closer, finally. We told you that we had to delay it since the work that needs to be done finishing and polishing this huge rework takes longer than we expected. We don't want to promise a set release date right now, but we aim to distribute the visual overhaul amongst other changes (including balance) the week after the King Puff Invitational.

Next Wednesday, February 21st, the last new card of February will come to Minion Masters. It's a spell, it's a legendary card and that's all we reveal right now. More on the new card Combustion on Monday. Oh and we fix some bugs, too ;)

We're also working on UI 2.0, an overhaul of the user interface in many areas. Please note that UI 2.0 will not be part of the Visual Rework. It would make sense, but we feel like the Visual Rework with all the other changes is huge enough for a single update.


That's all for today, Masters! Have a nice weekend everybody and see you tomorrow on Twitch.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, February 12, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - The Gambling & the Grand Finals

Minion Masters!

It's Monday and that means there are just 2 more days left until a brand new card is available in Minion Masters! Additionally, as soon as Saturday at 14:00 UTC, we get to see competitive Minion Masters again and this time the participants are fighting for the last 4 spots at the King Puff Invitational.

Believe in the heart of the cardsss

The picture above does not indicate any changes to Apep. But this snaky Master has two perks influenced by RNG. Perk 1 and Perk 3 grant you cards for free. Which cards you get is determined by a random chance and only limited by the mana cost of the cards. Perk 1 grants you a free 2 mana card and Perk 3 grants you a free 4 mana card.

Our newest card in Minion Masters will come with a random factor as well, thus the name Gambler's Ball. Here's the newest spell:

At 3 mana, this spell costs at least as much as a Healing Fireball, but has the potential of casting a Fireball for 1 mana less. The outcome is a 50/50 chance, though. Every time. And no, this card will have no indicators showing you the outcome ;)

This card will be available as soon as 9am UTC on Wednesday and there are no other changes planned for this patch. The beauty of this announcement: no server downtime.

King Puff Cup Qualifiers & Invitational

On October 8th last year the King Puff Cup started its second season. Since then 9 tournaments have been successfully completed and every participant earned at least 1 point. Wait, points? Yes. Whenever you participate in a King Puff Cup, you will earn at least 1 point. The higher your rank after the tournament, the more points you get. The 12 point leaders are now invited to the King Puff Invitational

But before the main event can start on Saturday, February 24th at 14:00 UTC, the last 4 spots need to be filled first. Therefore, on Saturday, February 17th at 14:00 UTC we will see the Qualifiers for the King Puff Cup Invitational. The participants will compete against each other for the last 4 spots in a Double Elimination tournament format with Conquest rules for the matches.

The main event will be played with a Round Robin group stage and a Double Elimination final stage. The match format is Conquest. The matches of the Qualifiers, as well as the Invitational, will be streamed live on Twitch at the mentioned times.


That's all for today, Masters! Head back to the flying arenas and already plan ahead what to do with the Gambler's Ball on Wednesday.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, February 9, 2018

Community Happenings - Live and Exclusive

Minion Masters!

A lot of things are going on this February. Not only does every single one of you get an additional Daily Quest every day until February 21st, but we'll introduce three new cards to Minion Masters as well. The first card - Lost Legionnaires - was introduced last Wednesday and marked the beginning of the Frisky Friend Fiesta. Next Wednesday, Gambler's Ball will be available. This card will be the topic on Monday among others.

When Masters become Creators

Today, we want to shift our focus more on you. We know that many of you like to watch Minion Masters on Twitch for instance. And while our Twitch presence is not the biggest, it's growing lately. This is partially due to the effort Inception eSports puts into Minion Masters, a North American based eSports organization led by Spectre. Inception eSports built up a respectable Community Streaming fleet and since they are also recruiting Minion Masters players and support our tournament scene, they are spreading the word through their streamers.

We want to thank Inception eSports for their effort and support! All the organical growth on Twitch is more than we could have ever asked for.

If you want to know more about the organization that made some of our best players put the tag ICN | before their nicknames, just join their official Discord server!

But there's not just Inception eSports. Lately, we spot more and more new names tagging their streams with Minion Masters. There is Zak alias TheGraveCrawler, for instance. Another new name is Richard alias LightAndMagic. He picked up Minion Masters a few days ago and what you can expect from his stream is best said by himself:
The general idea here is to have fun together, no matter if we win or lose, and to learn and pass on the knowledge. LightAndMagic is my name on Twitch and in most of the games I play and stream. Starting out in March, 2015, I mainly featured "EVE Online" during my live shows, growing a loyal audience of veterans in this game. 
My 2nd year of streaming turned into variety streaming as I wanted to keep everyone happy, and the amount of requests became massive.
In the 3rd year I decided to slim down the selection of games to "Heroes of the Storm", "Warframe" and the odd racing or other variety game. I can also be found live editing photographs made by viewers, and coding in various programming languages.
My community slowly builds up and is very loyal to me, the games I feature, and the other members of the community. My age (almost 52) and my life experience turned me and my friends into a non-raging group of gamers looking for multiplayer entertainment.
Thank you and keep up the work on games like "Minion Masters", my son studies and practices game design and development so we closely follow developers like you.
 We want to thank Richard, as well as all the other new streamers for their support! You can find his Twitch channel right here, by the way.

King Puff Cup is on the way to its grand final

Yes, you got that right. The KPC staff announced the last two tournaments of the current King Puff Cup circuit. We will go into more detail on that subject on Monday, nevertheless here's the basic information for those of you interested:

The Qualifiers for the King Puff Invitational will happen on Saturday, February 17th at 14:00 UTC and decide which players will take the last 4 spots for the grand final of the King Puff Cup Season 2. These Qualifiers are an invite-only tournament and participants are determined by their previous tournament performances during the season.

The King Puff Cup Invitational will happen on Saturday, February 24th at 14:00 UTC and comes with a prize pool of 850$ split amongst the Top4 competitors. Unlike other King Puff tournaments, the group stage of the invitational will be played in a Best of 2 Round Robin format.

Both tournaments have identical rules and the tournament format is Conquest. You can find the official announcement and rulebook right here!


That's all for this Friday, Masters! Head back to the flying arenas and if you didn't already, watch out for streamers streaming your favorite game Minion Masters live on Twitch!

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Monday, February 5, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Winners and new cards

Minion Masters!

We sure hope you enjoyed your weekend and King Puff Cup 17. And we sure hope you're already excited about Wednesday. And Wednesday next week. And the Wednesday after... well... let us explain. The visual rework will take a little longer than expected. For that reason, we decided to bring parts of that rework to Minion Masters earlier. Namely 3 new cards and 3 balance reworks.

Moooore cards!

Yes, we have 3 new cards in the pipeline and will release them over the course of 3 weekly updates, starting this Wednesday! And the first card will make fans of the Legionnaires happy:

The card Two Legionnaires seems quite unspectacular at first sight. All you get for 3 mana is two legionnaires and that's it. When we think about possible purposes for this card, however, taking the bridges comes to mind immediately. This two tough fighters can contest the bridges against Plasma Marines, for instance. We're pretty sure you can come up with more ideas how to use this card to its full efficiency.

What about the other two cards? They will not be revealed, yet. All we want to let you know is the names of the cards: Combustion & Gambler's Ball.

Moooore balance reworks

Let's talk about balance. More exactly: King Puff, Xiao Long, and Bannerman.

Some of you might be excited already to hear that we looked into Xiao Long. He was the topic of various discussions and after a lot of brainstorming, we finally decided how to change him. Xiao Long will no longer deal direct damage for spells played by your opponents. Instead, every time your opponent plays a spell Xiao Long gains Shield & Rage. The Shield is the very same like the one you know from Shielded Crossbow Dudes. Shields and Rage don't stack, but when Xiao Long loses his shield due to damage, it will get reapplied with the next spell used by your opponent. We're not 100% sure about the numbers regarding HP, Attack Damage, and Attack Speed, yet. But it is likely that he comes with slightly more health and damage.

King Puff and Bannerman share one thing we'll remove: Inspire. You got that right, Inspire will be gone and King Puff's 2nd Perk, as well as Bannerman's buff, will get reworked. As far as Bannerman goes, he will grant Shield to nearby allies on spawn. Again, this Shield is the same you know from Shielded Crossbow Dudes. The Shield gets applied to all units, be it ground or air. His stats will be increased most likely as well.

King Puff's 2nd Perk gets changed as well. We cut the bridge interaction you were used to and replace it with permanent buffs to units. We're still testing internally and are not 100% sure yet, but as it stands 4 and/or 5 mana units will spawn with either Shield or Rage (indicated with a respective symbol over the cards). That gives King Puff a new mechanic to play with and can swing the entire gameplay from defensive to offensive, depending on your card choices.

Please note that presented numbers are not set in stone, yet. We're still testing internally, especially when it comes to King Puff. The general information provided regarding mechanics, however, will make it to the live servers. We're aiming to distribute said changes as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee that they are included this Wednesday.

King Puff Cup 17

Last Saturday, twenty 2vs2 teams competed in King Puff Cup 17 for the prize pool of $225. What can we say? It was a great experience and the teams showed us skilled gameplay at the highest level. In the end, 4 teams were better than the rest and got their hands on the prize money:
  1. Team Inception (RushSecond & Jamez28) - $100
  2. I thought this was Draft (Vango & Zgriptor) - $60
  3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (smncub & Memfisto) - $40
  4. Crazy Vex (Angry Snail & Sain) - $25
Congratulations to all winners and a big thanks to all participants for the intense matches! We want to also thank the whole KPC staff for the work and effort they put in every single tournament! And of course, we want to thank every single viewer!

In addition to a spectacular tournament, Dipshit announced the prize pool for the King Puff Invitational on February 24th: no less than $850.


That's all for today, Masters! We have a patch to prepare and you have information to think about ;) See you on the flying arenas.

Cheers from BetaDwarf

Friday, February 2, 2018

Community Happenings - Questions and Answers

Minion Masters!

Already February. Unbelievable. This month will be busy. We will see 3 patches, new cards, balance reworks and changes, as well as the last three King Puff Cup events of the current King Puff Cup season 2. And one of this three cups will happen tomorrow!

King Puff Cup 17

This Saturday at 14:00 UTC it's time for the next King Puff Cup! Live broadcasted, we can expect to see the very best 2vs2 players battling for honor, glory and $225 in the prize pool. Which 4 teams will get their hands on the money? One more day until we get that question answered, but for you, there's still time to sign up and participate!

Good luck to all participants and we would love to see you on Saturday at 14:00 UTC on Twitch.

Answers of a Master

This week, we asked a Master a few questions. It's been a long time since we presented our last interview, so let's jump into it. Minion Masters, this is Kexaron!

Hi Kexaron, nice to have you! Even though you’re a regular Minion Masters streamer, would you introduce yourself, please?

Absolutely. I'm from Maine, USA and I stream mostly in the evening time. I grew up playing MMORPG's but found that they consumed my life so I have transitioned into games that actually end. The thing that attracts me to games is teamwork, communication, and complexity.

You’re someone playing the game a lot. Would you agree with Minion Masters being more than just a card game? And if so, why?

Yes absolutely. It tests your ability to think on the fly, you have to strategize with your deck ahead of time and adjust to your opponent's deck on the fly using tactics. In addition to all of the thought, you have to predict how the minions are going to move and respond in real time.

Speaking of what Minion Masters is, where do you feel that Minion Masters stands out compared to other card games, especially the popular ones like Hearthstone and Clash Royale?

I think that one good thing that Hearthstone has, Minion Masters also has, and that is mana is equalized for all people. I have never played Clash Royale, but Minion Masters is insanely complicated to play at a high level and I don't think that a mobile game can be compared to it.

How do you feel about the competitive aspect of Minion Masters?

I think that the competitive aspects of Minion Masters are so complicated that I can't even put it into words. I guess I really like to use the phrase "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master". 

Since you play a lot of Minion Masters, will you enter the tournament scene?

I actually played in my first tournament a week ago, I lost to Dirion. I will also be playing in the 2v2 tournament a week from now. I am just getting comfortable and still trying to learn all of the Masters at a high level, but I am happy to join. My goal is to be actually competitive in the tournaments two months from now.

Kexaron, where do you see Minion Masters in 2 years from now? What do you think will be and what do you expect?

I think that the next 6 months are the most important for Minion Masters. I think that MM will get a lot bigger when it goes free to play and will continue to gradually grow over time. The strong knit community that it has at its base will really help keep the players that come in and stay and encourage them to bring their friends. I see MM in 2 years from now have 10x the amount of people playing it but I hope it gets even bigger.

Thank you very much for your time and the interview.

If you want to see Kexaron in action, meet him live on stream at Twitch!

Before we end this blog post, we want to give you a brief overview of the next week. The next patch for Minion Masters will happen on Wednesday, February 7th. Among other changes, we will introduce a new card. Are you a fan of Legionnaires? We like them too ;) More on that subject on Monday.

That's all for now, Masters. Head back to the flying arenas and prepare yourself for the team battle tournament!

Cheers from BetaDwarf