Minion Masters Monday

Minion Masters!

It's the last week before we go on our Christmas Vacation, meaning this will also be the last Minion Masters Monday of the year too. We told you that 2018 would truly be a legendary year for Minion Masters, and we've certainly been through a wild ride! But most importantly of all, we were glad you were here to experience it with us, Masters.

Rise of the Howling Moon

Our fourth Battle Pass Expansion, the Rise of the Howling Moon, starts today! Dive in to our newest update and enjoy 100 new tiers of Battle Pass content. If you need a rough idea of what to expect, head over to our Update website right here! We've had a lot of fun designing and testing this set of cards and we hope you have just as much fun playing them. Let us know on our Discord, Reddit, Stomt and Steam Forums what you think of them after giving them a try in-game!

Please note that Diona the Witch Hunter will not be entering the game until mid-way through the season, at which point the Tier 100 skin will be revealed as well. Happy hunting, Masters!

Winter Holidays at BetaDwarf

The Holidays may indeed be upon us, and that also means we're in the holiday spirit of giving! From the 23rd to the 28th of December there will be eight Featured Offers available in the shop, as well as a special Free item on the 23rd and 24th, courtesy of BetaDwarf. Don't miss it, it might not be around again for a while!

Obviously, with our vacation, it does mean there will not be any blog posts or updates until we've returned in January. Most of the dwarves will be spending time with their families and won't be available for contact, but we will still be present for support inquiries and to prevent any errors from occurring. If you experience issues during this period, leave a message on Steam, Discord or mail, which we'll be routinely checking.

Discord Snowsgiving Tournament

The Discord Snowsgiving Tournament happened last weekend! It was Minion Masters' biggest prize pool tournament yet with over $25,000 on the line, and competition was fierce with nearly 100 participants in the 1v1 bracket. It was streamed live on Discord's official twitch channel, and the finals came down to a shootout between long-time Minion Masters players, with Katt and Memfisto facing off for the grand prize of $2,500. Memfisto took the win and was crowned champion, with Katt taking a cool $1,500 home for second place. 

On the 2v2 side of the event it was a mix of the old and the new, with Partners teaming up with Minion Masters veterans for exciting team based co-ordination. In the end, VangoBG and Kuryoku took home a prize of $5,000 to split between them, while Engineer Gandalf the Pink and ZonkTheDonk took second place with $4,000. It was an exciting tournament to watch with high stakes on the line, and we're looking forward to seeing the competitive spirit ignited in the players continue into the new year!

Happy Holidays from BetaDwarf!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Minion Masters Monday!

Minion Masters!

It's just one week to go until the Battle Pass switches over to the Rise of the Howling Moon, and we're hard at work preparing for the content release. That of course means there is no update this Wednesday, and instead Update 84 will be on Monday, December 17th. If you've missed all of the reveals we've been making in the run-up to the Battle Pass release, you can find them all on our new Update site right here!

Guilds delayed

Last month we delayed Guilds on account of opportunities we wanted to focus on that we believe were better for the game. Well, another month another opportunity, and suddenly we're here, where the work on Guilds hasn't progressed nearly as much as we'd hoped for. Quite simply, the work with the upcoming tournament, as well as preparations for an upcoming [censored] have pressured the team much more than expected.

At this point we don't think it's going be a good release for the feature come the 17th, so we're opting to delay it till after the holidays. We still have details to figure out, but we're changing some planning behind the scenes to get more resources onto the feature. Once again we're sorry about the delay when we gave such a concrete promise, and we want to make up for the disappointment with a little gift. Go ahead and claim this code in the shop:


For the future, we want to emphasize that BetaDwarf is committed to delivering the deadlines we promise you, so when things don't go according to plan, or we see a great opportunity we believe will be better for the game that we have to take, we'll provide you with such a gift if the deadline is missed.

Dev Stream Incoming!

Of course, with Update 84 happening on Monday, we need a developer stream to go along with it! This time the date of the stream will be a little off course to meet the Update and will be happening at 18:00 UTC on Saturday, December 15th. We'll be showcasing the new Battle Pass live and maybe even playing a few games so you can see it in action. There'll be lots of Q&A available about the new cards and master, too, we could have a special guest from the developer team, and maybe we'll even be getting into the Xmas spirit with some giveaways? There's only one way to find out, and that's to be there! We'll be going live right here on our twitch channel.

King Puff Cup 28

The 28th King Puff Cup happened on Saturday! The top 8 saw some new faces once again, with Datenshi and Frog Daddy battling it out, the latter ending with a tied third place finish. The finals ultimately came down to a classic matchup of Memfisto vs Katt, with Katt taking the grand prize of a Radeon RX Vega 56 Graphics Card, and Memfisto taking a $100 SteelSeries Code. If you missed out on the action, you can catch up with the VOD right here on the King Puff Cup twitch channel!

That's all for today, Masters! There's lots more news to come on our developer stream, though, so don't forget to be there for the last Developer Stream of the year!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Merry Masters X-Mas

Minion Masters!

The Merry Masters X-Mas event is on! Every day leading up to Christmas, there will be a free item offer in the Daily Shop Offers, in a better quantity and quality than our regular free offers. Make sure to check back every day so you don't miss out on free Shards, Rubies, Gold and Cards!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Minion Masters Monday

Minion Masters!

We're finally into December, Masters, which means everyone's favourite festive holiday is rapidly approaching. It also means the Rise of the Howling Moon Battle Pass is coming, too, and we're piling on the reveals as we get closer to the date!

Don't forget, Masters, the Merry Masters Xmas event is on right now! There's free items in the Shop every day, and in a better quality than previous free offers. Don't miss out, make sure you collect your free resources and cards every day!

But first, we've got some huge news...

Free to Play on Steam THIS THURSDAY!

That's right, Minion Masters is going free to play on Steam this very Thursday, the 6th of December!

We will still be in Early Access until release early next year, but this is a step towards preparing for that release. We're doing it to ensure everything related to this change works well before the release, and we've had some great talks with Valve on how to prepare for that. To set some expectations, we believe it will increase the player base a bit now, but the main increase is anticipated to be when we leave Early Access, releasing and promoting everything together on PC and Consoles.

An important note regarding the change to Free to Play is that the early access bonus content on Steam (the Nightbringer skin and release gift) will not be given to players who get the game after it goes free to play on Thursday. Everyone who got the game before that will still keep the content and receive the gift on release day.

Diona the Witch Hunter

Diona was revealed on our Update website for Rise of the Howling Moon! Our first new master since Milloween, Diona is a tricky master who looks to lock down the battlefield with the usage of her traps, and keep her trusty pet Ruffles safe while he retrieves the spoils of war for her benefit. Here's the blurb text from the site itself:

Diona controls the battlefield with her wide array of tools. Hidden traps that kill, distract or hold enemies in place allow her to meticulously tilt the fight in her favor. Ruffles joins in as the overeager seeker hound, collecting the spoils of the hunt for Diona to use in potions.
You can get the full breakdown on the perks and developer comments on the site itself. As for her release date, the site mentions "Mid-Season". This means that Diona is not tied to the Battle Pass - She will be purchaseable from the store like any other master. We've seen a lot of great discussion about her since the reveal, and we'd like to hear more! Make sure to join the discussion on Facebook and our usual communication channels.

King Puff Cup 28

The 28th King Puff Cup is happening this weekend, Masters! The KPC Staff are back in full force for another Last Master Standing tournament happening on December 8th, 2018 at 14:00 UTC. The top prize for this tournament is a Radeon RX Vega 56 Graphics card with an estimated value of $500! Second place gets a $100 SteelSeries code, with 3rd & 4th place getting $50. Everyone who places 5th to 8th will get $25.

The signup deadline for the tournament is December 6th at 14:00 UTC, so make sure to play, be it for competitive experience or to get your hands on those prizes! The tournament will be livestreamed on the King Puff Cup twitch channel. You can sign up right here on their Toornament page!

But if the King Puff Cup isn't quite enough to satiate your Competitive Minion Masters desires, keep an eye out for a special announcement very soon...

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Minion Masters Monday

Minion Masters!

Rise and shine, it's update week! That means we've got all the news to give to you ahead of our patch. We've got some to share today and a lot to share tomorrow, so let's get right into it.

Revised Mayhem

Following up from the statement last week and the mention that there would be news of it today, we've got some details about the upcoming Mayhem changes for you! In essence the gameplay of Mayhem will stay the same, but we're changing the reward and participation structure of the mode. So what's different?
  • There will no longer be a Deluxe Ruby entry Mayhem option
  • The regular Mayhem will now cost 750 Gold and have better rewards than the previous Gold Mayhems
  • The rewards will be a mid-point between the Gold and Ruby Mayhems
  • The Free Try will continue to not have a Glory requirement
  • Mayhems will be once a week and last for 3 days
Here's an example of what this looks like at the moment - We're still experimenting, however, so note that this can change in the future. Note that these dates will be inaccurate due to this screenshot being from an in development build.

We'll love to hear your feedback on this new Mayhem structure, so let us know what you think on our DiscordRedditStomt and Steam Forums!

Dwarf Stream with a special Community Guest!

That's right, Masters, we have another Developer Stream happening tomorrow! That Sprite will be there with all the details on our upcoming patch, but he's not alone this time... Special Guest truteo, AKA BOB will be there to discuss the changes and give his take on the balance adjustments we're making. It'll be on Tuesday, November 27th at 18:00 UTC on our Twitch Channel with Q&A extending to truteo as well! Make sure you're there! And speaking of Balance Changes...

Balancing Act

We've got some changes coming to cards! We obviously can't reveal all of them at the moment - you'll need to tune in tomorrow to get all of them, but here's three buffs we're making to some cards to start off:
  • Ghost Turret will have its health increased from 250 to 325
  • Styxi will have his Depression time reduced from 10 seconds to 6
  • Arcane Bolt will have its health threshold increased from 400 to 500, and its Stun increased from 7 seconds to 9
Cheers from BetaDwarf!