Friday, November 15, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

Version 1.7 Release Changed

We've got good news and bad news - Let's start with the bad. We try to align expansions with promotional opportunities because they enhance the opportunities we have to bring more players to the game. Unfortunately, a lot of things are conflicting currently, meaning our opportunity doesn't align effectively, meaning fewer players. It's important to us that the game keeps growing, so we have to delay Version 1.7 and The Quest for Mountainshaper to the 5th of December. We know you've been excited about things, but we truly believe it's better for the game if we wait just a bit longer.

To make up for it, we're releasing a new mayhem mode on the 21st, as a teaser for the upcoming community-voted card, Mal'Shar! We'll have a special prize for playing the Mayhem, and the Mayhem is replacing the "Two For Free" one currently scheduled. We'll also be doing a mini-update on the 21st that includes all of the balance changes that were intended for 1.7. The ranked season will not, however, be resetting until Version 1.7's release. Here's one of the balance changes we intend to be making:

  • Ritual of Servitude
  • Summoned Card cap removed
  • Mana Cost 2 > 4
  • Developer Comments
  • With our previous change to Ritual of Servitude we wanted to ensure that we could limit the power level of the high cost decks that made the most use of it without harming the effectiveness of the lower cost decks that were less explosive in their usage of the cards. Unfortunately, some times balance changes don't work out, and it ultimately had less of an impact on the metagame as we had hoped for. We determined that a mana cost increase to 3 wouldn't be significant enough either due to the mana advantage gained. We're hoping that 4 mana is the right place for the card to be.

The Conquest and Battle Pass will also be prolonged, meaning you have more time to get any last rewards you have to collect. Additionally, the last few reveals on the Update Site for the expansion are having their reveal dates changed to reflect the delay. The release of the third chapter of Adventures and the intended December 1.8 patch are also delayed - More information will follow soon.

We want to hear about your card ideas!

We'd like to start a new feature on our future Blog Posts where we can highlight some of the brightest creative minds in the community - And what better way to do that than to hear what kind of cards you think should be added to the game? 
  • Mail your card ideas with as many details as you want to 
  • It can be about anything - Existing factions, or maybe something new? Building up on existing cards in a clever way or adding something entirely unique to the game. 
  • We'll try to pick out our favourite submission each week to showcase on the blog. 
  • (Please note that we're unlikely to actually implement the cards into the game even if they're featured on the blog - This is something we're doing just for fun :) )
We're looking forward to see what you can come up with!

Streamer Spotlight: DoctorZox

Today we're featuring the remarkable story of Twitch streamer DoctorZox!

Zox earned his PhD in Kinesiology; Master’s in Psychology and a Bachelor's in Philosophy almost 20 years ago. His path was set until this all changed in 2009, when a life changing accident left him disabled and unable to work.

In a struggle to find a new path, he turned to gaming to take his mind on a new, and never ending journey. World of Warcraft followed by Hearthstone was the start.

Achieving PVP Gladiator in WoW Arena and Legend multiple times in Hearthstone with a high rank of Legend 69 left him wanting more.

He found his way to Twitch Affiliate July 9th 2018 streaming Hearthstone. Then transitioned to Minion Masters full time on July 1st 2019, where he was able to achieve GrandMaster in just 2 short weeks! He is known in the wonderful Minion Masters community as DoctorZox to his Twitch family and friends, where you can find him live with his faithful and loyal companion Kiaya!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Minion Masters Monday

Minion Masters!

Welcome to a special edition Minion Masters Monday! We've got lots to talk about in terms of our upcoming brand new game mode, Adventures! Let's not waste any time and get right into it:


Adventures is a brand new PvE game mode where you play a single-player story with unique mechanics and content!

The Quest for Mountainshaper

In our first Adventure, you join Milloween as she attempts to recover the Mountainshaper, an ancient artifact required to save the world from an unknown but terrifying threat.

With plenty of dangers along the way, she’ll need to enlist the aid of likely and unlikely heroes.

Features: 3 chapters - Chapters 1 & 2 available at release, Chapter 3 will be available on the 4th of December.
Build your deck as you go. Start with a Master-specific deck and with each victory, you get a choice of cards to add to your deck. 5 Unique Masters with completely new perks and unlockable "Affinity cards". 23 NEW Boss fights Powerful relics and treasures to earn
Unlockable Hard Mode - Unlocked by completing Chapter 1, challenge yourself against even tougher opponents packing special modifiers! Earn special rewards to show off your Adventures mastery against other players! Earn Rewards - Through all the chapters you'll earn plenty of tokens and experience, as well as 5 Rare, 3 Supreme & 1 Legendary cards. Completing hard mode awards an exclusive rare and Supreme avatar. Price - Chapter 1 will be free forever, while Chapters 2 & 3 cost 1400 Rubies as a package, or 1000 individually. You can play owned chapters as much as you want.

Let's take a closer look at two of the Masters that will be available, Milloween and Fergus Flagon Fighter and their unique perks:

Basic Attack - Fires 3 Arcane Sparks for 8 damage each. Mana Surge (+50% Attack Speed if you have 6 or more Mana).
Perk 1: Arcane Synergy - Add an Arcane Missiles card to your deck for every two spells in your deck.
Perk 2: Crystal Escort - All Ranged Minions you play are accompanied by a Crystal Sentry.
Perk 3: Arcane Overcharge - Your Spells are cast twice.

Fergus Flagon Fighter
Basic Attack - Uses his regular Minion attack, but can hit both Flying and Ground.
Perk 1: Go Big - Whenever you play a 5+ cost minion card, give nearby friendly minions Frenzy  (+50% Movement and Attack Speed, removes Slow) and nearby enemy minions Slow (-25% Movement and Attack Speed, removes Frenzy).
Perk 2: Bigger is Better - The minion card in your deck with the highest health gains double health and Rage (+50% Damage) permanently.
Perk 3: Clan Loyalty - Summon 4 random Stoutheart minion Cards.

Interview with a PTR Tester

Today, we have an interview with one of our PTR Testers Jamez28 from the Official Minion Masters Discord. We wanted to ask him personally what he thought about our new Adventures feature.

BD: Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed. Can you introduce yourself and how long you've been playing Minion Masters for?

Jamez28: Heyo, Im Jamez28, moderator and tournament competitor and ive been playing Minion Masters since early 2017 so around 2 years at this point.

BD: So, you were among the first to test Adventures for us in the PTR. What did you enjoy most about playing it?

Jamez28: I really enjoyed discovering all the different bosses you could encounter during the adventure, many familiar faces from expeditions but tons of new and interesting ones.

BD: Do you have any general advice to give new players getting started in Adventures?

Jamez28: Yeah, adventures are gonna be tough and sometimes they might even feel unfair but then you're gonna have some runs where you sweep the floor vs the bosses and you'll feel like a strategic mastermind.

BD: Who was your favourite of the five masters you could play as?

Jamez28: If I had to make a choice it'd be Jolo, the Hero Scrat, stealing cards from your opponent was phenomenal in establishing tempo and really wrestling control of the game back to you.

BD: Thanks again for your time. Do you have any shoutouts you'd like to make?

Jamez28: Yeah, I'd shoutout the TCL, theyre putting on a lot more tournaments regularly and its a great way to play versus some of the best of Minion Masters and earn some nice rewards along the way, i'd recommend anyone to sign up even if you think you aren't good enough.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

The Quest for Mountainshaper Reveals

Our new Battle Pass Expansion is rapidly approaching, and we've got lots of juicy details about new cards and our Adventures mode to talk about.

First up is the Legendary card Fergus Flagon Fighter. This 7 cost beer brawler likes his Frostberry Brew so much that he turned his mugs into weapons! He'll go for crazy spin attacks while he pushes his way through hordes of enemies, but all the inebriation will cause him to get dizzy. Playing other Stoutheart cards near him while he's dizzy will allow him to get back on his feet again and get right back to it.

On a similar note, we've also revealed the Supreme card Glenn's Brew. This 2 mana Stoutheart spell packs quite a punch and is sure to revitalize anyone in the middle of combat. A random minion in the small area the spell uses will gain 100 Max health and be healed for 400. After 6 seconds, however, the minion will mysteriously vanish, never to be seen again...

View more revealed cards such as Frostfeathers, Woodsman, Caber Tosser, Leiliel's Vortex and more at our Update Site!. Next week we'll be spilling all the details on Adventures!

Fan Interview

This week we're interviewing Steven from the Minion Masters Discord. Steven is one of our oldest players and contributes to the community in a variety of ways, and we figured we'd return the favour and let you know how awesome he is.

BD: Thanks for taking time to talk to us. Please introduce yourself and what you frequently do in the community.
Steven: Hello, I am Steven, also known as StevenEven. I am the main contributor  on the official Minion Masters wiki and I also am the one who keeps FFA's data spreadsheet up to date. You might also know me from: Moderating the official MM discord, the developer stream recap posts or my previous position at KPC.

BD: How long have you been playing Minion Masters for?
Steven: I have been playing the game since June 2017, so for about 2 years and 4 months. Time flies.

BD: What does editing the wiki usually entail?
Steven: Depending on the task it can be less or more complicated.

For example, when I first started I added "history" on each and every card and master, this meant i had to go trough all patch notes from all time and then write that information on the wiki in a structured manner. I am really proud of the result as new players can always get to look at how the cards used to be. Back when I started playing, I loved hearing the history of certain cards.

Other than that, i usually just need to add the cards and update others due to the balance changes.

When adding cards i just create a new page and copy another's card page, then edit it accordingly. When updating cards it's simply the addition of some text and tweaks of some numbers. It's actually really simple and anyone who knows how to type could do it.

I do however always make sure that all information is correct and integral, and that the history is updated.

BD: Which expansion has been your favourite so far?
Steven: It's kind of a tie between Guardians of the Crystal Spire (since it was the first season with brand new mechanics and minions), Rise of the Howling Moon (since it was the first time a master was added after I started playing and i also liked the theme) or Battle for Light's Reach (since it introduced factions, a feature i wanted and suggested from long before)

BD: Any shoutouts you'd like to make?
Steven: Shoutout to Videogamer77 and his group for being my friends since I started playing, they helped me integrate in the community and reach the point where I am. Also shoutout to FFA for, besides also being a friend, helping me evolve and improve myself both withim the community and in real life, as a person.

Steven can frequently be found hanging out on the Official Minion Masters Discord. Here's to you, Steven!

E-Sports Galore this week!

We've got tons of Minion Masters tournaments happening this weekend! The Challenger League will be running their Volco Cup 3 with a Halloween Edition on November 2nd at 1400 UTC.

Additionally, BadAsAFish80 will be hosting their 5th tournament on the 4th of November. Here's the details on that:

Building on and learning from the success of his previous 4 tournaments BadAsAFish80 is excited to announce that his 5th tournament is now open for registration.

$100 Prize Pool split $50 - First, $25 - Second, $12.50 - Third and Fourth

Top performers get invites to the next Sinobii's Battleground Invitational featuring even more cash prizes! (The number of invites awarded depends on the number of participants).

In game content available to top performers including the Morellia Dynasty Skin to the winner.

Format is Best of 3 Double Elimination.

Registration is currently open and matches are scheduled to begin on the 4th of November.

You are given 3 days for each round to complete it at your and your opponent's convenience.

Choose a master to ban for your opponent for each round.

BadAsAFish80 is looking forward to seeing you in the tournament and wishes you the best of luck and should you have any questions encourages you to reach out to him on Discord (BadAsAFish80 :fish:#0275).

Meanwhile, behind the scenes...

We got these two to put on some funny looking costumes you might recognize. What could that be for?

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

Ready for Minion Masters to get spooky?

Halloween is right around the corner, and we've got the perfect way to celebrate:
  • ALL your favourite arenas have been given a special seasonal look! 
  • The elusive Pumpking Puff will be available in the store.
  • Free special Halloween avatar in the shop!
  • Free cards via the shop offers!
  • A Special Halloween Quest!
The arenas will be coming with special lighting, lanterns, cobwebs and pumpkins, and our Accursed and Voidborne DLC bundles will be discounted throughout the event. Check out the Altar of the Almighty Apep arena complete with its makeover!

What arena are you most excited to see decorate? Let us know! Our special Halloween Event will be starting on next Monday the 28th of October until the 4th of November. Make sure to log in, join in with the fun, and collect your free goodies!

COMING SOON: The Quest for Mountainshaper

Last week we launched the webpage for our upcoming expansion, The Quest for Mountainshaper! We've got lots of reveals planned in the run-up to Version 1.7, and we've created a special Steam Event that you can sign up for to be reminded of when the update goes live!

In her search for the ancient artifact Mountainshaper, Milloween treks through the frozen Highlands. Here she comes upon a village of big burly humans known as Stouthearts.

After proving herself to their clan, Milloween and her elven companion Leiliel Brightfeather are welcomed with open arms, and invited to join in their revelry. The eager young would-be hero, Fergus Flagon Fighter, promises to guide Milloween as they embark on a dangerous journey through the Mountains.

Awesome Harbinger Fanart

It's no secret that we love to see some of the inspiring creativity our Community. We've frequently held fanart competitions on our own Discord server after all, where some of our most artistic players come together to show off their Minion Masters creations. So we were very happy to see u/HeavyLantern 's take on our favourite flying Slither menace, Harbinger!

We caught up with HeavyLantern and asked him about this cool reimagining.

BD: How long have you been playing Minion Masters for?
HeavyLantern: I've been playing Minion Masters for about 2 months now. One of my best friends introduced me to the game and I instantly became addicted.

BD: What inspired you to draw Harbinger like this?
HeavyLantern: I've always thought Harbinger had a really neat design and motif. Because of his occupation, I thought it would be cool if I could take a darker approach on his concept.

BD: Do you have any social media or art portfolios for people to follow you on?
HeavyLantern: I've made a Tumblr (, but I haven't really posted anything there yet. Otherwise, I mostly post art on Reddit (

BD: Do you have any other comments?
HeavyLantern: Thank you for putting so much love into this game! I'm really looking forward to the Mountainshaper expansion.

If you liked his art as much as we did, make sure to check him out!

TCL C-Sar's Challenge 2

TCL has been working really hard to get the highest quality tournaments, not only for the participants, but also the viewers. Our Artists, Salbei and Morbid Wisp, have done such amazing progress on the visuals, as well as some cool features that Twitch spectators will be able to see, such as live results of other matches from the same stage, Player Stats (Win Rates) updated live, and rotating visual assets to always have something vibrant and different. 
We're hoping all viewers can enjoy these additions, to make their experience watching our events even better. 

Check out the Rules for their upcoming C-Sar's Challenge Tournament here, and be sure to tune in for the main event happening on their Twitch stream here on Saturday the 26th at 1400 UTC!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

1.6 is rapidly approaching, so we've got lots of news to be sharing regarding it.

Balance Changes

We've got a number of changes coming to cards both recent and old in this update. Here's a quick look at a few of them ahead of time:

Ritual of Servitude
  • Maximum mana cost of the Minion summoned is now 6
  • -------------------
  • Developer Comments: While Ritual of Servitude was great at enabling high cost decks that didn't need to rely on a high cycle to be effective, its ability to consistently put out massive minions at a fraction of their cost could feel very oppressive to play against, giving some decks an impossible matchup, especially in 2v2 matches where the second player on a team could cover the deck's weaknesses with additional bridge capture or defense when necessary.
Disruptor Puffs
  • Count 2 > 1
  • Mana 2 > 1
  • New Effect: When Disruptor Puff reaches the middle of a bridge, it teleports to the other bridge, then jumps back every 6 seconds.
  • -------------------
  • Developer Comments: By reworking Disruptor Puffs we wanted to solve a number of goals at once. Firstly, we wanted to get rid of the previous design of the card as it felt difficult to balance with how explosive and uninteractive its primary effect was. Secondly, we wanted to create some form of efficient 1 mana bridge capture that had counterplay possibilities and wasn't strong offensively in order to make its inclusion in a deck a considered choice the player has to make. We hope that the new role this Puff has can fulfill those purposes.
Spawn of Fury
  • Now selects a random minion within a targeted AoE
  • -------------------
  • Developer Comments: Spawn of Fury's greatest weakness was that it required the board to be empty of allied minions in order to be used effectively against a specific minion. This often made the card unplayable in 2v2, and in 1v1 it could create predictable lightning bolt setups or be an easily telegraphed tactic to let your opponent know you're about to try a big push.
We've got more change coming soon, and there's one perfect place to find out about all of them in one go. That of course would be...

The Dwarf Stream

We've got a Developer Stream for Version 1.6 occurring on next Monday, the 14th of October! Hosted by Community Manager That Sprite, we'll be showing off all the upcoming balance changes and the new Apep Rework in action live! Make sure to be there at 17:00 UTC on the BetaDwarf Twitch Stream!

Sinobii's October Battleground Qualifier Tournament

TEAM MANA FRENZY is excited to continue it's “PLAY-OVER-TIME” series! Participants can play each match at ANY time over a set period of days against the assigned opponent, so you have flexibility to control the scheduling of your match, and play at a time that works for YOU! 

EVERYONE who participates, win or lose,  gains TEAM MANA FRENZY Experience Points; as you gain XP, you can LEVEL UP to unlock more free in-game content! For those who place highly, up for grabs in each of the weekly TEAM MANA FRENZY events will be various prizes, as well as invites to the SBI - a monthly INVITATION-ONLY event where you can compete against the best of the best for CASH and Glory!

Keep an eye out for these off-stream tournaments being held WEEKLY by members of TEAM MANA FRENZY including BadAsAfish80 and Sinobii, with a new event scheduled to start every week! Registration is currently open for the next event starting Monday: Sinobii's October Battleground Qualifier Tournament. Find out more and register now at:

Cheers from BetaDwarf!