Monday, June 24, 2024

Minion Masters - Patch 2.5

Minion Masters - Patch 2.5: Emergency Mitigation Protocol

It is EMP (Emergency Mitigation Protocol) time! Get ready to get amped for Electrifying New Units and fight High-Voltage matches! 


Bridge Rules Changes

In accordance with the survey results we are trying to get things closer to an ideal state with the bridges. 

  • It is now possible to play minions directly on the bridges if their spawn pattern would allow for this.

  • It is now possible to get minions pushed on to the bridges with collision while they are affected by summoning sickness.

  • It now takes 1.5 seconds from the moment a minion steps on to the bridge until the minion contests/captures the bridge.

This reverts the changes we made to this a while back, but also introduces the 1.5 sec timer. 

This should mean that it is a much more effective win condition to fight for the bridges. It used to be so effective that it was pretty much the dominant win condition for years. However with the 1.5 sec timer small units that you place on the bridge can get killed or can move off the bridge before they manage to capture it, making it significantly more difficult to use this strategy without making costly mistakes.

This is a higher skill ceiling of what we used to have in the past. Hopefully that strikes a balance between a good experience for average users that allows for a broader variety of strategies but also allows highly skilled players to gain the upper hand by playing better around the bridges in a way that isn’t really possible at the moment.

Premade Wildcard Removal

We have decided to pull the trigger on a proposed change that has been floating around for a while now.

  • You can no longer use wildcards in premade 2v2.

  • You can no longer use any card that is also in your teammate’s deck in premade 2v2.

This is an effort to minimise the effect that cheese strategies have had on the game mode. The main reason why wildcards have been allowed in premade 2v2 until now is that wildcards remain popular enough among the community and is a sufficiently integral part of the game’s monetization strategy that it really hasn't felt justifiable to change this. With the tweaks in monetization that were introduced in 2.0 and with this limit to also not being able to play cards that your teammate is using, it feels like we can potentially get a handle on some of the worst cheese and also have the mode provide an interesting deckbuilding challenge in its own right.

Rank System tweak

Removed opponent’s rank having an impact on your rank points gain/loss from ranked matches. This should now be entirely based on elo.


  • Demon Warrior

    • Buffed version Damage 175 >  200. This is really a bug fix, but it does have balance implications.

  • Ghast

    • When an enemy dies within 8 range, store its essence. 1 sec cd.

    • When no enemies are near consume all essence to summon skeletons

  • Jez'ra

    • Mana cost: 9 > 8

    • Health: 750 > 700

  • Kamikazeppelin

    • Health: 85 > 110

  • Morgrul's Mark

    • Fixed spawn location to always be around the target.

  • Mountainshaper

    • Vastly improved scripting to make it more consistently knock back units affected.

    • Damage 75 > 60

  • Nezara

    • True Damage > Icebreaker

      • Icebreaker: Damage is not reduced by the damage reduction effect on frozen units.

  • Vampirism

    • Prevent kill steals from stopping heal

  • Zealots

    • Survivor also gets Spirit


  • Bladestar

    • Is now prevented from hitting the same unit twice in a row. It can still bounce between the side of the arena and a big unit. This is purely to prevent it from getting stuck inside a unit.

  • Bolf

    • True Damage > Icebreaker

      • Icebreaker: Damage is not reduced by the damage reduction effect on frozen units.

    • Damage: 120 > 55

    • Attack Cooldown: 2 > 1.9

    • Deals double damage against frozen targets

  • Caber Tosser

    • Damage: 100 > 70

    • Attack Cooldown: 2.1 > 1.7

  • Net Blaster

    • Attack Cooldown: 4 > 4.5

  • Propeller Scrats

    • Attack Cooldown: 0.8 > 0.9

  • Rimargaal

    • True Damage > Icebreaker

      • Icebreaker: Damage is not reduced by the damage reduction effect on frozen units.

  • Slitherbound

    • Attack Cooldown: 1.6 > 1.7

  • Wartrack Dreadnaught

    • Base version health +50. Increased health on Perk 2 and Perk 3 buffs are reduced by 50.

    • Lower radius of main attack: 2 > 1.5

    • Attack Cooldown 2 > 2.2

    • Increase damage radius of Missile Scrat: 3.5 > 4.5

    • Missile Scrat attack cooldown: 3 > 4

    • Base attack range: 8 > 6

  • Woodsman

    • Damage: 100 > 70

    • Attack Cooldown: 2.1 > 1.7