Thursday, April 13, 2023



  • Rendrath the Deathless

  • Ghast




  • No longer heals team mate Minions

  • Perk 2 healing 15 > 20

There is a major discrepancy between how Valorian performs in 1v1 and 2v2 this is trying to address that.

Arcane Bolt

  • Kill threshold: 400 > 450

Bazooka Scrat

  • HP 120 > 140

Bounce Berry Flingers

  • Attack Cooldown 2 > 1.9


  • Duration 3 > 4

Most cards using the Frozen mechanic are underperforming, and at 3 seconds the mechanic seems a little underwhelming and uninteresting.

Idol of Sacrifice

  • Gains Haste instead of Rage

Gor'Rakk Gate

  • Elite Swarmer > Flightless Dragon

It is now less punishing in terms of health lost when you get this option and their offensive output is significantly higher, so this should result in a sizable buff. However, whether it’s actually easier to gain the needed value from playing the card remains to be seen.

Grasping Thorns

  • Damage 220 > 240


  • Seal Mana 5 > 4

Net Blaster

  • HP 120 > 140

S1ege Br3aker

  • HP 550 > 625


  • Arcane Spheres 2 > 4

  • Mark an area and fire sparks 1 at a time at the area

Already underperforming while also being changed to align with the Arcane Barrage nerf.


City Watch

  • Mana 5 > 6
  • Leggo count 0 > 1
  • Xbow Dude count 3 > 2
  • Removed from random pool

This card is still just too strong.

Magnetic Bombs

  • Moves faster over time, starts at 4 > 16 (hits max speed at opponent tower)

  • Damage 80 > 90

This is intended to both buff the card a little and make it more offensive. Moving slower in the beginning means they will be easier to kill when used defensively.

Toll of the Dead

  • Mana 6 > 5

  • Copies 3 > 1

Removing the wildcard option makes it less strong as a win condition where you have to stop multiple waves of multiple skeletons, so we feel it’s appropriate to bring it back to 5 mana where it is a strong ascension card.

Unholy Ground

  • Spawns 5 Skeletons over the duration
  • First Skeleton spawns immediately
  • Only Spawns skeletons when there is an enemy in the area
  • Also immobilize ground Minions
  • Duration 10 > 7
  • Accursed Ascension: +3 seconds, +3 skeletons

This card was never really used for its intended purpose of being a control tool, instead being used as a skeleton spawner.


Arcane Barrage

  • Mark an area and fire sparks 1 at a time at the area.

Actually making the card do a barrage instead of a volley. Makes counterplay easier, also makes it less straightforward to get full value by reducing sniping potential generally.


  • No longer shields flyers

This does help with the Mana Chaser situation, but it's also a good change generally since artificially inflating flyer health has frequently been a problem.


  • No longer shields flyers


  • No longer shields flyers

Chain Lightning

  • Jump Distance 7 > 6

Most played card in the game which is much easier to get full value out of than other spells, so we're upping the skill floor. We also don’t want to touch the mana or damage right now.

Dormant Defenders

  • Copies 3 > 1


  • Dodge chance lost per hit: 10% > 15%

Still able to serve his main function but less able to do so over any kind of long term. He’s both overperforming and played a lot.

Mana Chaser

  • Range 8 > 6

Scrat Tank

  • HP 650 > 600


  • Fixed Flightless Dragons occasionally not gaining rage when behind on health.

  • Fixed units spawned from Blind Date occasionally trying to ascend to a higher plane of existence

  • Fixed ground melee minions affected by Net Blaster suddenly being able to attack flyers.

  • Fixed Bearvalanche bears running in the wrong direction.

  • Fixed R3KT perk 3 description stating the wrong damage.

  • Removed Slitherbind from Living Statue description.

  • Removed Mana Surge visuals where appropriate.

  • Fixed Mana Chaser's occasionally glowing.

  • Made Spelldancer’s barrage area indicator only appear when she would activate.

  • Removed Apep’s swirling projectiles.