Thursday, March 3, 2022

Version 1.33

Welcome to version 1.33

New cards


Arcane Barrage

Balance Changes



Developer notes: We are overall happy with how Mordar plays now, but he underperforms a little and needs a nudge. 

  • Resurrected Minions also gain Spirit.


Developer notes: We changed the functionality of the targeting Marked. This should make Marked more predictable.

  • Marked radius 16 > 25

  • Now applies Marked to the closest minion. 


  • Prowler health 310 > 350

Corpse Explosion

  • Copies 3 > 1

  • Mana 4 > 3

Ion Grenade

  • Damage 40 > 50

Scrat Tunnels

  • Production 3 > 4

  • Scrats summoned on moving 3 > 4

Spirit Vessel

  • Now has Spirit

Crystal Sentry

  • Crystal Sentry HP 300 > 325

Grasping Thorns

  • Damage 180 > 200

Banner Man

  • Mana 4 > 3

  • No longer gives Shield to himself


  • Health 550 > 600


  • Dam 45 > 40

  • Mana 6 > 5

Magma Cannon

  • HP 350 > 400


Dragon Nest

Developer notes: Dragon Nest has been a problem to balance. In combination with Milloween it becomes a powerhouse. We have changed it to rely less on filling your deck with cheap spells.

  • Summon a Dragon Whelp for every 4 mana you spend on spells

  • Duration 25 > 35

  • Mana 4 > 3

Once bitten

Developer notes: Once Bitten is an issue because it makes Werewolves harder to balance around other spells because of its cheap cost. This design makes Once Bitten a little harder to use optimally, but can still create powerful plays. 

  • Mana 2 > 4

  • Radius 4 > 6

  • 1 Minion > 2 Minions gain lycanthropy

Siege Imperator Ruby

Developer notes: It’s too easy for Ruby to defend herself using Plasma Blast, which was not the intention of her design. 

  • Double minimum Plasma Blast range

Coax the Diplomancer

Developer notes: while we think Diplomancer is in a good place balance-wise, but the Hypnotize effect feels frustrating to play against in many situations, so we have decided to reduce the frustrating element, while increasing the damage. 

  • Damage 4 > 6

  • Hypnotize effect 10 > 5 secs


Developer notes: 3x rammer decks feel overwhelming to play against. Reducing the amount of Rammers to 2 might make Rammers too weak, but we will keep an eye out for them throughout this patch.

  • Copies 3 > 2

Harmful Souls

Developer notes: Harmful Souls has become the removal spell of choice in most decks, which was never the intention of the design. So we have adjusted its value to benefit more from being played in Accursed Ascension decks. 

  • Dam 100 > 80

  • Accursed: 1 > 3 extra souls


  • HP 160 > 150

Blood imps

  • Damage 17->15

Shock Rock

  • Radius 3 > 2.5

Bridge Buddies

  • Effect replaced with: Scrat Swarm: Summon 4 Armored Scrats

Frostfeather Flyby

  • Radius 4.5 > 5.5

Holy Fire

  • Dam 100 > 75

  • Healing 100 > 75

Screaming Scrat

  • Dam 100 > 75

Season Pass Changes:

We have heard a lot of comments on our decision to move the new Legendary card into Premium. In this season, we are making the following changes to the Season Pass. This is very much a test and might change in upcoming seasons.

  • The new Legendary card has been moved from Premium to Free (in tier 49). It will still be available in Tier 1 in the Premium Season Pass.

  • Most of the customization will be moved from Free to Premium. 

Bug fixes

Mayhem missing

There were no Mayhems last season, we have fixed that, and there will be constant Mayhems this patch, and depending on how that goes, we will go back to the old schedule, or leave the new schedule in place.

More dakka

More dakka was the only ability card that was interruptible with stuns stun,  to put it in line with all the other ability cards it is not interruptible with stuns anymore.

Face damage

Hellfire was doing incorrect face damage since its damage got changed from 170 to 180 and have been fixed

Face damage: 85 -> 90

MM version number

The minion masters version number was not at the top left, making it hard to know what version you were on, it is back now.

Monitor Gn4ts grounding/movement

Monitor Gn4ts would stop their movement if grounded by unholy ground. This is no longer the case.

Monitor Gn4ts outliving their host

Monitor Gn4ts would sometimes survive the unit that is hosting them. Now they die when the host dies.

Victory not being translated

The victory text after the match was over was always in english, now it is back to being translated into different languages.

Friendlist Recruit friends freeze

The recruit friends button no longer freezes the game.

Emotes cropped and rotated

Emotes were packed too closely and rotated in their atlas, this has been fixed now 🙃

Emote menu crash

There was a series of actions in the emote menu that could freeze and crash the game. This has been fixed.

Chain Gang/Void Brothers desync

If you played Chain Gang and the next card you drew was Void Brothers, Void Brothers would swap sides again, but only for the team that did this, meaning it spawned an Assassin for one team, and a Fire Imp for the other team.  This caused a desync and has been fixed now.

Text alignment

Because of the Unity Engine version update some texts got misaligned slightly and have been realigned:

  • Card descriptions

  • Profile xp

  • Tooltips