Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Version 1.27

Minion Masters!

The scrat infestation is about to reach the end of the line! Prepare yourselves for a “Wild” Patch 1.27 zooming into with tons of changes, new cards and much much more!

Best Plan, No Plan! - Season 3

The final season of the Scrats has arrived!

With a ton of new changes, 2 new cards, let’s have a look at what’s in store this season for Minion Masters.

New cards added to the game:

The Season Pass will end on September 8th.

Wildcards removal

At the beginning of July we casted a survey asking your final opinion about Wild Cards! After many years of contemplating, having a lot of conversations and understanding what our players want we will be removing Wild Cards from patch 1.27. We will be monitoring player feedback and game health like a hawk during this patch and let you know what our final decision will be moving forward in patch 1.28. For more information you can check out the Wild Cards blog post.

Mana Generation changes

We have been gathering feedback to reflect on the mana changes we made in 1.26, and combined with our own experience on the difference between 1.25 and 1.26 we feel that we're happy with how 1v1 mana is, but we want a slightly bigger curve over the match, and give players a bit more time to get into the game. While in 2v2 we feel we went a bit too far, especially in the late game, so we are removing the increase in max mana speed, and reduced the starting mana generation a bit.

This will mean that the main change compared to 1.25 is the faster ramping up towards Maximum mana generation, with a slight increase in starting mana generation in both 1v1 and 2v2.

1 v 1 Changes compared to 1.25
  • Starting mana generation increased; ~+10% > 5%

2 v 2 Changes compared to 1.25
  • Starting mana generation increased; ~+15% > 10%
  • Maximum mana generation increased; ~+10% > 0%

Master Changes:

Dev notes: Mordar has been getting resses from minions with almost certain value such as walking blind date, wizard puff and snipers too easily. By changing the threshold we hope to reduce the strength of this, while still preventing the heavy coin flippy value of the resses.
  • Tombstone minimum charge for resurrection 25->50% (so from 5 to 10 seconds)

Dev notes: Valorian has been the best master for a while now, and a big part of that has been getting consistent small values throughout the match by winning trades with the small heals. By reducing the amount of healing this value should be more in line with perks from other masters.
  • First perk Heal 18->13

Dev notes: Morellia has performed really well after the spell nerf, and despite the breath nerf and wildcard nerf we do think we want to reduce the amount of support Queen’s dragon can get a bit to make it a bit easier to deal with, especially in lower ranks.
  • Queen’s dragon(3rd perk): cost 8->9

Card Changes

Dragon Whelps
Dev notes: Flightless has been a card in the top 5 best performing cards almost as long as the card has existed, by decreasing the attack cooldown to 1 second but increasing their mana cost by 1, we hope to get a more balanced version of this card, and all other dragons
  • Attack cooldown 1.2 -> 1s
  • Mana cost 4->5
Flightless Dragon Whelps

  • Mana cost 4->5
  • Affected the by the attack cooldown change

Sniper Scrat/ Bounty Sniper/ Sniper Squad
Dev notes: With the spell nerf the snipers have gotten a lot more value making previous buffs superfluous.
  • Attack cooldown 3.5->4.0s

Warrior/Divine Warrior/ Zealots/ Avea
Dev notes: Warrior is one of the best performing cards in a long time, while we do like warrior being a staple card that fits in most decks, there should be a bit more room for other cards in the same role.

Zealots has been a very strong meta card for a while as well and can use this nerf as well.

Divine warrior can perform her main duty as the divine wall a lot better now with the taunt, and should not feel this nerf too much.

Avea is a card we will keep our eyes on to see how she performs after this, to see if, and how much she needs a buff.
  • Health 400 -> 350

Lost legionnaires
Dev notes: Lost legionnaires are giving a bit too much value with the Empyrean army, by giving shields they are a bit better at tanking hard hitting units, but destroy mid ranged units easier
  • Empyrean army: gain shield instead of rage

Dev notes: Stormy has been a troublesome card for a long time, especially in lower ranks, and when combined with spirits, shrooms and healing. By limiting the amount of extra health Stormy can get we hope to make her easier to handle. Giving her a spawn stun in exchange should keep the balance somewhat equal in the less extreme abusive situation.
  • ZenChi Flow changed to: Stun enemies in range area for 3 seconds

  • No longer transfer buffs when transforming
  • Attack cooldown 1.1-> 0.9 s

Howling Moon
Dev notes: Howling moon has been pretty good at dealing with the really big units, and with the attack speed buff the wolves get we think the cost should go up one mana.
  • Cast 7->8

Lone wolf
Dev notes: Lone wolf has been a bad card for a long time, by allowing her to keep her rage on transform, and combining that with the general werewolf attack speed buff she should become a bit stronger.
  • Cost 5 -> 4
  • Rework: Summons a warrior with Rage, if lone, summon a Werewolf with Rage.

Dev notes: Wall is one of the reasons for the mana frenzy game we have been seeing for a long time.
Having a 2 mana shut down a big push for a reasonably long time, in range of the masters is too much value, especially in 2v2. By making the wall less tanky, but more of a fighting building we hope to get it in a more healthy spot in the meta.
  • Health 700 > 400
  • Melee attackers take 50% damage in return

Stun Lancers
Dev notes: Stun lancers have been really good at shutting down any push with 1 or 2 big units. By limiting their stun duration we hope the defence will be at least more interactive, if not plain harder.
  • No longer stuns on every attack
  • Stunning Strike: first attack to a minion stuns for 5 seconds

Propeller Scrats/Horde
Dev notes: The propellers were hit pretty hard by the removal of bridge grab and can use some more firepower. Now that King puff is gone we can allow a bit more flying units in a single pack as well, allowing the horde to shine a bit more hopefully.
  • Attack cooldown 1 -> 0.9
  • (Horde only) if rage, summon 2 -> 4 more

Leiliel's Vortex
Dev notes: Other spells have been outshining Vortex for a bit now, and although we like that its no longer an auto-include card, we do think it can use a little bit extra power.
  • Damage 50->65

Zeppelin Bomber
Dev notes: Zeppelin Bomber has been invisible for a long time now, so lets up the power a bit to give  it some gameplay.
  • Attack cooldown 1.6->1.4s

Dev notes: There has been a cheesy tactic of getting a Troubadour to face and black holing it to get almost entire uncontested hits on face. By reducing the damage but increasing the attack speed we remove that tactic while also improving how the Troubadour attacking a building looks.
  • attack cooldown 4.5->1.5
  • damage 300 ->100

Frostfeather Flyby
Dev notes: Frostfeather Flyby is one of the best spells in game right now. We want to lean deeper into the idea of this being a spell using minions by making them move slower and have them get closer to their target. this way ranged units, especially aoe ranged units, and significantly reduce the damage if not stop it entirely.
  • Frosfeathers speed bonus 10 -> 7 faster than normal owls
  • Range 4 -> 2 (only for this spell, regular Frostfeathers are unaffected)

Sun Burn
Dev notes: Sun burn is also one of the best performing spells, and needs a bit of a damage nerf to allow more units to survive it, while still keeping it as a great swarm counter/rage source.
  • Damage 100->80

Wolf Among Sheep
Dev notes: Wolf Among Sheep is over performing and completely outshining legionnaires. By decreasing the wolf's power, we hope to differentiate the 2 cards more, and give both of them a spot to be played.
  • Legionnaires summoned 4 -> 3

Nyrvir Breath
Dev notes: Being able to give bridge control, and countering entire pushes WHILE building up ascension was too much power. Giving that power after ascension, but delaying the perks of the masters in exchange should put Nyrvir’s breath more in line with other cards.
  • No longer spawns skeletons before accursed ascension,  the after ascension Nyrvir’s Breath still spawns 8 skeletons
  • Damage before ascension: 180-> 130
  • Damage after ascension: 300 -> 260

R4:Z0R Squadron
  • Tax per tick 4 -> 5
  • Health 250->225

  • Health 270 ->250

  • Health 270 ->250

Mechanic Changes:

Dev notes: Spirits are too good on swarm and glass cannons, and too weak on bigger units.
by limiting the amount of extra health a unit can get compared to their max health, but increasing the potential on bigger units we hope to make spirits a bit healthier, and less abusable.
  • Health Boost 200 > 50% of max health (Max 300) (remove flying minions variance)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Sugilite Shield not blocking Settsu in field attacks - Thanks N!kola
  • Fixed an issue with Ghosts stealing units affected by Sugilite Shield - Thanks apexdreambreaker
  • Fixed an issue with the Fire Imp side of Void Brothers not showing range radius in the preview before placing - Thanks Last_elf
  • Fixed an issue with Netherstep turning Succubus grey - Thanks to Chimaerok
  • Fixed an issue where if you have Book open as Akinlep dies, you don’t lose Gong
  • Fixed an issue where you could see Valorian’s heal on stealthed units
  • Fixed Tantrum Throwers’ description
  • Fixed an issue with Stormy not being able to kill Jolo but chain lightning could
  • Fixed an issue where reporting a leaving teammate did not work
  • Fixed an issue with Marked only increasing damage on ranged units - Thanks DeathShoottOneyOoney
  • Increased the Battle Pass xp for each tier
  • Fixed an issue with Tech counter stuck at 100 in 2v2
  • Updated Morellia’s life steal description to show correct one - Thanks Credmo
  • Fixed an issue with Veilstalker and Netherstep being able to jump inside the Master tower
  • Fixed an issue with Shen’s shock stick’s description showing 40 damage
  • Updated Pincer of Dread’s description
  • Fixed an issue with Priestless being able to attack if hypnotized
  • Updated Priestess’s description - Thanks Steven
  • Updated Divine shield’s description - Thanks Lazur
  • Fixed a bug with Incubus being randomly feared - Thanks Me
  • Fixed spacing issues in text with Dragon Valorian Skin
  • Fixed Blast/Spirit Mancers not working if there is another Blast/Spirit Mancer located on the field
  • Fixed an issue with Veilstalker getting stuck - Thanks miguel14yt
  • Fixed an issue with Succubus becoming permanently stealthed - Thanks me
  • Fixed an issue with Nyrvir getting stuck - Thanks me
  • Fixed an issue with Blastmancer and Spiritmancer interfering with each other in unintended ways - Thanks MasterTommy96, Nightfall and Cosmic Vortex42
  • Increased maximum permitted load time in an attempt to reduce the number of timeout disconnects on xbox

  • Fixed an issue where trying to queue with wildcards did not show the correct error message.
  • Fixed an issue with the Emergency Tunnelling did not get the proper mana cost increase with consecutive plays. - Thanks Tenebra
  • Fixed an issue with Bladestar not working for the 2nd player in a 2v2 team.
  • Fixed an issue with Lone Wolf considering teammates minions as a cure for loneliness. - Thanks Samu27
  • Fixed an issue with Spirit description incorrectly stating that max health gain was 200 instead of 300. - Thanks Steven
  • Removed the extra Legionnaire from the Wolf Among Sheep preview.
  • Fixed an issue with with Marked breaking damaging spells. - Thanks BadAsAFish80, Nerzl and Anno
  • Fixed Localization - Thanks hinkyt25