Friday, February 19, 2021

Regarding Outlanders.... we need to talk

Hello masters!

It’s a little tough writing today’s blog post. There are times as developers that you say things with the best intentions, but you later find out that you can’t live up to what was promised. You may have seen our recent tweets about the possibility of adding a new Outlander card. In case you missed them:


With these tweets, I was merely sharpening the sword that I must now fall upon.

My idea was outlandish; the other dwarves weren’t going to add a single Outlander card to the game when they had a whole operation set up and dedicated to creating content for the next expansion. Mine was an outlandish suggestion, but theirs was an Outlandish Operation…..

At this point, I really hope you clicked on that link above… if not you should do it now ;)

Ok, time to get serious! I hope you’ve stuck around this far. This is where things get good!

Today we are announcing our next expansion, Outlandish Operations, and yes, it is an expansion focused on Outlanders!

But wait, you say, didn’t I read in the blog that the Outlanders were a dead faction?

Yes, we previously wrote a piece on Outlanders in a previous blog. I’ll highlight the important bit here:

“But as time went on, the Outlanders have seemed more and more out of place with our creative vision and didn't make sense in the world we were creating. We originally replaced Drone Force One with the Harbinger unit, but since then we've instead opted to halt working on the faction. Our primary focus is on creating updated and new models that fall within the aforementioned vision that we can continue to utilize moving forward in our projects, and creating brand new Outlander units would unfortunately not fit in with these goals as we don't have plans to use them again.”

What we said here still remains true. We don’t believe that creating new Outlander assets fits our creative vision.

That being said, we know that the faction is a community favorite, and we are constantly fielding questions about it. We know that you guys want more Outlander cards, and we saw an opportunity to do this for you.

This pass will be unique in that it will rely heavily upon pre-existing assets. This means some old favorites may be returning to the game, and we may have a long-awaited arrival coming to the Minion Masters tower soon ;)

With this expansion we seek not only to increase the amount of Outlander cards, but also to give them purpose. Many of you have noted that they are the only faction with no special mechanics attached. We intend to rectify this with the introduction of the "Outlander Tech" mechanic. With this we will also bring reworks to certain old cards in order to strengthen and solidify the faction further.

Keep an eye out for some spoilers over the next week... if you want to see everything that will be added in the first season pass, make sure to check out our update site on the 26th!

So, that’s it, what do you think? Hop in our Discord or let us know on Twitter! We hope you are excited that the Outlanders are getting some love finally!