Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sand Wars

Minion Masters!
Version 1.4

War! The Scrat factions have waged an all-out assault on the Slither Dominion with their new contraption of carnage, the Wreckinator 9000, to fulfill their insatiable desires for more “Shinies”. The Slither Lords are swift to retaliate, with Apep’s most formidable Herald, Ah’Mun, leading his army of Slitherbound on a mission of pest control…

Sand Wars is a new Expansion packed with new content.

Featuring 10 new Cards:

New Mechanic: Poison

Deals 20 damage per Second. Extra applications of Poison extend the Duration, but do not stack the Damage. Cannot be applied to Masters or Buildings.

New Faction Mechanic: Call Slitherbound

Adds a Slitherbound Minion to a Slither card in your hand. Summon all Slitherbound when played. Max 3.

New Faction Mechanic: Sacrifice

Kill all Slitherbound you command.

The following Slither minions now have Call Slitherbound:

  • Empowered Soulstealer
  • Hypnotise
  • Living Statue
  • Musketeer
  • Rabid Prowler

This Expansion will last until November
10 new cards have been released!
Two brand new skins have been released - Scrattsu and Stormfeather!
Get your hands on Minion Masters’ first Legendary Arena - Altar of the Almighty Apep!
Scrat and Armoured Scrats have received a completely new model!
All existing Slither Cards have had their models and textures updated to create a new, cohesive art style for the Slither faction, inspired by Aztec and Egyptian culture. Learn more about it.

Contender League & Season Roll-over Changes

A new summit for the most skilled of Minion Masters players has appeared!

  • Achieve Contender rank by earning 2000 Ranking Points while in the Grand Master League.
  • Contender rank players earn a special in-game chat icon to signify their achievement.
  • Your ranking points are now always displayed for Grand Master and Contender ranks.
  • Contender has a Conquest Glory modifier of 250%.
  • It is now possible to drop out of the Grand Master and Contender Leagues if your Ranking Points drop below 0.
  • The amount of points required to rank up from Silver and above have been increased.
  • The Season Roll-over now gives players a higher rank in a new season than before. For example, Grand Master and Contender players will start a new season at Platinum 5.
  • Season Roll-overs now happen during Update downtime, rather than at the start of the month.

Friend Gifting

Share the love!

  • When purchasing Shop Offers for rubies, you now have the option to Gift the offer to a friend or a member of your Guild instead for the same price.
  • The other user will receive their Gift instantly.
  • Gifting cannot be used to buy a user the same Shop Offer more than once, or buy a Shop Offer the user has already purchased.


  • Beam of DOOM!
    • No longer deals 50% damage to non-Master buildings
  • Brothers of Light/Caeleth Dawnhammer
    • Damage 130 > 140
  • Demon Warrior
    • Damage 100 > 110
  • Fire Imp
    • First tick of damage removed
  • Gax the World Bomb
    • Damage 175 > 200
  • Haunting Hugger
    • Damage 20 > 40
  • Lord-Sentinel Thelec
    • Health 500 > 600
  • Mythic (Keyword)
    • You can no longer have two of the same Minion with the Mythic keyword in play on your team at a time.
    • Developer Comments
      • For example, you cannot have two Nyrvirs on your field at the same time.
  • Rabid Prowler
    • No longer activated by having a friendly Minion with Rage on the field.
    • Now has the Sacrifice keyword - Rabid Prowler gains Rage if you control any Slitherbound Minions, and kills all of them.
  • Scrat Tank
    • Health 700 > 650


    • A new House event has started. Collect all the keys for your House of choice and choose a Legendary card as a reward!
    • Our Twitch Extension is fully functional again! Enable it on your Twitch Streams to streamline your viewers’ audience interactions.
    • The Conquest retry price has been adjusted from 100/500 Rubies to 100/300.
    • Added Master Damage and Cast Time stats to certain Spell cards.
    • Various improvements and changes to Card Descriptions to clarify mechanics.
    • Added new VFX to Gax the World Bomb.
    • Added the ability to sign-up for the Newsletter directly in-game.


    • Fixed an issue where Morellia’s Basic Attack would stop working - Thanks Kyoshiro!
    • Fixed Bridge Buddies’ tooltip being outdated - Thanks Steven!
    • Fixed Empowered Soul Stealer still having Marksmanship in his preview - Thanks TomatoMato!
    • Fixed Guardian protecting Milloween - Thanks Joel Jones!
    • Fixed the Red Dot indicator for Deck Building remaining on if you didn’t own a card that had the “Changed” status - Thanks... everyone!
    • Fixed Nether Bat being able to blink while Stunned.
    • Fixed an issue where a Jungle Jumble discounted by Morellia would grant more than 3 cards.
    • Fixed in-game Chat showing the wrong emoticons.
    • Fixed freezes caused by Reporting a bug in Challenge mode.
    • Fixed the Recruit Friend button on the Colossus avatar not doing anything.

    We’ve got loads more planned in the future for Minion Masters. Keep your eyes peeled on our Road Map for hints at future content and updates!

    Cheers from BetaDwarf!