Friday, June 21, 2019

Minion Masters Friday

Minion Masters!

While Morellia begins her steady conquest of  the flying arenas with her release in Version 1.2, a new question arrives: What's next? Well, we've got plenty to talk about for Version 1.3, so let's not waste time:

Conquest Do-Over & Improved Bug Reporting System

Currently we're aiming to include these two features in Version 1.3. Conquest Do-Over is, as the name might imply, the ability to restart your Guild Conquest attempts for a small fee. If you've had a bad streak of luck or just want to try and improve your score, then you can look forward to this nifty addition to the Guild Conquest feature.

(Not final design, may be subject to change before release)

Other than that, there'll be a new streamlined Bug Reporting feature to make quickly reporting any issues you find that much more convenient. Accessed through the Settings menu, you'll be able to attach Replays, Screenshots of your current screen, and give extra details such as the frequency of which you encountered the issue. If you still encounter more complicated bugs or something you need to report in a more detailed fashion, you'll still be able to reach us through all the usual channels though, but hopefully this handy tool will make things far easier. It'll help you to help us!

1.3.X Balance

We don't have any concrete details to announce at this point in time about the contents of version 1.3, but we can confirm we're aiming to include a number of Balance Changes to address the recent patch, such as possible changes to Morellia where needed. We'll have more details on the matter next week, so stay tuned until then!

Prince Puff Cup 2

Last week's Prince Puff Cup had to unfortunately be delayed due to technical difficulties, but Julaiwnl is committed to pushing the show onwards this weekend. Everyone at BetaDwarf would be grateful if you could show up at the King Puff Cup stream this Saturday and show him your support for the amount of effort he's put in for the Minion Masters Competitive Scene!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!