Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Update 91

Minion Masters!

The Twitch Memote Melee returns! Collect keys by winning online matches for the Emote team you want and gain Puffa, PuffChamp or WutPuff as an in-game usable emote! For returning players, this gives you a chance to get one of the two emotes you didn’t get previously.

Note that if you already own one of the three emotes, you will not gain anything by claiming it again.

The event will run until the 1st of May.


  • Extended the in-game Battle Pass timer to the correct date that was previously announced. Battle for Light’s Reach will end with the release of Update 92.
  • Extended Conquest Season 1 by six days.
  • Conquest can now be used in Expeditions.
  • Online Guild Members will be shown at the top of the list by default.
  • Glory values for Conquest in the Guild member list will now be truncated if the value is higher than 10,000.
  • Minor improvements to the Battle Pass UI to make the Free and Premium paths more distinct.


  • Fixed Gor’Rakk Sacrifice not killing Re-Boomer.
  • Fixed Combustion dealing its damage through Guardian’s shield.
  • Fixed Cursebearer aura not doing damage post mortem.
  • Fixed an instance with Stormy where the lightning vfx could turn massive.
  • Fixed the Streamer Arena banner being flipped when player 2.
  • Fixed Molten Stormbringer and Blood God Apep skin effects not being “powerful” enough.
  • Fixed Leaderboard decks not being sorted by mana - Thanks Kishin!
  • Fixed Magma Storm’s cast delay being inconsistent between its first and subsequent uses - Thanks Smoshi!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!