Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Update 86 - Diona the Witch Hunter

Minion Masters!

We hope you’re all ready for the first Master of 2019!
Wolves have roamed the woods for a good month now, terrorizing beneath the light of the Howling Moon.
The desperate cry for help is answered by Diona the Witch Hunter, who specializes in hunting the dark and dangerous.

Check out her details here or play her in-game - you can acquire her both through the normal Master shop or through the All Master’s DLC.
And don’t miss out on her legendary skin from the Battle Pass!

You can also check out her audio book story right here!

New Master

  • Diona the Witch Hunter
  • The Witch Hunter Diona uses a variety of traps to deal with any threat. Her trusty sidekick Ruffles fetches useful items from the battlefield for his master.
    • Basic Attack
      • Rapidly fires bolts from her dual crossbows for 20 damage every 1 sec with a range of 10. Lays a Bear Trap every 20 seconds.
      • Bear Trap - Roots a minion in place for 4 seconds. Deals 50 damage, lasts 15 seconds.
    • Perk 1 - Art of the Hunt
      • Add a Trap card to Diona’s deck. The card alternates between Crossbow Trap and Decoy Trap with each draw.
      • Crossbow Trap - Stealth. Fires bolts at nearby minions. Costs 1 mana, deals 30 damage per second, 100 health, lasts 15 seconds.
      • Decoy Trap - Taunts nearby enemy minions. Costs 1 mana, has 300 health, lasts 15 seconds.
    • Perk 2 - Fetch!
      • Every 10 seconds, Ruffles will run to a killed enemy Minion and dig up a prize.
      • Prizes: 2 mana, 3 XP, 250 Master Health.
    • Perk 3 - Thrill of the Hunt
      • Adds another Trap card to Diona’s deck.
  • Diona will be available for purchase for 775 Rubies or 1500 Shards from the Master Selection view.


  • Call to Arms
    • No longer affects Master Buildings (Buildings unique to a Master such as Tombstones or Snake Totem - will still affect buildings gained from e.g. Apep’s perk 1)
  • --- Developer comments ---
  • Call to Arms is a bit of challenge, we’ll admit. It’s been severely limited by the powerful synergies when Master’s acquire one or more buildings through their perks, as it always had to be balanced around those (few) set ups, rather than a larger pool of potential strategies.
  • It was an obvious time to revisit it during Diona development, as she had the same - or even greater - potential, which would again mean it had to be limited to those strategies.
  • We decided to separate Call to Arms from Master buildings to allow it to flourish with deck strategies, as opposed to that centred around the Master. There will still be good synergies, but no more direct combos.
  • In turn, we expected to off-set the change with some increased power, but have seen a recent rise in Call to Arms decks that don’t rely on the Master at all. We’d like to see where those decks land in terms of power before we do anything to the spell itself, as it’s heavily reliant on having valuable buildings to fuel it in addition to its own value.

Tri-Team Tourney

The Tri-Team Tourney is back! This time you get to choose which Legendary card you want to own instead of voting for a future card to be in the game. Your reward options are Scott the Sensitive Savage, Troubadour, or a Random Legendary. The teams are as follows:

  • House Valor (Scott the Sensitive Savage) - Stormbringer, Settsu, Ravager
  • House Triumph (Troubadour) - Diona, Milloween, Mordar
  • House Glory (Random Legendary) - Ratbo, Apep, King Puff
  • Volco is taking a vacation for this tournament.

There are 15 keys to collect for each team, which reward 10 shards each. You can only claim one of the three legendaries, so make your choice wisely!


  • Added Werewolf stats to all Lycanthropy cards.
  • Updated the Glory UI when previewing cards.
  • Added new VIP Streamer Arena and Emotes - For details on how to obtain visit
  • The Tier 100 Mystery Skin has been revealed as Duchess Diona! The skin will be automatically unlocked for everyone who achieved Tier 100 before the patch, and available by reaching it for everyone else.


  • Fixed Werewolves being damaged by Howling Moon post-transformation if there are too many units on the field.
  • Fixed Howling Moon’s lycanthropy being granted on a delay, allowing cards played after it to receive the buff and be transformed.
  • Fixed Demon Warrior’s ragdoll being too small when her effect is active.
  • Fixed emoting in 2v2 displaying the wrong avatar.
  • Fixed units visually being red when placed over a building, despite it being a valid placement.
  • Fixed Blastmancers retaining their ability after transforming into a Werewolf - Thanks Save Helgi!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!