Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Update 82

Minion Masters!

We’ve received some great feedback from you with the latest patches, and we’re iterating on the Streamer Features and bringing in a new Key-based Event for you to enjoy. Let’s dive right in to what you can expect out of Update 82.

Card-House Contest

We’re starting up another key event with this patch! This time you’ll be voting for your favourite of three cards to be added to Minion Masters in the future. The event will last for 5 weeks, from November 14th to December 17th, so there’s plenty of time to collect all the keys your want and make your decision. There will be 20 keys per team to collect again, and each team is split into different houses, with a different card to vote for. The teams are split like so:
  • House Valor: Stormbringer, Ravager, Apep
  • House Triumph: Volco, King Puff, Settsu
  • House Glory: Mordar, Ratbo, Milloween
When you open the chest for your team and card of choice, you will be registering your vote for that card. As always, you can only open the chest once, so choose wisely! Here's what team represents what card:

  • House Valor: Stormy - If this cloudy little helper attacks your target, they’re in for a world of hurt!
  • House Triumph: Charger - Charges into the fray with reckless abandon! It might not be the smartest minion around, though.
  • House Glory: Mal'Shar - An assassin with a powerful electric fork. It's rumoured he killed a Storm Spirit to infuse it!
The reward for opening the chest in the Card-House Contest is 2 copies of a random legendary card. We decided to move away from giving the chosen card for free as it caused a lot of frustration regarding how long it took Wheel of Doom to be implemented into the game, leaving a lot of the users that completed that previous event feeling they didn’t actually get their reward until months down the line.

We’re planning for a January release of the winner of this event, but as always this can be subject to change.

Streamer Feature Iterations

  • We’ve revamped the previous Streamer Arena to help set it apart from the Default arena a bit more - A couple of boxes really didn’t fit your grand twitch audiences, after all. Now we have a full stadium setup with proper seating available for your puffs to cheer you on from.
  • The Streamer Arena will now be prioritized when queuing in 2v2.
  • The Audience puffs' character limit has been increased to 12.
  • Some known bots have been added to a blacklist so that they will not show up in-game.
  • Added a /kickaudience [NAME] command to remove a puff from your audience.
  • Viewers that donate bits to your stream through the "party" bit will have their name turn Golden until the Streamer exits the game. They will also be prioritised higher than other users to be a member of the Streamer audience if there are too many viewers to fit in the arena.
  • Viewers can now customise their puff’s appearance by typing a colour of choice, and then either Hat, Body, Hand or Flag in the following format: [COLOUR] [PART]. These will persist in-game and last until the game is closed. For example: Red Flag
  • The Jump command's animation has been redone.
  • Viewers can throw miscellaneous objects around the arena in-game, now. The chat command is: throw X Y, where X is Force, and Y is Direction. The maximum for both X and Y is 100. Each viewer can only throw 3 objects during a match. For example: throw 75 50


  • Increased the size of the card description text slightly.


  • Fixed Rabid Prowler having Frenzy again.
  • Fixed Dark Fury Storm Ranger's emissions being disabled.
  • Fixed Brutish Betrayer being able to have the Turncoat buff twice.
  • Fixed Emote previews being invisible.
  • Fixed the Streamer UI avatars facing outwards.
  • Fixed Crystal Stormbringer having snow on him in the Snow skybox.
  • Fixed the Streamer Arena saying it would be available in future shop offers - Thanks Crabhead!
  • Fixed an instance where taunts didn't properly redirect Minion attacks - Thanks Greywolf!
  • Fixed the Emote tower being unusable for the rest of the match if you and a premade partner use the High Five emote - Thanks Julaiwnl!
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a spot in the Twitch Boost page would bring up the legal webpage - Thanks Crabhead & Omicron666!
  • Fixed an issue where units that had their mana cost increased by Disruptor Puffs would not lose buffs gained from King Puff's second perk when they are returned to their normal mana cost - Thanks Julaiwnl!
  • Fixed an issue where a unit can take a bridge and then not contest it when another unit steps onto it - Thanks Omicron666!
  • Fixed an issue where Wizard Puff's polymorphed Mana Puff would start generating mana before it reached the bridge - Thanks Khazlariko!
  • Fixed an issue where Milloween's attack delay would reset when all units within her range die, and then new units enter - Thanks Steven!
  • Fixed 2v2 Mayhem only letting you see one opponent's deck - Thanks Omicron666!
  • Fixed Blood Infested Settsu having the same ragdoll as the regular Infested Settsu - Thanks Elide!
  • Fixed the Premium Upgrade still appearing to be purchaseable in the same session you bought it on Discord - Thanks Rosey!
  • Fixed the "Get the game FREE" text being cut off - Thanks Hayazo & Excaliber80!
Cheers from BetaDwarf!