Friday, September 21, 2018

Community Happenings - We heard something about Quality of Life?

Minion Masters!

We had a rather quiet week, where we focused on hotfixing some nasty issues prior to next week's Update 77. We had some crazy updates lately, which brought a lot of balance changes, feature reworks, and even a new game mode. With that being said, let's take a brief look at a special feature of the upcoming update for Minion Masters!

User feedback on

#TripleWizardsFTW ft. Prowler <3

What's that headline? Is it about PakoMANIAC? Will he host a tournament that only allows Triple Wizard Puff decks that also contain a Prowler? While this would make sense, it isn't. It's more about deck building and QoL while doing so.

Deck slots are always wanted. While some players have problems to fill up the existing 18 deck slots, others cannot wait to get more, finally. Another issue is that with up to 18 slots at the moment, organizing these decks isn't very easy. Currently, decks are only indicated by a single picture of the highest card. Having five decks with Living Statue as the highest card, for instance, doesn't make remembering the exact decklist any easier. Clicking them through to see the complete decklist isn't really the definition of 'Quality of Life', either. Would be sweet to name them, wouldn't it?

We think so, too! And that's why we decided to implement a feature to make it possible to name your decks with Update 77! While this is not the biggest feature ever implemented, it is certainly a huge QoL boost.

Now, with all that being said, there are still no additional deck slots in the game, right? Twelve by default and an additional six in the Premium Upgrade. Need more deck slots? There you go, Masters! We will also implement more deck slots for you next Wednesday. Want to know all the dirty details? Watch out for our Monday blog post ;)

Can't wait until Monday to get details? Here are two facts about deck naming: your deck needs to be full in order to name it, however, removing a card will not erase the name of the deck. Also, deck names can be 16 characters long including spaces.

This week on Reddit

Do you remember the last time we featured content from raqyee on our blog? Yea, it was back when he published a Volco deck guide on Steam. After that, we mentioned him related to the Drone Force One becoming the Harbinger with Update 72. This week on Reddit, however, we spotted a post from him. At first, it seemed like a simple balance suggestion regarding the Harbinger. Turns out: there is far more to it. We enjoyed the post so much, we wanted to share it with all of you.

When reading the post and comparing the proposed stat changes with the former Drone Force One, we can see how much raqyee still misses the old spaceship.

Thank you for the entertaining post @raqyee & we hope to see more exciting content on Reddit from you, Masters!


That's all for today. On Monday, we will have a more detailed look at Update 77 in preparation for the Dwarf stream next Tuesday at 18:00 UTC live on Twitch!

Have a nice weekend everyone & cheers from BetaDwarf