Monday, August 6, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - Balance changes & Battle Passes

Minion Masters!

Battle Pass Season 1 is slowly coming to an end and the Dwarves are working hard on preparing everything for Battle Pass Season 2. Last Friday, we already revealed the new skins for next season and mentioned further changes to the Battle Pass itself. More value for both, the Free Pass and the Battle Pass.

Update 73 brings new balance changes!

But before we come back to the hype in August, let's have a look at what we can expect on Wednesday, August 8th! Update 73 will hit the live server and we have balance changes for you guys. After a lot of testing, we decided to implement the following changes:
  • All Legionnaires will get their health adjusted from 150 to 160
  • The Wall will receive the following changes:
    • Mana down from 3 to 2
    • Health down from 1500 to 800
    • Duration down from 30 to 20
  • Flightless Dragons will receive more units - unit count up from 2 to 3
  • Brutish Betrayer will spawn with rage, additionally
  • Gor'Rakk Sacrifice will get the mana cost reduced from 4 to 3
  • Gor'Rakk Brutes will need a 3 mana spell as an enabler, instead of a 4 mana spell
  • Beam of Doom will get the mana cost adjusted from 6 to 7
  • Finally, we have Stormbringer bringing more damage to the table with a buff from 30 to 40 damage per shot.
That's a lot of changes this time and we'd love to get your feedback after you experimented with the implemented changes. Just use the usual communication channels for that (STOMT, Discord, Reddit, Steam). Alongside these changes, there'll be lots of bug fixes and - maybe - additional changes. As usual, everything is subject to change.

Dwarf stream incoming!

And it will be Mr. Quality Assurance That Sprite and our Community Manager Erythais, again. Get already used to that, because That Sprite would love to keep it that way. Interacting with the community is a passion for him and he's well prepared due to his experience casting for the King Puff Cup.

On Tuesday, August 7th at 18:00 UTC, we will be live for you again and this time it will be all about Battle Pass Season 2 with the exclusive reveal of said Battle Pass. Better make sure to not miss that ;) We might even have a special guest for you! We recommend following our official Twitch channel to not miss even a single minute.

King Puff Cup 25

Mentioning the King Puff Cup: the last tournament prior to the Qualifiers for the King Puff Invitational is scheduled to happen on Saturday, August 11th at 13:00 UTC. It's all about gathering those last circuit points and we can already prepare ourselves for another thrilling tournament brought to you by the King Puff Cup staff in cooperation with BetaDwarf Entertainment.

For you as a participant who wants to dive into competitive Minion Masters, the King Puff Cup is a very fitting environment and every single tournament comes with a prize pool of $350. Here's the official announcement including all the rules and the sign-up instructions.


That's all for today, Masters! We're happy to see you live on Twitch tomorrow and wish everyone an amazing start to the week.

Cheers from BetaDwarf