Friday, May 18, 2018

Community Happenings - Make it new, make it more

Minion Masters!

Do you enjoy Update 66? We sure hope so and what we hope even more is, that you're already hyped about the announced Season Update live on Twitch last Tuesday! With priorities shifting away from the Xbox One version, we're now focusing on the next big update for Minion Masters in 2018.

Let there be... ways to progress, new cards frequently released as a seasonal card pack, prolonged seasons and much more! We already mentioned some bullet points of the Season Update in our first official stream last Tuesday on Twitch, and we also put a little more information in the newsletter. For everyone not subscribed or not receiving the newsletter, here's all you need to catch up:
  • The current season length will be prolonged
  • 8-10 themed cards will be released with every new season
  • The first card pack is called "Demons & Duos"
  • The seasonal cards will be available through a Season Token and Crafting
    • After a season ends, seasonal cards will join the normal card pool and be available through Free Spins, Power Tokens, Crafting, and Draft rewards
  • We will introduce new ways to progress through the seasons
  • We will also introduce another mysterious feature
In the picture above, you can see the Demon Commander, one of the new cards that will be released with the first new season. Currently, we have no set schedule for when we will be able to release the Season Update, unfortunately. Although a set date is still missing, we will continuously provide more and more information about the update in our weekly streams on Twitch and on here on our blog!

Wanna give us your first thoughts? Discuss now on Reddit, the Steam forums or the Community Discord.

Let there also be...

...more tournaments! First of all, King Puff Cup 20 is announced to happen tomorrow, May 19th at 13:00 UTC. The tournament comes with a $350 prize pool split across the Top 8 tournament participants, and Daddy Dip lately mentioned briefly the possibility of additional prizes for participants not reaching the Top 8. There's little time left, but you can still grab your spot and compete tomorrow by reading the rules carefully and signing up here!

That Sprite, a caster for the King Puff Cup, hosted his own first tournament back on May 9th. It was a 1vs1 tournament with Wild cards allowed. Now, we have a new announcement received from him and the Wednesday Sprite Fights will return! This time, it's about finding a partner, though. That Sprite decided to host his second tournament for Minion Masters as a 2vs2 tournament on May 30th at 14:00 UTC. There will be huge in-game prizes again and both winners will also get their hands on the exclusive skin Dynasty Milloween.

Another 2vs2 tournament got approved, but we have yet to receive official announcements. Stay tuned for more team-based competitions, Masters!


It was an exciting week for us and we sure hope for you, too. That's all for today, Masters! We wish every participant tomorrow good luck and will see you on Twitch. Have a nice weekend!

Cheers from BetaDwarf