Monday, March 19, 2018

Minion Master's Monday - What's on the horizon?

Minion Masters!
The weekend's gone and Monday means a week full of work is waiting. For us, that means we have to prepare Update 62, which is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28th! For you, that means the Incubus is still obtainable for another 9 days via 12 wins in Draft.

What's on the horizon?

The picture above is from last year and some of you already seen it. That's what it looks like when Dwarves are happy. Be it by receiving new headsets from SteelSeries or finishing successful updates for Minion Masters. Update 60 was a very big update. Update 61 introduced the current Draft event along with the Incubus, a card originally submitted by PedroEX during the Minion Masters Card Design Contest back in 2017. Now, what's about Update 62?

Our next update will introduce balance changes and new expeditions. No, no further reworks, but the Cursed Valley will come back to Minion Masters as a new Expeditions theme and with new layouts. Furthermore, we plan to introduce multiple balance changes. Be sure to get ready for changes to the following units:
  • Bounty Sniper
  • Tranquil Shi-Hou
  • Stun Lancers
There might be more changes to more units, but these 3 are definitely set in stone. Not going into too much detail since some changes are still being tested, all 3 units seem to receive buffs. Since Update 62 will not hit any earlier than March 28th, we will update these list next Monday with the final units receiving changes.

That's it for March, how about April then?

Looking at the schedule for April 2018, we'll see the King Puff Cup kicking off Season 3! We're very excited. We'll also see more balance changes and maybe even new cards. More improvements go without saying. Anyway, new cards are under development for the mysterious update in ~43 days. And we're not talking about 1 card, not 2, not 3, not 4... we're talking about 8-10 brand new cards themed around Demons. But that's not April anymore...

Still issues with Styxi and Assassin?

Unfortunately, our hotfix was unable to eliminate all issues with stealth units. We're still investigating and working on a solution. If you experience any issues with Styxi or Assassin, please send us the output_log.txt per mail. It has to be before you restart the game! Here's how you find it:

Steam library > right-click Minion Masters > Properties > Local files > Browse Local files > MinionMasters_Data > look out for output_log.txt

Replay files are also always welcome.


That's it for today, Masters! We wish every one of you an amazing start to into the week and good luck at the Draft event. See you on the flying arenas!

Cheers from BetaDwarf