Friday, December 29, 2017

Expeditions Happenings & a happy new year, Masters!

Friday, December 29th 2017. This is our last blog post of the year and we thought that we skip the Community Happenings for today. The reason is last Monday. We revealed a part of the changes regarding Expeditions coming early 2018. Since then, we received a lot of questions. To keep up with the reveals, we simply need more space. Let's hop into it!

Might is not for free anymore

Don't worry, there's no cost involved. But the current system doesn't feel challenging. You walk around looking for campfires, chests, Gold piles, Relics, Supplies and Might pillars. The latter is needed against the rising strength of NPCs you have to battle to clear the path or rewards they're blocking. Last Monday, we already talked about more challenging Expeditions. The question here is: "Where's the challenge, when the needed "resource" is obtainable by just walking to a pillar and gathering it?"

With the new Expeditions, Might will be only obtainable through challenges. Challenges will mostly be online battles. The current challenges are not comparable to the new ones. Right now, all you need to do is either winning a battle or playing a battle with a certain card. The new challenges will contain additional objectives you have fulfill. An objective could be: "Kill 10 Minions before they reach your side of the arena." You don't need to win battles or play a game with a card you don't want. But you'll have to fulfill objectives in order to gain Might. Completing the objective will remove the challenge. Prove yourself, Masters!

Hop into Expeditions

Expeditions in their current state are kind of "long". Clearing them quick is only possible by spending Gold or Rubies. Movement will be free, so there's no need for additional resources anymore. In order to make Expeditions quicker and more of a "new challenge every day", we will reduce their size by roughly 2/3. That means less time spent moving around looking for the best or most efficient path. The new Expeditions are more fun and less frustrating by spending Supplies just to reach the Relics, located 6 grids to the North, while you wanted to go to the West for the next challenge. You will freely choose which path to take.

Furthermore, rewards will be gone from the map. We talked about challenging & rewarding Expeditions, so the challenge has to come first. Prove yourself in the challenges and fulfill the objectives to gather Might. Use your new power to defeat few bosses. Defeat the last boss to get your reward. How does that sound to you? For us, it sounds like less PvE encounters, more focus on PvP overall and a much more challenging experience, while rewarding if successful.

January 2018 - the beginning of a legendary year

Minion Masters, we know you have a lot of questions. And while we can't wait to answer all of these questions, we want to make sure to save some of the new changes for further blog posts. Telling you everything right now, while you'll have to wait for the changes to be implemented doesn't feel right. And by the way: you don't have to worry about your saved resources for the current Expeditions ;)

Our next blog post will be released on January 2nd. On January 3rd, our first update of 2018 will follow. We will look into Wizard Puff, Soul Stealer and Fire Imp, fix some bugs and implement new Quality of Life features. With the new patch, the Frostival will come to an end, so better make sure to hunt the gifts as long as they're still available!

That's it, Masters! We want to thank each and everyone for an amazing year, all the love, support, feedback, suggestions, engagement in events & tournaments and to make and keep Minion Masters possible. Let's make 2018 even more amazing! See you there.

Cheers and a happy new year from BetaDwarf