Friday, December 15, 2017

Community Happenings - The Flavour of the Month

Is it Friday already? Perfect! That means it's time for our Community Happenings and only one more day until King Puff Cup 14 will take place. Unfortunately, we have to wait until Sunday to watch the broadcast live on Twitch.

The Frostival continues

Two gifts can already be found in the frontiers of the Eternal Woods and the Cursed Valley. Since December 1st, you are able to find the Magma Cannon. This building is capable of hitting ground & air units.

Since December 8th, another limited supreme skin waits for you to claim it. Father Frostival Mordar can be unlocked via Expeditions or bought in the in-game shop.

Today, the third gift will be available. Starting at 9:00am UTC, a new supreme card waits for you to be claimed! Please be aware that during each phase, you can still find gifts from the previous phases. In fact, you have to find the previous gifts to get the ones from later phases. Quoted from our latest patch notes:
For example, on December 18th, if you have found the Magma Cannon, you must find the gift from phase 2 before you start finding phase 3.
The Frostival continues - enter it now, Masters!

Volco of the Week

There are many Volco decks out there and while we got some submitted, only one deck was able to make it. Last week, we had Tengs, Father of Whelp Invasions with his take on an air heavy deck and claims that he is able to beat Videogamer77 with it.

This week, we have no claims. But a Master who is confident that his deck works like a charm. Zgriptor submitted us his take on a Illusion Army called Flavour of the month Volco:

Interestingly, Zgriptor seems to follow Tengs advice on being effective against Videogamer77. We see two Dragon Whelps, which said player is ineffective against (according to Tengs). Zgriptor didn't want to share insights on that unfortunately. But he said:
The strategy is basically: Play a slow early game, try to hold the bridges as much as you can until Perk 1. You want to be able to trickle in damage via that perk everytime you play a card. Doesn't need to be spammy (unless you're winning). Try to time and alternate your Illusory Cleavers with the real Cleaver to confuse your opponent and make him to waste his answers on the fake Cleavers. Use Dragon Whelps & Plasma Marines with caution, since they're your only answers to flying units. You could also use Shock Rock + Daggerfall in a pinch to save your face from flying stuff, but they're generally better used on your opponent's side of the board to kill some of his minions and clear the path for your own to get to the face.
According to him, the deck shines, because:
This deck can be played in many ways, you can be slightly spammy when you win, to accelerate the game with that Perk 1. You can play defensive with your Cleaver & Whelps in case you're running into big stuff such as Golems and Colossi and then get a pretty significant advantage from the Perk 3 Enrage.
But has weaknesses also:
The now nerfed Demon Warrior + Ghost Turret defensive deck posed a problem if you were unable to win early. Cheese decks such as 3x Rammer + Rampage & Stun Blast have also an advantage over this deck, but fortunately, not that many people play those decks.
He also claims to have a win rate of around ~90% in ~50 matches in 1v1. Initially, it was unclear to us if he meant Challenges or 1vs1 Ranked mode, but his replays brought light into the dark. See for yourself!

What can we say? Thanks Zgriptor, Flavour of the Month Player. There are many Volco decks out there, but this one was a little different. On first sight, we spotted the link between this deck and Tengs' approach and it seems like Videogamer77 will have a hard time with these Whelps. Maybe someone wants to help him out with a Dragon Whelp Counter video?

King Puff Cup 14

Like mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, it's only one more day until King Puff Cup 14 takes place. The tournament will begin on Saturday, November 16th at 14:00 UTC and you have only until today at 14:00 UTC to sign up and submit your decks! So better hurry up and sign up right now!

Don't forget to also watch the matches broadcasted on Sunday, December 17th at 18:00 UTC (even if you didn't compete!) on


That's all for now, Masters! Head back to the frontiers or the flying arenas after you signed up for the King Puff Cup and get yourself in the right mood for christmas by remembering the tunes of the well known christmas song Jingle spells, jingle spells...

Cheers from BetaDwarf