Monday, October 30, 2017

Minion Master's Monday - The day after...

What an excitement! We have no other words for the weekend our first tournament took place. It’s fair to say, that The Master’s Challenge was a huge success. With 35 registered participants The Master’s Challenge was the biggest tournament in the history of Minion Masters. Unfortunately, 5 participants couldn’t make it in time. Nonetheless, we had a thrilling competitive event with a lot of surprises. And we are just getting started!

If you missed the amazing stream featuring Dipshit, BaboonLord, UncleOwnage & Sinilil yesterday, here are the VODs:

The Master’s Challenge continues

We had Masters from all over the universe fighting in intense battles during the group stage. Four groups contained 8 Masters and one group contained 6 Masters. This were the groups:

Adren, GReY WolF, Memfisto, Nastiii, RushSecond, Shadyhobos, Steven, Terroriza

Break Time, Jake, Ramidi, Salbei, Some boxes, Tengs, Vango, Zgriptor

Cole420, Edelweiß, GrafSchnecke, Jamez28, JTF Excalibur80, NuclearGoo, Tazzak, Videogamer77

Dirion, Khazlariko, EvilShuckle, katt, RatDoto, Simtheer

22 matches were played in a Best of 3 format. The flying arenas were overrun by Minion Armies, covered by Spells and drenched in fallen Masters’ blood. In the end 8 Masters advanced to the final stage. All eight are already winners, but the champion is yet to be found. And that is what will happen this evening at 6pm CET:

BetaDwarf presents the final stage of The Master’s Challenge in cooperation with the King Puff Cup staff live on Twitch! Your host and main caster will once again be everyone’s favorite Dipshit! He will be joined by our Community Manager Erythais for the duration of the evening. The matches will be played in a Double Elimination format, Best of 3 with the finals being Best of 5.

Who will fall first? Who will claim the first place? We’re just as excited as you are to find out. Don’t miss the show!

A new patch on the horizon

Last Wednesday, we introduced Update 49 - The Wicked Witching Night! Unfortunately, some players got very frustrated due to our changes to the economy system. We watched your discussions, listened to your feedback and suggestions and discussed internally. Finally, we came up with the following changes, that will come to Minion Masters next Wednesday:
  • PvP and PvE challenges in expeditions: Players who mainly care about Ranking feel annoyed by having to do PvE battles as well as using a specific card in a high rank match. We’ll make a big effort to make PvE and PvP fights in expeditions an opportunity but not a demand for those who’d prefer to focus on Ranking. Ideally it would be up to you if you would like to continue with regular PvP matches as an alternative and still progress, and players who like the challenges can still do those. 
  • Additionally, we will make some changes to the PvP challenges to make them easier and not mandatory. We will also reduce the total amount of PvP and PvE encounters in expeditions (but not the treasures!)
  • Rubies: Before the patch players were looking forward to unlocking new Masters with the Rubies gained from level rewards. It was a much bigger motivator than we first expected and supply boost didn’t make up for it, so we’ll get Rubies back in level rewards
  • Gold: We now realize that most players prefer getting more gold instead of other rewards from expeditions. And we can see why you’d feel that way, as it reduces how often you can gamble on the Power Tower as well as doing drafts. We had focused on giving players a larger variety of rewards through expedition, but we’ll rebalance it to fit your preferences better. We’ve found a cool solution! When you find a card in an expedition, we’ll give you a choice of receiving a gold reward instead. If you don’t like the card, you can take the gold for the power tower or a draft instead, similar to before. It’s like getting a card that you can re-roll into gold if you don’t like it :) We will also increase chance of gold spawning in expeditions instead of other stuff
Please note, that these changes are not final yet and there could be more.

More Skins, more to watch

We see more and more questions regarding more Skins and a Spectator mode. You want to watch your friends play, learn from matches on the highest ranks and enjoy live broadcasted tournaments. We heard your calls and are already working on a Spectator mode! But that’s not the only improvement on our list, so we cannot give you an estimated time, yet.
Many of you want to see more Skins. That’s something we’re also working on. We’re hoping to present brand new rare, supreme and legendary Skins soon!

We want to end this post now, but not without some shout-outs. First, we want to thank the whole community providing such valuable feedback continuously and for playing our game! Even when you’re frustrated, feedback and suggestions are still coming in, so we can work on making your experience better again. Our second mention goes to FFA & Dipshit and their King Puff Cup crew, which are working hard to bring you such an amazing tournament experience. Without you guys, The Master’s Challenge wouldn’t exist in its current state! Last, but not least, we want to shout-out thanks to our dedicated Streamers and YouTubers for their regular effort in supporting Minion Masters and spreading the word. We’re proud to have such an engaged and supportive community!

Cheers from BetaDwarf