Monday, October 23, 2017

Minion Masters' Monday - The Challenge awaits you

We hope you enjoyed the King Puff Cup weekend just as much as we did. What an amazing tournament. Thanks to the whole King Puff Cup staff! We want to also shout-out 'Thanks' to all the participants. This time our congratulations go to Zgriptor for the 3rd place, RushSecond (2nd place) and the winner of the King Puff Cup 10 Some Boxes (Arrow on Discord). If you missed the stream yesterday, you can find the VOD here:

The Master's Challenge awaits you

Saturday 28th, 3pm CEST. Masters from all over the universe will fight intense battles. Armies will rise, armies will fall. Only 5 more days until The Master's Challenge. If you haven't signed up already, do so now:
  • Reach Grandmaster in Minion Masters Ranked October Season (1vs1 only)
  • Create an account on Challonge (use your in-game alias as well as your avatar)
  • Message Erythais your Steam ID & Challonge username on Discord (you can also write an email to
  • You'll get an invitation to the tournament as soon as we have checked your rank
Please note, that the deadline for signing up is Friday 27th at 1pm CEST!

Whether you're already signed up or are about to do so, please check the official announcement on Reddit for futher information. We recently updated the announcement to reflect the final tournament format and added check-in rules.

Halloween Event and more

Halloween is just around the corner. King Puff & Co. are getting themselves ready to dress up properly. Yes! Skins are coming to Minion Masters! And for Halloween, there'll be 2 additional skins only available for a period of 2 weeks. In the first week, you'll be able to get the Demolisher Volco skin, in the second week Devil King Puff skin waits for you. They can be found in the Expeditions, which will return on Wednesday! These two skins can also be purchased in the shop during the 2 event weeks.

Can't wait for skins any longer? Well, we cannot give them to you right now, but we can at least share some pictures with you:

Sssnaky Halloween, Massstersss
We hope his new hood doesn't affect his shockingly good aim
You're terminated, ****er.

We have some more cool stuff in the pipeline for you. According to UncleOwnage
we're hard at work with halloween and they better get excited for that because it's gonna be great 
we're getting ready to do some major economy changes too, which will lead to changes in quests, matches, level rewards and the Premium Upgrade
Fast travel for Expeditions, Spectator mode, further improvements, balance changes, overhaulings... there's alot in the pipeline for you! But for now, get ready for Halloween ;)

Monday Night Masters

Last but not least we want to announce the Monday Night Masters for today at 6pm CEST live on Twitch. Your host will once again be Salbei22, the matches will be casted by PalaceOfDreams & Sinilil. You can find the matchups for tonight right here.

Cheers from BetaDwarf