Friday, September 29, 2017

Two Times More BetaDwarf Per Week

Minion Masters!
What an exciting week. We announced eSports and a related voting for the ESL Go4 Series. We have the 2nd Season of the King Puff Cup starting on October 7th. Make sure you sign up in time!
Furthermore, we have the Monday Night Masters League starting on October 2nd. All 18 slots are filled already, but you should definitely read the official announcement.

Yesterday, Update 45 hit and brought us Expeditions and balance changes. Here's an interesting round table that happened yesterday. Videogamer77, Eazotop, Sinilil and Salbei22 were discussing all the changes and announcements for you.

Let's talk about more BetaDwarf

We want to introduce you to a new schedule on our blog. From now on, we will post two times a week on Monday and Friday. Every Monday, we want to give you and the whole community a brief overview of what is happening and what is about to come. On Friday, we will cover the “Community Happenings”. We will go into more detail a little bit later.

We want you to know!

First, let’s talk about the Monday posts. What can you expect? Well, we aim to be more transparent, more authentic, more accessible. As a brand, as a company, as developers. In order to do so, we want to share brief insights with you as well as outlooks for our games (mainly Minion Masters, though). Monday posts will contain many information about what we're planning, a bit of talk about what’s next and many things for you to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. We will share our success and struggle with you! We want you to know what's going on.

But that’s not all. Furthermore, we will talk about the competitive aspects of Minion Masters. More so than before. We announced our goal to become an eSports title. A huge part of that is balancing, matchmaking, the ranking system and new features needed, in order to improve gameplay and viewability. Another part is promoting the game, enhancing the numbers of players and scaling up tournaments through active and passive support. In order to reach our goal, we feel that there’s a lot to talk about with you.

Forced to be public!

Friday is reserved for a whole other topic. One could say that Friday posts are all about you: our community! We will cover "Community Happenings" we spotted during the week. This will entail community produced content, talks about the current rankings, statistics, funny moments within the community and a special called “Special Guests”. Yes! Some Fridays, we’ll introduce a special guest to you. Some might be promoters or casters, some are streamers, others regular players just like you. In the end, they are all part of our community. Stay tuned and watch out for our Friday posts!

You’re also able to suggest content for the weekly Community Happenings via the Community Discord or email. Thomas alias Erythais, our Community Manager, will be more than happy to try to integrate them. Besides the two weekly posts, we will announce updates and keep communicating important news to you, of course.

That’s all, Minion Masters. Back to the flying arenas now, C-SAR wants some entertainment! Oh and by the way, we want some entertainment, too. We highly encourage you to sign up for the upcoming 2vs2 King Puff Cup! So grab a friend, sign up and train your Minion Armies.

Cheers from BetaDwarf!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Minions of Masters, Masters of... Esports?

Minion Masters!

You fought devastating battles against countless opponents. You mastered your minion armies on the flying arenas, handled assassins, snipers and living statues. Prowlers were unleashed, fireballs thrown, rampage done. Even undead skeletons and creatures like golems couldn’t stop you. But we think it’s time for a new challenge. Bigger, harder and way more competitive: eSports.

Minion Masters Goes Competitive

We want to introduce you to some plans we had recently. Plans, that turned out to be very interesting for all of us. We had some talks to several community members and one thing came up every now and then again: Minion Masters has the potential to become an eSports title. We checked, we discussed, we educated ourselves and finally gave keys to some people who work in the eSports scene professionally: members of the Project & Community Management at the Electronic Sports League, ESL.

When we finally got feedback, we were overwhelmed. The ESL professionals gave Minion Masters green light to be played besides known and popular titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch and many more. We have the opportunity to present Minion Masters in the ESL Go4 Series. That series contains 4 weekly cups with a final cup at the end of each month. Professionally hosted and executed by the ESL.

„When does it start? Can’t wait to unleash my competitive minion army!“

In order to start the ESL Go4 Series, we want to have your opinion first! In the end, it’s you – our community – who decides how successful Minion Masters can become as an eSport. Therefore, we have set up a simple poll. The question is:

“Do you want an ESL Go4 Series before or after release?”

We have to ask you, because competitive Minion Masters at the Electronic Sports League will only be effective and meaningful, if there are enough players, who compete against each other. Events at the ESL are public and it should be our common goal to present Minion Masters and its amazing community in the best manner we can, with the highest competing player count we can. So, we should easily reach 500 votes to do it before release, right?

Here’s the link to the poll!

Voting will last for 4 weeks and we will publish the results afterwards. In case we cannot make it, yet, we will start another vote later this year.

King Puff and his fabulous competition

There’s more in the pipeline regarding Minion Masters as a competitive game. Most of you know Dipshit & FFA. And, while this is not about them only, we want to shout-out special thanks to them and the whole King Puff Cup crew for supporting Minion Masters and it’s early tournament scene. You guys are amazing! What’s even more amazing: The King Puff Cup returns! Here’s everything you need to know right now:
Tournament date: Saturday, October 7th, 15:00 CEST. The tournament will go on until every match is played.
Format: Single Elimination (Double Elimination will be played if there’s 16 teams or less)
Prize pool: There's a prize pool of 4,000 Rubies & 60,000 Gold in total split amongst the best 3 teams.

Please watch the Steam Community Hub for additional information, which will be announced in the next few days. And also bookmark our official Subreddit for regular information about Minion Masters, the competitive scene and to discuss with other players:

Now, we advise you to play some Minion Masters – because we need you to get ready for the next mission!

Cheers from BetaDwarf!