Friday, October 15, 2021

Minion Masters Remastered - Update


As we're rolling up onto Minion Masters remastered, there are a few changes that will take effect and we'd like to start those conversations now.

We will be talking about the below topics on how Minion Masters Remastered will be affecting:

  • Xbox players
  • Mayhem, Draft, Adventures, and house events.
  • Minion Masters on Discord


With a heavy heart, we've taken the immensely difficult decision to not release Minion Masters Remastered on Xbox. Whilst Minion Masters 1.0 will still be available on Xbox, our support will be minimal since we'll be focusing all our energy on the Remastered version. Over the years we have really appreciated the love and support we've received from our Xbox community. All our Xbox players will have the chance to transfer their accounts to PC and Mobile and we will do our best to support our Xbox community's transition. We will be reconsidering in the future the likeliness of re-releasing Minion Masters Remastered to Xbox but we can't make any promises yet.

Events/Game Modes

We are removing Mayhem, Draft, Adventures, and house events. These modes are not very popular and struggle to maintain a queue big enough for a good player experience. With Remastered we want to zero in and focus on our core mode. Closing all of these lowly populated modes should help to improve the overall experience of playing Minion Masters. Doing this also opens the possibility for us to work on new and exciting modes in the future, however, we do plan to try and keep the number of queues lower, to continually ensure they all remain self-sustainable.

Leaving Discord game

We will be forever leaving Discord gaming with Minion Masters Remastered and all players that are still logging into the game through Discord will have the chance to transfer their accounts up until Minion Masters Remastered is released. Once we have released the Remastered version, all players logging through Discord will not be able to anymore. We want to emphasize that this has nothing to do with our Community Channel on Discord. Discord still remains and will continue to remain our primary community channel and engagement outlet for us and our players.

So there you have it, folks, please let us know what you think on Discord as we will be monitoring your feedback closely and for any questions that you may also have as well.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and passion for Minion Masters, without you we wouldn't be here.